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Growing up in upstate New York, Aaron loved to tinker with automobiles and their engines, gaining a base of mechanical understanding. He spent a decade working in Washington, D.C., around Congress and regulatory activity, writing for businesses and others trying to navigate those waters, and later covered Connecticut communities. He has been recognized both for his pen and camera covering issues ranging from transportation to health care to courts. He joined the Fleet Owner staff in July 2015.

DHL, Ford show off 'early build' larger electric van based on Transit
After announcing a collaboration with Ford some months ago to develop a heavier-duty electric delivery vehicle, Deutsche Post DHL Group and the automaker this week took the wraps off the Streetscooter Work XL in Cologne, Germany.
Before you try to gamify, set your own house straight
Much is said in trucking of "gamification" — measuring driver performance factors and getting drivers to compete for top honors and rewards — as a win for both fleets and their drivers. But can it accomplish what fleets are hoping?
3PL: Shippers will need to look beyond lowest cost

Market factors converging over the summer that have affected freight movement and pricing could continue and are putting some pressure on third-party logistics providers, one such company says, and shippers may need to be thinking more than just the lowest-cost carrier going forward.

Retail, e-tail seek ever-faster, most convenient delivery
Retail and e-commerce giants continue to jockey for a better — or at least catchier — way to get goods and grub into customers' hands. And it's specifically that hand-off they're focused on: the last-mile innovation wars have been honing in lately on the last foot or so.
Electric delivery van startup aims straight for last-mile 'revolution' 1
There's a new medium-duty delivery van maker in town, and its name is change. Err, make that Chanje — same pronunciation — and the California company said it can produce its unibody construction, all-electric panel van "at mass scale" and already has volume orders to fill.
Working smarter and harder: Metal 3D-printed parts for trucks
As 3D printing technology continues to find real-world applications in automotive and trucking, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has opened new possibilities with an announcement yesterday that it's now printing metal spare and replacement parts.
Ford Transit Chariot in New York City
Data will help Ford's Chariot shuttle service expand in NYC
If you're a New York City commuter using public transit and looking for another option than the usual, Ford Motor Co. is hoping its Chariot crowd-sourced shuttle van service will appeal to you. The company said it wants to have 60 Transit passenger vans running Chariot routes there by this fall.
Ford F-22-patterned F-150 Raptor
Tricking out a tricked-out pickup
Alright, so this one isn't likely to see any fleet or business use — but it could. Ford Motor Co. made up a specialty F-150 Raptor pickup meant to echo design cues of a Lockheed Martin F-22 fighter jet that was auctioned at the Experimental Aircraft Assn.'s (EAA) annual AirVenture Oshkosh conference in Oshkosh, WI.
What will you do with the data from ADAS?
During a broadly represented roundtable discussion this week on advanced driver assistance systems, or ADAS, in heavy trucks, a question came up that's likely to need answering: What can you do — or will you permit being done — with the data from those systems?
Somewhere between traditional and Uber, new takes on urban transport
Uber-style ride-sharing has improved on the old taxi experience even as cities across the country are feverishly brainstorming ideas for public transit and alternative transportation. Some are betting it's still not enough, and there could be a sweet spot for other improvements similar to what happened with ride-sharing.
Forecast: Pipeline transport to take some of trucking’s freight share

All modes of freight transportation are going to witness an increase in volume over the next decade, according to the most recent forecast by the American Trucking Associations (ATA). However, the volumes moved by pipeline will “grow significantly,” according to the trade group’s analysis, and that will eat into trucking’s share of the freight market.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup truck
Mercedes-Benz debuts X-Class pickup — no, really, a pickup
As pickup truck sales continue on a healthy climb upward, even Mercedes-Benz — a brand more identified with premium luxury and top-dollar sport — is getting in on the action.
Behind the scenes at the Formula E electric race series in NYC

It's a view of the Formula E electric racecar events you don't usually get: a look at the setup and some of the complex logistics needed to get the race to its destination.

Reporters and media were allowed in before the races this weekend for DHL's showcase of the races and extreme potential of electric-powered vehicles as well as a number of mobility technology innovations the company has brewing.


The big Formula E race show — and DHL's cleaner, technology-fueled future
Call it a major PR push to show off the potential of electric vehicle power — or maybe even the need, someday, to have only those — and much more as technology and logistics rapidly evolve. Package-delivery giant DHL, Germany's post office, went to work for the Formula E electric race series' first appearance in NYC.
CVSA's May Brake Safety Day: One in five, one in eight failed
Results are in from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's (CVSA) unannounced Brake Safety Day inspections in May, and out of nearly 10,000 vehicles inspected, ultimately, more than one out of five were taken off the road.
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