Our NG offering for 2013 will be the International TranStar powered by the 8.9L Cummins ISL G,” states Steve Schrier, communications manager at Navistar. “The ISL G will be a new offering from Navistar this year, and our first production units are slated for March.”

Navistar will offer the ISL G in a range of 250 to 320 hp. with a torque rating of 1,000 lbs.-ft. at 1,300 rpm. “The ISL G is a well-known, popular engine offering with plenty of familiarity from across the industry,” Schrier remarks. “This engine delivers torque performance very similar to diesel; however, one thing to keep in mind is that the ISL G is an 8.9L engine. It’s not a big-bore engine designed for heavy-heavy haul applications.

“NG engines are agnostic when it comes to being powered by CNG or LNG,” he adds. “It’s the [vehicle] tanks that matter. We’ll offer engines for either fuel type based on customer preference.”