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Senior Editor , Penton Media comments on trends affecting the many different strata of the trucking industry -- light and medium duty fleets up through over-the-road truckload, less-than-truckload, and private fleet operations

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in Trucks at Work May 20, 2009

Scoring drivers

“When we began this campaign five years ago, we embarked on a mission to help drivers become more aware of the rules of the road. We've seen the....More
in Trucks at Work May 19, 2009

Passion vs. reality

“When men are the most sure and arrogant they are commonly the most mistaken, giving views to passion without that proper deliberation and suspense....More
in Trucks at Work May 18, 2009

Hazmat simplification

“The … reduction in hazardous materials-qualified drivers is not the result of individuals failing the background check – less than 1% fail – but....More
in Trucks at Work May 15, 2009

Logistics as global backbone

“Logistics is a key enabler of industry. It is an essential service, not unlike basic infrastructure. Without it, the economy and world trade comes....More
in Trucks at Work May 14, 2009

The price for alternatives

“Assuming we are serious about getting off fossil fuels, the scale of building required should not be underestimated. Small actions alone will not....More
in Trucks at Work May 13, 2009

Hurley heave ho

“The administration now has an opportunity to name someone committed to both the safety and fuel economy programs that they run.” –Dan Becker,....More
in Trucks at Work May 12, 2009

Supply chain support

“To be competitive in today’s global economy, U.S. companies need to be able to move products and goods securely, quickly and efficiently within our....More
in Trucks at Work May 08, 2009

Rough ride for roads

"Rough roads lead to diminished safety, higher vehicle operating costs and more expensive road repairs. It costs $1 to keep a road in good shape for....More
in Trucks at Work May 07, 2009

Convoy for the kids

“Your father was captain of a starship for 12 minutes. He saved 800 lives – including yours. I dare you to do better.” –Captain Christopher Pike,....More
in Trucks at Work May 06, 2009

Port mess revisited

“The claims made by the CFC are absurd. Only creditworthy customers are approved and to date not a single one has defaulted. In a discussion with the....More

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