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Vice Chairman,
Allegiance Capital
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John Sloan is the Vice Chairman of Allegiance Capital, a middle-market investment bank that works with business owners to help them sell or raise capital. 

John has more than three decades of C-level experience in investment banking and private equity.  He has personally executed transactions with fleet owners and understands the unique needs of the trucking industry. 

During his career, John has raised more than $1 billion in debt and equity.  He is an expert in all aspects of investment banking and has evaluated and negotiated the acquisition of more than 30 companies in: energy, construction, retail, telecom, environmental, logistics and manufacturing, with an aggregate value in excess of $7 billion.

Shark Tank: Which shark would you partner with to grow your fleet?
ABC's Shark Tank features five billionaires who listen to a pitch by budding entrepreneurs who need additional capital and expertise to grow their company. If the innovative owner can convince a Shark to invest in their company, they can become millionaires. However getting from the "tank" to millionaire status is not easy. The same is true for fleet owners who want to sell their company.
Is Your Marketing Mobile?

As a fleet owner, you recognize the convenience of mobile phones and the efficiency of communicating with your drivers and others using mobile devices.  However, did you realize that marketing has gone mobile.  According to ComScore, more than 1.8 billion people worldwide use mobile devices, and 64% of Americans are now smartphone owners.

What to Do When a Cash Infusion Is Not Enough To Grow Your Business

Watching your fleet grow is a beautiful thing. In the early stages, growth often occurs organically and at a manageable pace. Then the day arrives when you see new possibilities. After years of slow, steady growth, you believe there are real opportunities in the market to expand the business.

Scaling a company is a complex process. Business owners should give careful thought to what they can handle with their current resources and where they need outside expertise and assistance.

Why the Price May Not Be Right

Picture this—you find yourself center stage on The Price is Right! one of the most popular game shows in television history. There you are on primetime TV selling your company. Now that you’re in the hot seat, could you accurately estimate your company’s value in today’s market? More importantly, would you be the winning contestant with the closest estimate to the actual price?

How LinkedIn can help you become a Social CEO

As a fleet owner, you have seen others using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. However, what you may not realize is social media can help you grow your business and increase its value.

Do you want to: identify and connect with new customers; build a stronger, ongoing relationship with existing customers; find new and talented employees; and, raise awareness about your company?  If so, learning how to use LinkedIn can help you become a social CEO and accomplish many of these goals.

Why a fleet owner should be a social CEO

As you can tell from my photo, I’m not a millennial.  However, like my younger colleagues, I do use social media because its utility and reach provide a powerful forum to share information and perspectives that I believe offer value.  While it is true that the average age of truckers and fleet owners in the U.S continues to rise and that this demographic tends not to “like”, “tweet”, “retweet” or “friend” online, it is also true that many are still connected to

More than $1 trillion available to invest in your fleet and you can keep control
Investors have cash. Consider selling a minority stake in your company. You can have your cake and eat it too.
Seven Things You Must Do To Sell Your Fleet Operation At The Highest Price

What is your fleet really worth? Whatever a potential buyer is willing to pay. But there are ways to increase the value of your company in perceptions and desires of the buyer.

Recently, we sold a telecommunications company for $7 million dollars more than even the owners thought it was worth. How? The owners had established a solid reputation of on time and on budget project delivery with large clients that had resulted in long-term contracts. These contracts, and their great reputation, limited their competition and enhanced their opportunity for future growth.

Three Qualities to Insist Upon When You Hire an Investment Banking Firm

Fleet owners face a multitude of complexities during the process of selling their company. For this reason, many owners enlist the services of an investment banking firm to guide them. However, the style and capabilities of investment banks vary widely, and choosing the wrong firm could cost you dearly.

Powerful Partnerships Propel Profits
If you have launched a new business or own a growing middle market company, powerful partnerships can help you propel profits and boost the value of your company. While some require a financial investment, many can be created by simply working with others in a mutually beneficial way.
Made to Stay - How to Find, Train and Maintain a Productive Team
With the recent influx of millennials comes a new standard for workplace satisfaction. It’s time to adopt new ways of thinking about employee happiness.
Using OPM to Reduce Risk and Boost ROI

Fleet owners are always searching for ways to maximize ROI and minimize risk.  Selling a major portion of your business can position you to do just that. We like to call this using “Other People’s Money” (OPM).

How you can win at M&A March Madness
Using a March Madness strategy in selling your business can make you a champion!
Innovation Drives Fleet Value and Boosts Performance

The history of trucking is not glamorous. We have progressed from people carrying freight, to carts and wagons, to railroads and finally to the motorized technological marvels that move tons of cargo today.  What is the next Big Thing in trucking?  What will revolutionize the industry, cut costs and deliver the goods? As a fleet owner, innovation often begins with you.

30 Principles Your Mother Never Told You About Selling Your Fleet

Most of us won’t argue with the statement ‘mother knows best’, but when it comes to selling your fleet mommy dearest might not have all the answers. In fact, few people know all there is to know about selling a fleet business. There will always be more to learn, and the industry and market will continue to evolve, but when it comes to selling a fleet there are a few essential concepts every owner should keep in mind.

Here are 30 principles that your mother never told you about selling your fleet.

When is the right time to sell your fleet?
September 18, 2014

Not really – the overabundance of capital is driving valuations to new heights. With a less robust market, owners could actually achieve lower valuations even with improved...

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