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Mar 18, 2010

Counting on the ‘Czar’

“We want to strive to be as efficient as we can be, because we’re preparing for the future, not just for profit.” – Robert Barron, senior vice....More
Mar 17, 2010

He should be the patron saint for truckers

“What he managed to do with Ireland is nothing short of a miracle. He had such a formidable mission –a lone man trying to spread the message of hope....More
Mar 16, 2010

Taking the long view

“Even in today’s economy, it’s important to step back and take a big-picture look at your situation. Try to look beyond next month or next year and....More
Mar 15, 2010

Down to the bedrock

“ indicates that a lot of the worst in behind us; we’re getting down to the bedrock now.” –Ed Castagna, president of Nassau Asset Management Some....More
Mar 12, 2010

The dichotomy of highway safety

“This is exciting news, but there are still far too many people dying in traffic accidents. Drivers need to keep their hands on the steering wheel....More
Mar 10, 2010

Getting ready to grow ... or not?

“While most businesses remain cautious, some companies are beginning to hire selectively to ensure they have the employees in place to capitalize on....More
Mar 09, 2010

Pre-wired homes for EVs

“It is critical for the mass adoption of electric vehicles to have companies like KB Home leading the industry by offering this pre-wire option, as....More
Mar 08, 2010

Forecasting the automotive future

“The true demand for small vehicles will be tested over the next three years, as nearly one-half of new models will be small. While I believe....More
Mar 05, 2010

Regrets for the postman

"The crisis we're facing gives us an historic opportunity to make changes that will lay the foundation for a leaner, more market responsive Postal....More
Mar 04, 2010


"With full implementation of CSA 2010 activities on the horizon, such as the new Carrier Safety Measurement System, knowing the ‘criteria' in advance....More
Mar 03, 2010

Every bad driver gets their day …

“We aren't always a nation of good drivers … and 'America's Worst Driver' takes an entertaining look at this serious issue.” –Michael Klein, senior....More
Mar 02, 2010

The funding hiccup

"If you do the math, we're talking about more than $153 million a day in lost reimbursement payments for highway projects to the states.” –Larry "....More
Mar 01, 2010

Highway policy: confliction and confusion

“We think the administration has a bias against highways.” –Greg Cohen, president and CEO, American Highway Users Alliance Greg Cohen is an angry man....More
Feb 26, 2010

Gearing up for growth?

“Both the year-on-year movement and rank order of challenges suggest that CEO focus has moved from crisis reaction to preparations for recovery....More
Feb 25, 2010

Saving lives … with logistics technology

“This technology will improve the speed of the distribution, helping us to keep the process as orderly as possible.” –Damaris Frick, manager of the....More
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