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May 19, 2011

So you’re thinking about buying or selling …

“Strategic acquirers’ have shifted their focus from internal initiatives – bolstering balance sheets and increasing their cash positions – to....More
May 18, 2011

With a positive forecast, a continued trucking repast?

“There’s a growing likelihood there will be no recession over the next 12 months, with economic growth continuing for the rest of 2011 and possibly....More
May 17, 2011

Say hello to hydraulic hybrid school buses

There should be a quip in here about how “yellow” is fast becoming the new “green,” but despite trying, looks I’m coming up empty today, sad to say....More
May 16, 2011

Pondering our energy future

“Our projections indicate strong growth in shale gas production, growing use of natural gas and renewables in electric power generation, declining....More
May 13, 2011

The state of state transportation spending

“Transportation matters and it matters more today because dollars are scarce.” –Robert Zahradnik, director of research for the Pew Center on the....More
May 12, 2011

Slow going

“While we have seen indications of improving economic activity in recent months, especially the strengthening of private sector employment, consumers....More
May 10, 2011

And you thought weeds were bad …

“Dandelions have the potential to serve as a great natural alternative to synthetic rubber in our products.” –Angela Harris, research engineer, Ford....More
May 09, 2011

The dichotomy of highway safety

“Despite shrinking federal and state transportation budgets and a public debate over the most appropriate role of government, it's clear that a....More
May 06, 2011

Investing in a second chance

“This is not a contest. It’s about finding good drivers and keeping them on the road.” –Steve Clough, president of Arrow Truck Sales, discussing the....More
May 05, 2011

Of discretionary spending and jobs

“What a consumer says can sometimes be at odds with what a consumer does. Confidence dropped, but weekly measures of consumer spending remain fairly....More
May 04, 2011

Confidence amid the challenges

“We are encouraged by the commitment that we’re seeing among small business owners to assertively and strategically invest in their companies … in....More
May 03, 2011

Mayors say ‘no’ to highways

“As the federal government sets priorities for long-term spending and deficit reduction, future transportation infrastructure investments should....More
Apr 29, 2011

The cost barrier facing alternative power

“It is the financial issues that most often resonate with consumers, whether it is the higher price of the vehicle itself, the cost to fuel or charge....More
Apr 27, 2011

Standardizing the “Smart Grid”

“Our stakeholders have keen interest in the Smart Grid because it's the infrastructure needed to recharge hybrid and electric vehicles accelerating....More
Apr 25, 2011

Transforming old tires

Truckers know well the value of retreading their tires – and you can visit the Retread Tire Association to get more facts about the inherent savings....More
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