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Mar 27, 2008

Pride still matters

It‘s one of the perks of my job to meet a lot of good people in the business of trucking, especially at the Mid America Trucking Show going on this....More
Mar 26, 2008

Marketing repetition

“Repetition builds continuity - continuity builds history - and history builds identity.” -Roshan Samtani So, I‘m down here in Louisville, Kentucky,....More
Mar 24, 2008

Hunkering down

“Our fourth quarter earnings outlook has been impacted by higher than anticipated fuel prices and a weak U.S. economy. Looking ahead to our fiscal....More
Mar 21, 2008

Crashes vs. congestion

So, what should be the over-arching goal of our transportation efforts in this country? Reducing vehicle crashes? Reducing traffic congestion? In....More
Mar 20, 2008

Not standing still

Everyone is looking for ways to cut fuel costs these days, and no wonder: with oil now steadily priced over $100 per barrel, diesel costing $4 a....More
Mar 19, 2008

The whole package

I spent some time with Dan Arcy from Shell Lubricants a few weeks back at the Technology....More
Mar 18, 2008

Good things in a recession

“There is an old joke among economists that states: A recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose your job.” -....More
Mar 17, 2008

LNG and the port plan

The port of Long Beach in California, as everyone knows by now, is pushing hard to get drayage truckers to turn in their old equipment and upgrade to....More
Mar 14, 2008

The power of one

“O most dear ones ... I can see you, beginning the journey to the land where there is no night nor sorrow nor death.” -St. Patrick If I could pick a....More
Mar 13, 2008

Chrome Wheelin'

Now HERE‘S something that looks like fun! That‘s Meredith Ochs, Sirius radio DJ, in the middle of the photograph below, between Bryan “The Don”....More
Mar 12, 2008

Rotting roads

“The nation needs to develop a new long-term vision for its highway system that would include improving conditions and safety and reducing traffic....More
Mar 10, 2008

Difficult suppliers

“The great virtue of free enterprise is that it forces existing businesses to meet the test of the market continuously, to produce products that meet....More
Mar 07, 2008

Looking ahead

So I just got back from the ninth annual fleet management conference put on by PHH FirstFleet, a third party vehicle management provider based out of....More
Mar 06, 2008

California port plan

The port of Long Beach in California is pushing ahead with an aggressive truck replacement plan that got the green light last month - a plan that....More
Mar 04, 2008

Thinner may be better

Talked with Mark Betner recently, manager of heavy-duty lubricants for Citgo, at the Technology....More
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