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Mar 20, 2012

Fleet management by app1

 “[Our survey] data shows that web-based fleet management services are well on their way to displacing traditional, stand-alone....More
Mar 19, 2012

The future of mobility … and freight

“[Our] study finds that young people don’t place as much importance on owning a car as previous generations and the urban population is....More
Mar 16, 2012

“Stewards of the kingdom”

Yes, it’s that time of year again – time for another discourse on Saint Patrick, his mission to Ireland in the 5thcentury, and truck....More
Mar 15, 2012

“I’ll take telematics with that truck”

I got an interesting report from global consulting firm Frost & Sullivan last week that predicts nearly half of all medium and heavy....More
Mar 14, 2012

Advice from the road

“I understand wanting to own your own truck, but do the math. Running to warehouses and dealing with dock personnel is most of the time....More
Mar 13, 2012

Fire it up!

Sometimes, when the going gets tough, there’s only one thing you can do: hammer down on the accelerator and punch on through! Not perhaps....More
Mar 12, 2012

Of “valuation” and retention

"The business world is in the midst of a sea change. Successful organizations have learned that high performance and sustainable results....More
Mar 09, 2012

Speeding remains highway safety sticking point

“We need to bring the same level of federal and state energy to addressing speed that was brought to tackling seat belt use and drunk driving....More
Mar 08, 2012

Trade show trucks

It’s been a long week, working on the truck trade show circuit (though nothing NEARLY as tough as your typical day hauling freight on the....More
Mar 07, 2012

Alternatives abound

In my wanderings amidst the 2012 National Truck Equipment Assn.(NTEA) show this week, I’ve been struck by just how many alternative....More
Mar 06, 2012

Finding that elusive balance2

  “Automakers continue to expand their footprint while weighing risks, from regulatory factors to fluctuating currencies, and are....More
Mar 05, 2012

Light vehicle trends no stranger to trucking

"Technologies like anti-lock braking and stability control were once seen as pioneering innovations and are now required or standard features....More
Mar 02, 2012

Boosting fleet manager visibility

“In the past, there’s been a need to ‘sell’ the value of the fleet internally due to the rise of outsourcing efforts....More
Mar 01, 2012

Rolling with natural gas

Got a chance to test drive some natural gas-fired trucks this week at a customer event hosted by Peterbilt Motors Co. at the Texas....More
Feb 28, 2012

Avoiding ‘global gridlock’ ... and beyond1

“The cooperation needed between the automotive and telecommunications industries will be greater than ever as we prepare for and manage the....More
What's Trucks at Work?

Trucks at Work: Sean Kilcarr comments on trends affecting the many different strata of the trucking industry.

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