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Nov 10, 2009

Hunt’s new intermodal move

“The conversion of highway freight to the more efficient, cost effective, safer and more environmentally friendly services that we jointly provide,....More
Nov 09, 2009

New piston thinking

“Why not go out on a limb? Isn’t that where the fruit is?” –Frank Scully There’s a large slice of human philosophy predicated on the maxim that if....More
Nov 04, 2009

Cyber threat awareness

“It's been said that knowledge is power – and when it comes to security intelligence, a lack of accurate information can be detrimental to separating....More
Nov 03, 2009

Why transportation investment matters

“As cities, regions and countries fight for investment spend, transport infrastructure is the ‘x-factor’ in investor's decisions. Almost half of....More
Nov 02, 2009

Little by little

“In a hybrid system, the electrical energy could be used to charge the battery. In a conventional engine, this could perhaps even replace the....More
Oct 30, 2009

Big Trucks for Big China

“The recent economic improvement in China, India and Brazil benefitted Cummins during the quarter, due to our longstanding strong position in all....More
Oct 29, 2009

Trucking in the future

“Truck transportation drives our economy; goods movement fills our stores and supplies our factories. But those benefits come with costs that are....More
Oct 27, 2009

Speeding up hybrid development

“Our work with the University of Michigan is helping us develop the next generation of Ford hybrids and bring them to market even faster.” –Ryan....More
Oct 26, 2009

Learning vs. training

“The most important object in Boy Scout training is to educate, not instruct.” –Sir Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts Professor Jerry....More
Oct 23, 2009

Cargo security vs. efficiency

”The end goals of security and efficiency are not mutually exclusive.” –Stephen Russell, chairman, CEO and founder of truckload carrier Celadon Group....More
Oct 22, 2009

NHTSA foresees big savings with ESC

“Electronic stability systems were found to provide substantial safety benefits. Assuming that all existing 5-axle tractor semitrailers operating on....More
Oct 21, 2009

Cargo theft and trucking

“We spend millions on research and development, scientist salaries, manufacturing, background checks, and the latest in high-tech facility security....More
Oct 20, 2009

Biofuel breakthrough?

“Our customer is every municipality that has a wastewater treatment plant. It will provide a value-added product for municipal waste water plants,....More
Oct 19, 2009

Cell phone bans and safer driving

"What's clear from surveys, despite some variability in their findings, is that bans on hand-held phoning while driving can have big, long-term....More
Oct 16, 2009

Are we getting there?

“The continued rise of the freight transportation service index is evidence that America is moving towards economic recovery.” –Transportation....More
What's Trucks at Work?

Trucks at Work: Sean Kilcarr comments on trends affecting the many different strata of the trucking industry.

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