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Jul 15, 2011

Cutting through the economic chop

“During lingering economic pressures and unsteadiness in the general freight markets, intermodal and dedicated contract services once again revealed....More
Jul 14, 2011

Digging into distraction

“Despite all that has been written about driver distraction, there is still a lot that we do not know. Much of the research is incomplete or....More
Jul 13, 2011

Planning for a bigger electrical load

“Most electric vehicle drivers will want to be able to plug in according to their own needs, but unmanaged charging on a large scale will be costly....More
Jul 12, 2011

Greener road construction

“Using recycled material for aggregate not only saves money, it also makes use of a material that would otherwise remain unused. A single lane mile....More
Jul 07, 2011

Downshifting, but still rolling

“Freight trends have been choppy in recent months, reflecting lean inventories and ongoing skepticism regarding the sustainability of the current....More
Jul 06, 2011

Taking aim at detention time

“There have been various attempts in the past to curb detention and to hold customers accountable but we felt more needed to be done.” –Tim Norlin,....More
Jun 23, 2011

The glass is half full

“Stir in 100 million extra people to the population of the U.S., each of whom requires 30 tons of freight per year. That’s the definition of....More
Jun 20, 2011

Unconscious beliefs

“If you don't change your beliefs, your life will be like this forever. Is that good news?” –Dr. Robert Anthony Here’s a thought for you: the workday....More
Jun 13, 2011

Placing a big bet on an electrified future

When it comes down to the bare essentials, only a couple of data points really matter when the talk turns to the future of alternatively powered....More
Jun 10, 2011

It’s about more than mere bling

“All anyone asks for is a chance to work with pride.” –W. Edwards Deming Anyone who visits a show truck festival like Shell’s annual “Super Rigs”....More
Jun 08, 2011

Inspecting trucks with infrared

Heat is a tell-tale sign of bad things happening when it comes to trucks – particularly in the case of tires, exhaust systems, and brakes. (The term....More
Jun 07, 2011

“Talk and tell” could be swell

“Intelligent vehicles are the next frontier of collision avoidance; hold the potential of helping reduce many crashes.” –Sue Cischke, group vice....More
Jun 06, 2011

Making the smart play

“Working harder is not always the answer.” –Jerry Osteryoung, professor emeritus of finance with the College of Business at Florida State University....More
Jun 03, 2011

A super rig celebration

“All of the contestants put in a lot of work and time into preparing their awesome looking trucks for our event every year.” –Chris Guerrero, global....More
Jun 01, 2011

Look, big brother … no hands! Honest!

“The key for automakers and suppliers regarding hands-free technology, as with most technologies, is to integrate it into the vehicle in a way that....More
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