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Oct 13, 2009

Accident prevention … from space?

“A satellite orbiting the earth could someday prevent an auto accident.” –Dr. Gerhard Schmidt, chief technical officer and vice president, of....More
Oct 12, 2009

Of carbon, energy, and the economy

“We've also got to fundamentally rethink the way we build and produce goods in this country.” –Gary Locke, U.S. Secretary of Commerce If you don’t....More
Oct 09, 2009

Good news about cash flow

“While there is more accounts receivable stress than a year ago, our data suggests that confidence in sales may be starting to return. The increasing....More
Oct 08, 2009

Revitalizing diesel

“Do you think that the future of propulsion lies in the modification of the internal combustion engine? I think, at least for the long term, are....More
Oct 07, 2009

Letting innovation loose

“Our partnership with EPA will help us to develop and nurture science and engineering talent with real-world training and experience, allowing these....More
Oct 06, 2009

CARB and the lease/rental impact

“The California regulation applies to trucks that travel in California regardless if they are registered inside or outside of California and includes....More
Oct 05, 2009

DOT vs. distracted driving

“To put it plainly, distracted driving is a menace to society. This trend distresses me deeply, both on a personal level, and as the nation’s chief....More
Oct 01, 2009

Of bread … and diesel

“Diesel power is working for us today – in our everyday lives – in key sectors of our economy like trucking, freight rail, industrial applications,....More
Sep 30, 2009

Challenges growing for biofuels

“In the near term, the biofuels market looks like a train wreck. However, in the 10 to 15 year timeframe, the outlook remains very positive.” –Clint....More
Sep 29, 2009

Developing new freight niches

“This service is another way we’re constantly pushing the envelope for our customers to help them succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace....More
Sep 28, 2009

Summit time for distracted driving

“We must act now to stop distracted driving from becoming a deadly epidemic on our nation's roadways. This Summit will give safety leaders from....More
Sep 25, 2009

Lessons from a sheepdog

“Remember this: you’ve got to take care of your people, but don’t forget to also take care of your sheepdogs.” –Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honore (Ret.),....More
Sep 24, 2009

The outlook for logistics

“The past 12 months have posed unprecedented challenges for logistics providers around the world … But in that time we have all learned a great deal....More
Sep 23, 2009

Techno wonders

“Customers are telling us they think we’ve stopped going backwards, that they are starting to see things picking up. That is why now is the time for....More
Sep 22, 2009

Trucking in transition

“A tremendous amount of change has taken place in our world and it‘s not clear that all of the turmoil is behind us. You have to wonder how long....More
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