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Christian Schenk is president of CLS LLC, the premier technology consulting group for the transportation industry. With more than a decade of experience in telematics and fleet management, Schenk founded CLS LLC in 2013 to help transportation companies transition into the mobile era.

As an active member of many associations both in the wireless and transportation verticals, he has the benefit of interacting with some of the world’s most influential executives from worldwide technology leaders such as Google, Yahoo, Samsung, Motorola, LinkedIn, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.

Prior to launching CLS LLC, Christian spent several years working for transportation technology leader, XRS Corporation. Through a variety of positions with XRS, Christian managed product marketing, marketing, business development and business strategy teams, and also drove the design and launch of the innovative XRS mobile optimization platform for the company.

Schenk is known in the industry for his extensive knowledge and in-depth, hands-on experience in process management, business development and transportation logistics. He is an active member and advisor for Samsung Telecommunications, Motorola Solutions and CTIA—The Wireless Association. He is also a member of many trucking-related associations, including the American Trucking Association, the National Private Truck Council and the International Foodservice Distributors Association.

Fleet compliance, the government and my roadmap

It’s been a year since I've had to worry about the pains of release plans and capacity in a development plan, but man do I really feel bad for the fleet technology firms trying to keep up with the FMCSA!

Transportation & Logistics Technology Consolidation, and What You Need to Know

It’s been a busy couple of years in our industry. By now at least one of your technology providers have been bought by a competitor or investment institution. Some of these transactions brought benefit, but many bring risk to your original investments in your partners. The fact is we are just scratching the surface of uncomfortable mergers and acquisitions. So far we've seen a lot of consolidation based on grabbing market share; we have not seen a lot of disruptive acquisitions like we have in other markets. This will be the next trend.

Cold-Chain Management for Safety, Profitability, or Both? 1

It’s been an interesting year for CLS, closely approaching our one year anniversary and dozens of great projects completed. That said, there is one we are still struggling to fully comprehend: Cold-Chain Management.

Making Technology Decisions in a High Paced World

Remember the first iPhone, the first Android phone, or even the first application you downloaded? Neither do I!

Don’t Ride Out the Storms: Measure and Manage Them 1

Weather. I’ve been in the business for over15 years and this one still makes me think!  

Weather is always in the top 3 things that fleet operators bring up when we talk about areas we can improve as a technology community. So why has this element been ignored for so long? Over the last few months CLS has been helping a large international fleet with technology planning and sourcing, and we were tasked with researching the technology available to help manage and plan for inclement weather. Surprisingly, we didn’t find anything that would really fill the gap.

iPhone 6 and Apple Watch – Devices for Truckers?

On Tuesday, Apple released its newest iPhone model, and with it comes a wealth of opportunity for the trucking community. I have to admit that CLS has been working on the new iOS 8 for a while with some of our clients, but actually staying up until 2 AM on a Thursday night to order one (that I won’t even get for another week) is a new behavior for me. 

We decided to take a look at both of these devices for the benefit of our readers. First, the iPhone 6:

How to make truck jobs more attractive to young Americans

The other day my son Dylan asked to join me at the office for a little father/son time. When walking into the office he noticed the project boards hung up around the walls, and began to ask questions. First one: NIKE with a list of recognizable words: RUN, EAT, STEP, FUEL, POINTS, PLUS... Then Verizon, more cool words: FAST, Experience, Security, Cloud...

Smartphones: Powerful tools or dangerous distractions?!

We've all watched the commercials and seen the news, distracted driving is a serious problem today in the US. There are almost as many smartphone users as there are people, and that doesn't even include tablets. It's no wonder we are finding ourselves at the crossroads of value and danger. When does availability of power and convenience come with too much risk?

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