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Apr 04, 2012

Smaller … yet more powerful

Compact and sub-compact cars – obviously! – have very little in common with medium- and heavy-duty trucks. At least, that used to be....More
Apr 02, 2012

“Takumis” for trucking1

In Japanese, the word “takumi” means “artisan” or “master craftsman” and is often applied to those who....More
Mar 30, 2012

The driver matters … go figure!

It’s decidedly humorous, in a way, the sudden fuss being made over the dearth of good driving skills in this country – except, of....More
Mar 29, 2012

Business confidence could boost freight1

There’s been a surprisingly strong uptick in confidence among U.S. manufacturing executives of late, if the results of a survey conducted by....More
Mar 28, 2012

The reasoning behind the regulations

A lot of folks in the trucking business are upset with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) over any number of things –....More
Mar 26, 2012

Taking a spin in a T-680

So I got a chance to ride shotgun in Kenworth Truck Co.’s new T-680 highway tractor last week during the 2012 Mid America Trucking....More
Mar 23, 2012

Reimagining the highway tractor

So I had a chance to chat with Justin Yee, manager of vehicle concepts for Daimler Trucks North America(DTNA) here at the 2012 Mid America Trucking....More
Mar 21, 2012

Freight in a good place … so far

Despite the obvious “headwinds” (as analysts like to say) created by $4 per gallon (and higher) diesel, freight volumes so far are....More
Mar 20, 2012

Fleet management by app1

 “[Our survey] data shows that web-based fleet management services are well on their way to displacing traditional, stand-alone....More
Mar 19, 2012

The future of mobility … and freight

“[Our] study finds that young people don’t place as much importance on owning a car as previous generations and the urban population is....More
Mar 16, 2012

“Stewards of the kingdom”

Yes, it’s that time of year again – time for another discourse on Saint Patrick, his mission to Ireland in the 5thcentury, and truck....More
Mar 15, 2012

“I’ll take telematics with that truck”

I got an interesting report from global consulting firm Frost & Sullivan last week that predicts nearly half of all medium and heavy....More
Mar 14, 2012

Advice from the road

“I understand wanting to own your own truck, but do the math. Running to warehouses and dealing with dock personnel is most of the time....More
Mar 13, 2012

Fire it up!

Sometimes, when the going gets tough, there’s only one thing you can do: hammer down on the accelerator and punch on through! Not perhaps....More
Mar 12, 2012

Of “valuation” and retention

"The business world is in the midst of a sea change. Successful organizations have learned that high performance and sustainable results....More
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