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  • Safety lessons learned following truck driver's tragic death   10 hours 26 min ago    

    Tragic yet preventable death in the workplace. Very sad, and I feel sorry for the crane operator who will live with this guilt the rest of his life. This is an example we all need to learn from. Take safety very seriously! If you're doing something that has high risk and life & death consequences, proceed cautiously and take extra precautions!

  • Report: Logistics industry headed for cognitive dissonance   1 day 13 hours ago    

    The trucking industry is a really slow mechanism. It adopts new technologies much slower, than it should have. Nowadays we face the era of sharing economy. So the services like Uber or Doft have all chances to invade the market shortly. Sure the logistics is a relationship based industry, but imagine, that the process of booking the load becomes faster, the payments become faster for the driver - it will surely increase the effectiveness. A.T. Kearney is right - the ELDs will make the shortage of capacity a bit higher. But on the other hand it can lead to the transportation rates growth. The truckers are underpayed now, so it can help them to earn a bit more

  • Trucking: A ‘poster child’ or ‘problem child’ for automation?   1 day 15 hours ago    

    autonomous trucking is a bit far prospect for now. Nowadays we have some Mobile solutions, which can reduce deadhead mileage, and make the load booking process much quicker and easier. Doft, Uber Freight and many more.

  • EFS launches new mobile technology for drivers   1 day 16 hours ago    

    really interesting stuff. Will the money appear on the account right after the transfer is made? It will be great for truckers especially joining these functions with the searching of the fuel stations. And if this app could have the functions Doft has it would be great.

  • Crete Carrier raises maximum speed to 65 mph   3 days 10 hours ago    

    You left out the fact that no drivers will go to work for a company with 62 mph trucks, especially when they are paid by the mile.

  • Breaking the 10 MPG barrier   5 days 3 hours ago    

    "Barrier" is an unfortunate choice for the headline to this article. There may be a milestone and/or plateau, but there isn't really a technical barrier to reach 10 MPG or even higher. In the 1980's, Cummins demonstrated 10 to 11 MPG in a Class 8 truck with what was then their new L10 product, plus a modified, streamlined cab and some aerodynamic aids on the trailer. That outfit ran at, I believe, 65,000 lbs GCW. I'm not sure what average speed it ran. Since then, truck and trailer OEMs have adopted some of these ideas.
    We really ought to be talking about "Ton-miles per gallon." That will take into account the differences in gross weights that different operators experience. Sadly, we can't discount the route and driver variations that also impact MPG or TMPG. For sake of enlightenment, a truck that demonstrates 7 MPG on a given route would yield 280 TMPG (assuming the truck is at 80,000 lbs GCW. So, if the new/modified trucks can achieve 10 MPG, that is 400 TMPG. Railroad companies claim they achieve TMPG values in that range. By the way, there is no passenger car that has demonstrated that level of TMPG. A two-ton passenger vehicle must achieve....200 MPG.... to match what a Super Truck can do.

  • UPS seeks technical exemptions from ELD mandate   1 week 10 hours ago    

    Why in the world would UPS not just use the "local" time card status since those employees are obviously not going over 100 air miles. Why the big deal. They already are time clocking all employees.

  • Pros & Cons: Driver-facing video   1 week 1 day ago    

    Excellent Article. Thank you F.O. for accurately publishing both sides of the issue. JB

  • Truckers to get overnight toll discount during NYC construction   1 week 1 day ago    

    Maybe this will alleviate some of the traffic our movers (Imperial Moving & Storage) have been encountering during the morning rush hour on their way to jobs!! Looking forward to the Fall when construction will hopefully be finished!

  • ELDs, NAFTA, Uber: Disruptions ahead for trucking   1 week 2 days ago    

    We are wittnessing the era of automation in freight transportattion. The 1st period is launching the uber-for-freight technology. The apps like CargoX or Doft or Uber Freight can now easily reduce deadhead mileage. And then the autonomous trucks coupled with platooning technology will appear. It will be the 2nd period I think.

  • Bose Ride System II delivers new features and functionality   1 week 2 days ago    

    Bose quit making them, stopped supporting them, and now is in the process of thinking up a story to tell all the suckers who dropped $6000+ how they didn't get screwed, Look at R&L 1000+ seats, they got a good 1st class fuckin, remember this when you go guy a piece of overpriced stereo equipment. O I forgot to mention they canned the whole staff so if you call the 800# you may just as well call the # for the girl that charges $29 a minute.

  • Trucker Path app surpasses 1.5 million installs   1 week 3 days ago    

    Well, the biggest disadvantage of this app is the absence of free quick pay option. Today almost all competitors like Uber offer a quick pay option. And Doft even has a free fuel advance option for a truck driver. Seems to me that free quickpay would be a really good-working tool. Much better than broker's days to pay check.

  • UPS seeks technical exemptions from ELD mandate   1 week 3 days ago    

    The AOBRD's will cost the small company more than it will a multi-million dollar company like UPS. This law combined with speed limiters will only increase road rage on our roads and create unsafe driving habits.
    It will not fix the problem that it was intended to solve. It is nothing more than a liberal band aid to make the uninformed public feel better. Large fleets love it because it shuts down their competition.
    Suck it up UPS and pay out.

