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Sep 30, 2011

Aiming to gain sustainability savings

“We are seeing a shift in culture small and medium-sized enterprises are looking past survival and recognizing that successful sustainability....More
Sep 27, 2011

Down in the dumps

“As many questions swirl about a double dip recession, a large majority of Americans do not even think we’ve come out of the first recession.” –The....More
Sep 26, 2011

Going regional to “stop the madness”

“Let's use the current crisis to signal an end to 20 years of madness in sourcing strategies. Single sourcing is dangerous. That much is obvious. And....More
Sep 23, 2011

If manufacturing grows, so could freight …

“Today, we’re seeing that despite an increasing set of cost challenges, manufacturers are realigning their business models to prioritize top-line....More
Sep 22, 2011

Stay clean, since you’re widely seen

“Keeping your fleet equipment clean is a very important part of a company’s maintenance program – both for longevity of the equipment and brand image....More
Sep 21, 2011

The “all of the above” approach to energy policy

“I’m a strong believer in an ‘all of the above’ approach … and I believe our policies should reflect five primary goals, many of which favor....More
Sep 20, 2011

“Family owned” still works

"This study clearly shows that the long-term perspective, value-based decision making and independence from the capital market give family-owned....More
Sep 19, 2011

Is “more trade” the answer?

“Cordell Hull once said, ‘where trade crosses borders, armies do not.’ Let me add to his thought: Where trade crosses borders, millions of people can....More
Sep 16, 2011

It’s getting riskier out there …

“Some 79% of global risk managers place a high probability that European sovereign crisis will have a meaningful impact on the integrity of the U.S....More
Sep 12, 2011

Urban concept vehicle… Audi style

OK, OK, it’s not a truck – and of course that’s what I am supposed to be writing about. But Audi’s just-revealed all-electric car – dubbed an “urban....More
Sep 09, 2011

Defying the shadow of terror

Ten years. It seems so strange that one of the grimmest of grim days in our nation’s history will soon be a decade behind us. Already, there are....More
Sep 08, 2011

Tooling around in a Ram

It’s been an interesting week, test driving a 2011 model Ram 3500 Laramie crew cab, decked out with a Dakota contractor body on the back – and the....More
Sep 07, 2011

The rise of cybercrime

“There is a serious disconnect in how people view the threat of cybercrime ... is much more prevalent than people realize.” –Adam Palmer, lead cyber....More
Sep 06, 2011

And the safest U.S. driving city is …

“Human behavior is the biggest cause of accidents. it is vital for us to educate American drivers about safe driving behaviors they can demonstrate....More
Sep 02, 2011

Test drivin’

One of the lucky (and, unfortunately, very rare) perks of my job is getting the opportunity to test drive trucks for an extended period of time. In....More
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