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Apr 06, 2011

Why are traffic deaths on the downswing?

“The decrease in traffic fatalities is a good sign.” –NHTSA Administrator David Strickland Yes, indeed, the nosedive in traffic fatalities over the....More
Apr 05, 2011

Innovation just keeps on trucking

On the surface, at least, one didn’t see a lot of new iron revealed at the 2011 Mid America Trucking Show as in past years. Yet by digging a little....More
Apr 04, 2011

Meeting of the transportation minds

“Transport is intrinsic to societal activity, and one of its greatest enablers. But all too often transport is taken for granted societal demands on....More
Mar 30, 2011

A trip down to Mercer town

“We think there’s a misunderstanding about CSA out there in the law enforcement community that’s hurting the driver.” –Dale Corum, general manager,....More
Mar 29, 2011

Knights of the highway roll still …

“We’re not the ‘knights of the highway’ in the minds of people anymore, are we? Yet everything we’ve done as an industry over the last four decades....More
Mar 28, 2011

Appreciation and respect

“The number one and number two reasons for driver turnover are lack of appreciation and lack of respect. The upside with this is that it doesn’t cost....More
Mar 22, 2011

The real reasons for the driver shortage

“Bottom line: a driver is entrusted with a $140,000 tractor and trailer and often times well over a half million dollars worth of cargo, and then he’....More
Mar 18, 2011

A look at what’s new and different

Trade shows often offer a chance to see what new products and services are being readied for those working in the trucking business. And sometimes,....More
Mar 17, 2011

Restoring the industry’s image

“By almost every measure, we are stronger and safer as an industry than we’ve ever been. And yet the popularity and the image of our industry is not....More
Mar 14, 2011

A new funding future awaits

“Can we live within a $230 billion highway funding bill? Keeping spending within those limits will require a narrowing of the scope of the federal....More
Mar 10, 2011

The bears are back, so we could be in trouble

“The ongoing struggle to maintain growth in a slowly recovering economy, coupled with a host of new challenges and issues, has resulted in the....More
Mar 09, 2011

Music forged from trucking’s soul

“I’m runnin’ coast to coast out on the Interstate ... hauling heavy loads that just can’t be late … but there’s no doubt about it, there’s no place I....More
Mar 08, 2011

Mileage fees vs. fuel taxes

“For mileage fee program designers, study findings imply that they should carefully consider both current and future urban form patterns when....More
Mar 07, 2011

In a split second

“What counts in trucking is what happens today.” –Ralph Garcia, veteran driver for ABF Freight System My dad always summed up his experience back in....More
Mar 04, 2011

Leveraging “logical logistics”

“My belief is that implementing technology for technology’s sake is a fool’s game in this business. What are critical are the people and processes....More
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