  • Supreme Court declines to hear ELD challenge   1 week 3 days ago    

    I'm out of the truck after 3 and a half million miles over the road, No accidents and 2 speeding tickets booth where in Ca. 5 months ago I came to work and the box was in the truck, Never seen one, never read a book on one but it was in so I called a few friends and off I went. My boss didn't know his end either and he called after a few days and I was in Fl and He called, He asked are you at Lake City Fl and I said yes, are you going 65 Miles an Hour, I said Yes, He said you have an Hour left on your logs for the day and I said yep, He said it's working. I didn't know it at the time but Cameras were in the truck but not turned on, Well that was the first I'd really thought about what it really meant being monitored and, I want any person and I don't care who or what they do in the trucking industry to tell me what they think it feels like to loose their freedom, If your monitored 24 hours a day and it can be printed out on paper so as YOU can see it in your own eyes, on video as some Co. have it, where's the freedom of driving, Open road freedom. Well after 2 weeks I lost it, thought I was have a Heart Attack One day in ICU and 22 Thousand Dollars I was told heart was fine, The next week on a trip to NC I had 3 and passed out while driving but made it to the shoulder in time and made it in the the ICU again and 28 grand later I found out it was Severe Anxiety and that was my last day in a truck. 24 hr monitored steering wheel holders are coming, Hell why don't the States place a school in their Prison systems and let them pay their way, they're being monitored by someone behind a computer 24 -7. I would like anyone to tell me that I did not loose any freedoms as a Driver when this took place. I hope to feel it again but it want be in a Truck.

  • Cargo Theft: Targeting the Threats   1 week 3 days ago    

    Great article and information - our solutions provide multiple layers of covert transport security.

  • Navistar SuperTruck, the CatalIST, hits 13 mpg   1 week 5 days ago    

    While I understand your angle on this, as navistar engines are lacking, cummins engines are not anything to write home about either. My 2014 Cummins ISX15 in my Kenworth T660 was in the shop every few weeks as well for emissions related failures as well. The only saving grace would be to delete the emissions crap off of the engines, but, you know how DOT and EPA feels about that.

  • FMCSA proposals address truck driver shortage   2 weeks 10 hours ago    

    The problem for me and my company I have to wait 2-3 years before these drivers are experienced enough for me to hire. We need to have federal subsidy put back into truck schools, we need to re-brand the whole industry because the public has a very bad view of truckers/carriers and encourage people to come into this industry. I know there was a labor report recently out about how many new jobs in transportation there are, but those are not driving jobs. Those jobs the DOL are talking about are "inside" jobs. Need small business loans reachable for those truckers who want to become carriers.

  • 'Uberization' tips from a former Uber driver   2 weeks 1 day ago    

    The industry adoption of new transportation solutions like Uber freight or Doft or Coyotte leaves much to be desired. And exept addresses there are a lot of critical points, where the incorrect info can lead to really serious issues. Think of the load weight (sometimes even the shipper knows the approximate weight only) so the truck will be over-weighed on the road, or the truck driver will have to unload the part of the cargo to be legal. Or any additional accessories, the absence of which can make the delivery impossible.
    But all these points can become perfect only with the driver's feedbacks. And the feedbacks are impossible without real jobs done.
    So maybe Uber should make some bonuses for the first truckers assigned.

  • Does the autonomy debate further devalue the truck driver?   2 weeks 1 day ago    

    The job losses is not the biggest problem of autonomous vehicles in freight transportation. When these autonomous trucks appear they will be expensive in maintenance. And they can just lower the truck drivers shortage. OK, there are some obvious advantages like the HOS. The driver less truck can drive 24 hours in a row and that's really good for all the cross-country trips. But still the industry has some more problems to solve. The effectiveness of the transportation should increase. 1st of all by reducing the dead-head miles. It can lead to saving of about 25% of expenses. And here come the automation solutions like Uber freight or Doft. These apps can reduce deadhead miles offering the backhauls as close to the truck location as possible. They can reduce the time of getting the load and doing all the paperwork. And the autonomous trucks look like the logical addition to such kind of apps.

  • Navistar: Legacy EGR issues coming to an end   2 weeks 2 days ago    

    So many missing words. These cannot be accurate quotes. You need a copy editor.

  • Northeast Great Dane names new president   2 weeks 2 days ago    

    beautiful article... congrats John and wish you the best in your new position.

  • Industry slow to adopt Uber-for-freight model   2 weeks 2 days ago    

    Well the Uber can do 1 great thing for all it's competitors. The recognition and acceptance of "uber for trucks" model will grow among the shippers and carriers too. It will be like in taxi business - everybody hate uber, but everybody drive for it. So the competitors like Doft or Coyote will get their piece of pie too.

  • Tire safety matters every day   2 weeks 2 days ago    

    Any tire which has less than 50% of its normal inflation rate is considered a flat tire and will place a truck / trailer OOS at a roadside inspection. Commercial tires look fully inflated if all you do is LOOK at them. Make sure you kick or thump them during your vehicle inspections.

    Andy Blair

  • Industry slow to adopt Uber-for-freight model   2 weeks 3 days ago    

    Without a doubt that the make up of owners, managers and drivers are outdated when it come to technology. it will be a very hard change to go electronic when they have being do their jobs like its still 1970. The course to take is get to the middle managers of a company who are inspired by technology.

  • KeepTruckin to host webinar on ELD mandate   2 weeks 3 days ago    

    This isn't news - other companies have been running webinars on the mandate every month for the past year. Way to go.

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