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Jul 09, 2012

Up or down?

The sudden negative turn of so many economic indicators at once – sluggish U.S....More
Jun 29, 2012

Oil: where we go from here

If there’s been one bright spot amid all the economic and political uncertainty of late, it’s been the sharp and sudden 23% drop in oil....More
Jun 28, 2012

“Autopilot” for fuel savings?

Sweden’s Volvo Trucksis in the midst of testing a new technological package that aims to squeeze more fuel economy out of modern-day big rigs....More
Jun 27, 2012

Vehicle as psychiatrist ... well, sort of4

As we all know, cars and trucks are increasingly being packed with all sorts of electronic systems designed to vastly improve their safety profile....More
Jun 26, 2012

Transportation taxation policy not so tricky2

So the Mineta National Transit Research Consortium recently released a report based on three years of surveys regarding taxation and....More
Jun 25, 2012

Assembling trucks where bears eat1

Factoids of all sorts fascinate history buffs like myself; thus it didn’t take long to dig up more than few interesting and informative....More
Jun 22, 2012

Reborn the right way1

The last time I’d visited the 159,000 sq. ft....More
Jun 21, 2012

Pushing the integrated package

Spent some time up in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley this week at Mack Trucks’ Macungie assembly plant (located, obviously, in....More
Jun 20, 2012

West coast “golden” for vehicle thefts

It may come as a surprise to some, but certainly not to me: the West Coast is home to the highest rates of vehicle theft in the U.S. That’s....More
Jun 19, 2012

Zombie survival by car? NOT by truck?6

OK, just to be clear, that as a full-fledged geek I’m totally psyched by the imminent arrival of the “Zombie Survival Machine” or....More
Jun 14, 2012

An uncertain state of logistics

So I attended the unveiling of the 23rdannual State of Logistics report this week; a tome published by the Council of Supply Chain Management....More
Jun 12, 2012

Testing one, two, three ...

As we all know, trucks and cars alike – and all the components that comprise those two classes of vehicles – get rigorously tested in a....More
Jun 11, 2012

Towards a “single window” for trade

David Aguilar, acting commissioner for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS),....More
Jun 06, 2012

“Stagnation” seen in global freight flows

Now, a caveat from the start: the global data collected and analyzed by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and....More
What's Trucks at Work?

Trucks at Work: Sean Kilcarr comments on trends affecting the many different strata of the trucking industry.

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