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Growing up in upstate New York, Aaron loved to tinker with automobiles and their engines, gaining a base of mechanical understanding. He spent a decade working in Washington, D.C., around Congress and regulatory activity, writing for businesses and others trying to navigate those waters, and later covered Connecticut communities. He has been recognized both for his pen and camera covering issues ranging from transportation to health care to courts. He joined the Fleet Owner staff in July 2015.

Gawk at MATS 2017 show trucks with us
LOUISVILLE. After you've spent a MATS going frequently to and fro the conference's South Wing to its West, you'll find that the show truck area way out back does take a bit of getting to. But it's soo worth it.
MATS 2017 show trucks: Particular beauties
LOUISVILLE. Regardless of the ultimate winners, the expanse of show trucks at the Mid-America Trucking Show was packed with memorable trucks everywhere you could look. Here's the second round of standouts among the show trucks at this year's Mid-America Trucking Show in a walkaround from FO Senior Editor Aaron Marsh.
Some rare and ultra-custom ones in there, too, at MATS 2017
LOUISVILLE. Scattered among the later-model show trucks at MATS this year was the occasional very rare old dog like a 1948 Chevrolet tractor or classic 1975 Kenworth W900A. Here's the third round of standouts among the show trucks at this year's Mid-America Trucking Show in a walkaround from FO Senior Editor Aaron Marsh.
Because these truckers acted, someone's alive today
All theories and training aside, it's a critical moment: what if you're out driving and suddenly come across an accident, and what you do right then could mean someone else's life or death? David Webb, Chris Baker and Tim Freiburger, this year's finalists for the Goodyear Highway Hero award announced at the Mid-America Trucking Show, took action when that moment came.
Wrap-up: Were you at Omnitracs Outlook 2017?
Well, were you? At Omnitracs' recent Outlook 2017 user conference in Phoenix, that is? Fleet Owner was — here's our photo recap from the exhibit hall and a few additional shots besides.
A time when technology arrives to market obsolete
It's a pretty wild concept: that technology today — including that in trucking — is being eclipsed and outdated almost as soon as it can be brought to market. But if you want to know what's around the next corner for trucking, that's where you need to start, says futurist Jim Carroll.
Next potential use of 3D printing in trucking: Lightweighting 1
Just when we thought we'd seen all that was going on with 3D printing that could affect trucking and automotive, Ford Motor Co. is looking into large-scale 3D printing and another potential benefit fleets will readily recognize: lightweighting.
Trucking lost in translation 

One of the first things I stumbled upon in trucking is a sort of “great divide.” There’s often this big disconnect between heavy trucks, their drivers—even their companies and the industry itself—and the mostly four-wheeled motoring public. I’d felt it from being part of the latter group, but quickly realized there’s a real lack of understanding going on.

Safety tech in the battle for zero 

Today, the goal at McKenzie Tank Lines is the Holy Grail: zero avoidable collisions among its 275-tractor, 680-trailer fleet. But talk to Jim Kennedy, vice president of maintenance, and you’ll hear it’s a longstanding quest going back to its earliest days.

3D-printed spare parts 

Considering the sensation that 3d printing, a.k.a. additive manufacturing, has created in the public’s mind for the last several years, you wouldn’t think it dates back to the Reagan administration. But it does, and the technology seems to have hit a stride at last in the trucking and automotive worlds for things like proto­typing concept vehicles or tooling up parts molds faster and cheaper than traditional manufacturing allows.

FMCSA compliance chief on ELDs: Fleets, make sure you're doing this 1
With the Dec. 2017 "due date" for using ELDs or their predecessor automatic on-board recording devices in commercial motor vehicles now about nine months out, FMCSA's Joe DeLorenzo has advice for fleets during the run-up period to the deadline.
Aaron Marsh/ Fleet Owner
Can you out-route Omnitracs?
Think you're better than Omnitracs' delivery routing and optimizing engines? Then why don't you bring it, the company prods with a Pac Man-esque new video game officially unveiled Thursday called Route Race.
Top that: 'I took home a Harley at Omnitracs Outlook 2017'
Fleets certainly take pride in their trucks in the four- to 18-wheel varieties, but it turns out a good many fleet folks also appreciate those vehicles of a two-wheeled, rumbling and slightly wicked nature. And it looks like that's especially true for Ronny Eddleman of Kingman, AZ.
Omnitracs unveils Routing, Dispatching and Compliance product
Omnitracs launched an integrated Routing, Dispatching and Compliance (RDC) solution here at the company's third annual Outlook user conference. According to the company, RDC seamlessly combines routing, dispatching, trip management, proof of delivery, Hours of Service and Driver-Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) compliance.
Looking to the future of future truck technology
From platooning to drones, new and emerging technologies in trucking are written and read about frequently in this rapidly changing industry. Fleet management systems provider Omnitracs says it's looking even farther ahead in developing its products so they'll be ready to handle changes to come.
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