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Jul 27, 2009

The fuel tax debate

“There are no free lunches when it comes to infrastructure investment. You get what you pay for.” –Tom Donohue, president and CEO, U.S. Chamber of....More
Jul 23, 2009

Truck sales in a deepening hole

“As expected, continued weak truck and aftermarket sales caused the second quarter to be most challenging operating period since this downturn began....More
Jul 22, 2009

Dealing with DWI rates

“This troubling data shows us, for the first time, the scope of drugged driving in America, and reinforces the need to reduce drug abuse. Drugged....More
Jul 21, 2009

“Maintaining” people

“Without a compelling cause, our employees are just putting in time. Their minds might be engaged, but their hearts are not.” --Lee J. Colan, author....More
Jul 20, 2009

What’s up, Atlanta?

Here’s one for the fun file! In sifting through the news wires this morning, I came across a study conducted by TomTom Inc., a company that provides....More
Jul 16, 2009

Poll seems to favor heavier trucks

“How far would Moses have gone if he had taken a poll in Egypt?” –Harry S. Truman, 33rd president of the United States I bring the great President....More
Jul 15, 2009

Armored tires

“In extreme off-road tires, reinforced sidewalls with Kevlar help increase sidewall puncture resistance.” –Jon Bellissimo, Goodyear’s North American....More
Jul 14, 2009

Waving the video wand

“A good risk manager knows there is no ‘silver bullet,’ no ‘one thing’ that will eliminate all your risk. Anyone who tries to market their product to....More
Jul 13, 2009

Protecting data

"This year’s research clearly demonstrates that compliance, breaches and brand damage are driving companies to deploy more data protection solutions....More
Jul 09, 2009

Exodus in waiting

“This survey indicates every company's greatest asset, its human capital, might be its most tenuous, as employers could see an unprecedented exodus....More
Jul 08, 2009

Positive signs

“If you continue to listen to the mainstream media and all of the gloom-and-doomers out there, you’d think the economy was on the verge of disaster....More
Jul 07, 2009

The need for freight efficiency

“Inefficiency slow-moving pandemic that cripples financial position, operational flexibility and innovation over time.” –Shelton Moynahan Nearly five....More
Jul 06, 2009

NHTSA’s encouraging numbers

“We are very encouraged by the significant decrease last year in large truck involved fatalities. While the downturn in the economy clearly impacted....More
Jul 01, 2009

Driving for efficiency

“Increasing the efficiency of vehicles already in our fleets here and now is imperative.” –Dan Steere, president and CEO, GreenRoad I received an....More
Jun 30, 2009

Money and roads

"If we're going to change dramatically the way we spend transportation dollars, let's do it right." –Brian Imus, director of the Illinois Public....More
What's Trucks at Work?

Trucks at Work: Sean Kilcarr comments on trends affecting the many different strata of the trucking industry.

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