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Jul 16, 2010

Victory on wheels

“I really am proof that the Lord do giveth, even when he taketh away.” –Larry Koester, champion driver, National Tractor Pull Association (NTPA) You....More
Jul 15, 2010

The consumer outlook

“The recession has affected every aspect of our lives, from our bank accounts to our bedrooms and it's forced most of us to reevaluate our financial....More
Jul 14, 2010

Looking at the big picture

“CEOs of small to medium size companies have adjusted to the lean economy, are doing more with less, and have positioned their companies for success....More
Jul 13, 2010

Expanding capacity … and paying for it

“The simple fact is: no transportation, no economy. They are inseparable. Congress must invest in all transportation modes – from waterways to roads....More
Jul 12, 2010

APUs and you

“The use of idling reduction technology could reduce the fuel consumption of a long-haul tractor by some 1,900 gallons or 7,200 liters per year,....More
Jul 09, 2010

Stunt driving!

“Doing slides with the right techniques allows you to do them faster while still having the same safety margin … this is HUGE.” --Mark Aisbett, stunt....More
Jul 08, 2010

Cargo theft Q & A

“As an underwriter, if an account has top-notch risk control procedures in place, I definitely consider awarding credit to reduce the premium and....More
Jul 07, 2010

Wrestling with regulation

“Rules fail because you cannot write a rule to contain every possible behavior in the vast spectrum of human behavior.” –Dov Seidman, from his book....More
Jul 06, 2010

The UCR and you

“At the end of the day, the UCR (Unified Carrier Registration) fee directly affects the ability of states to carry out commercial vehicle safety....More
Jun 25, 2010

Roadmap for CSA 2010

“All too often those of us in the safety business fail to adequately explain to political leaders and the public the importance of … reducing crashes....More
Jun 24, 2010

Mixing hydrogen with combustion

“I’m asked all the time if installing a hydrogen fuel system on a family car or truck is going to result in a ‘Hindenburg outcome.’ Rather than tell....More
Jun 23, 2010

Unsurprised by incivility

“Our research provides hard evidence that constituents and consumers alike are fed up with the polarization of our political system and the uncivil....More
Jun 21, 2010

Qualifying on quality

“Domestic automakers have made impressive strides in steadily improving vehicle quality, particularly since 2007.” –David Sargent, vice president of....More
Jun 18, 2010

The business case for glamour

“I get a lot of work simply because people remember these trucks.” –Jerry Beaudoin, owner of Soil Recovery Systems (SRS), Southington, CT On the....More
Jun 17, 2010

Light duty drive impressions

“We’re putting a lot of effort into our full size pickup trucks; we’re not wavering in our commitment to the full size market.” –Tony Truelove,....More
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