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Executive Editor , David Cullen offers his take on how actions taken by government agencies, industry suppliers and other trucking stakeholders impact truck fleet owners. Executive Editor of FleetOwner, Cullen has been covering trucking since 1981 and has been on the staff of FleetOwner since 1989. He does not claim to be an expert on trucking, but will admit to being a writer-- and hoping to be regarded a journalist.

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Jul 20, 2007

Party on wheels

Straight from the Now-I've-Heard-It-All Department comes this Associated Press (AP) report that ran in a local paper here in Connecticut under this....More
Jul 13, 2007

Red flag

Perhaps I was overly indoctrinated as a kid in what the good old American Way amounts to--capitalism AND democracy-- but I still think of what so....More
Jul 05, 2007

Prime product placement

When word first came out earlier this year that the Transformers toy line/cartoon show/comic series was getting turned into a movie, I frankly could....More
Jun 16, 2007

A note of thanks

I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge in this space the outpouring of support I and the other members of the FleetOwner editorial....More
Jun 07, 2007

No worries.

"No worries." I can't tell you how many times my young friend-- 21 years my junior to be exact-- said that to me over the past three-and- a- half....More
Jun 01, 2007

Great pete fleet

When Teddy Roosevelt wanted to project the United States as an emerging world power a hundred years ago, he sent 16 new battleships-- all painted....More
May 24, 2007

More dummies at work

Responding to yesterday's post on the safety work being done at IMMI, Jim McNamara, PR honcho at Volvo Trucks North America (VTNA), pointed me to a....More
May 23, 2007

Don't be a dummy

When you're a real dummy, no ever has to explain things to you like you're a six year old. You just get it-- just like the unbelted crash-test dummy....More
May 14, 2007

Whither go Sprinter & Bullet?

This morning's big news that DaimlerChrysler is shedding its worrisome American operation-- the once and now again Chrysler Corp. -- comes as no....More
May 03, 2007

Smart marketing

Who doesn't at least weigh a bit more heavily those household appliances-- we're talking refrigerators and other energy hogs here-- adorned with the....More
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David Cullen offers his take on how truck fleet owners are impacted by today’s current events. Follow David on Twitter: @David_L_Cullen

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