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  • The Gig Economy Comes to Trucking   10 hours 54 min ago    

    This article is so alarming it borders on insanity.

    1.) a company can't voluntarily choose to pay an "employee" as a 1099 contractor
    2.) you can't just get out of regulation by starting a web board, which is really what this is
    3.) this is nothing like uber, uber basically eliminates the cab company, this does not do anything but attempt to profit from the driver
    4.) appears to be an attempt to circumvent employment laws, regulation, taxes, and insurance

    Many small time motor carriers have attempted to pay their "employees" via 1099, eventually they were caught and the taxman cometh and take their share and more. This company appears to believe they can redefine "employee" by putting up a board. Very dangerous as the carriers and drivers will be on the hook.

  • ELDs: The transition starts now   1 day 3 hours ago    

    I am interested in learning more about the 2-year grandfathering period.
    The ELD Mandate says that this is applicable on a tractor-basis and not on a Fleet-basis.
    What does it really mean?

  • Feds not liable for truck damaged during botched drug sting   3 days 9 hours ago    

    I do believe this law MUST be changed! According to this article this "STING" operation was nothing more or less than an operation of the keystone cops. It was so poorly executed that it not only ruined this man's livelihood, but also put his life as well as many other's lives in danger beginning with allowing a dangerous, convicted felon to be hired by anow unknowing trucking company, all the time knowing it's ILLEGAL for a convicted felon to be a truck driver and then basically STEAL the company truck for a drug bust. Allow their felon informant to be murdered AND a School Bus "that THANK GOD was empty of children" to get caught up in the mess and wrecked! Then they allow the news to film AND televise the truck owners plates to the world, so the drug cartel can search for him?!?? This is more than a travesty of justice. This man has lost his livelihood, his ability to perform his business, his health and his entire family now has to live in fear of the drug cartel that the DEA failed so terribly to apprehend. The government needs to pay for a lot more than just his truck. Before the pro police person goes off, I have police officers in my immediate family and I could NEVER see any of them being caught up in such a haphazard operation and 1 IS on the gang task force.

  • Photos: Shell North American Technology Seminar   3 days 11 hours ago    

    Woo nice article, best review .

  • Coalition pushes Congress to block FMCSA rating proposal   4 days 3 hours ago    

    The numbskulls in Congress don't have the slightest clue about anything and depend on whomever will grease their palms to try and sink the competition. Get the Government out of our faces.

  • FMCSA simplifies ratings system, adds roadside data   5 days 4 hours ago    

    I see, what they want to do is be able to shut down a motor carrier based on the proven flawed data. Seems like the FMCSA does pretty much whatever pleases the FMCSA.

  • XPO Logistics cuts 190 LTL jobs   6 days 3 hours ago    

    Good ridens to a rotten carrier, worked for Conway and it's owner CF (consolidated freightways) which Conway drove into the ground. I hope all the Conway lowlifes are looking for jobs- Sorry to hear that CAT is still using "scabs" for their freight, guess it was writing on the wall when CAT got rid of their drivers

  • Trucker mocked for warning on CB radio about pile-up   1 week 18 hours ago    

    Do not fret about it Joe. The attitudes that you are speaking about in your article was exactly what was going on 20 years ago. There were those rude, cursing, gear jerkers out there on the road even then. I have been retired since 2007 after over 40 years on the road and I bet I have at least 8 CB's in my storage shed and I have never had the desire to install a single one in my dually because there is no respect among truckers anymore, and has not been any for many years. So, have to regrets about others that are too stupid to heed advice, good or bad and just take care of yourself.

  • Trucker mocked for warning on CB radio about pile-up   1 week 22 hours ago    

    My ole man drives and he will leave his CB off till the weather is bad and than he will turn it on.

  • FMCSA issues rule to stop ‘reincarnated’ carriers   1 week 22 hours ago    

    Please post the federal statute that was created.

  • Waste Heat Management   1 week 1 day ago    

    Eliminating the excise tax to encourage new technology on trucks has been around for some time. Usually, it has been proposed for safety technology. Encouraging for safety of the environment, i.e. emissions, is a new idea. It does positively impact the budget of fleets, but it negatively impacts the budget of the country.

  • The 2014 Fleet Owner 500   1 week 1 day ago    

    Private fleets as a opposed to for-hire fleets, not publicly owned vs. privately owned. UPS, FedEx and so for are for-hire fleets carrying freight as a business. Private fleets in our list perform support functions for their parent businesses.

  • The 2014 Fleet Owner 500   1 week 4 days ago    

    Although based upon the listing the two seem intermingled.

  • The 2014 Fleet Owner 500   1 week 4 days ago    

    Public vs. Private

  • Trucker mocked for warning on CB radio about pile-up   1 week 4 days ago    

    I feel for ya Joe. Things are just not what they used to be. Ask 20 guys, there might be one old school driver that knows what a 10-33 is 10-4. Myself, I would have kicked it back at ya, thanked ya for the heads up and told ya to keep'er rubber side down. Keep on Truckin.

  • Feds not liable for truck damaged during botched drug sting   1 week 4 days ago    

    Hey Joe Trucker Next time you need help call a plumber not a cop ,we are too busy furthering our carrers

  • Feds not liable for truck damaged during botched drug sting   1 week 6 days ago    

    Retired Police / DOT Enforcement Officer here.

    The owner was neither complicit , aware or willing. His employee used the company truck without permission to further a government operation of direct benefit to the government. The government knowingly placed the truck at great risk, which came to fruition.

    The owner should not have to pay for this out of his own pocket due to the actions of the government. NOW is the time to take some of the ( rightfully) confiscated money from this or another drug operation and PAY the owner for the use of his truck.

    It is the RIGHT thing to do. And the government should be very appreciative of them conducting their mission with someone elses truck and not just give it back saying ..." thanks...see ya"

  • Feds not liable for truck damaged during botched drug sting   2 weeks 2 hours ago    

    Considering that most of the facts in the story came from law enforcement it's my opinion that this is a perfect example of why it is so easy to bash law enforcement these days. No regard for the public. No regard for the law. Only focused on their own careers with no repercussions whatsoever.

  • Ditching old-school methods to retain drivers   2 weeks 9 hours ago    

    To educate your drivers on good eating habits, exercise, and other health benefits is great but don't forget the part that dispatch can play in the health of your driver. Dispatch needs to take into account the effect that they have on drivers health with appointment times, so-called hot loads, delivery appointments in the middle of a 10-hour break, or allowing a driver to set all day and expect them to drive all night. Want to keep good drivers than manage like you want to keep good drivers.

  • GM puts pickups and vans on display   2 weeks 1 day ago    

    Are people really paying these outlandish prices for pick-up trucks???

  • Mercedes-Benz rolls out new Sprinter van   2 weeks 2 days ago    

    Attempting to do your own Sprinter Van Repair can be very difficult. The most important tool you can have is information on the correct procedures to perform, and how to perform them. If you are looking for information on servicing sprinter vans, what you need is right here...

  • Cold Weather Fuel Issues: The Safe Answer is Gelling   2 weeks 4 days ago    


    I spent 7 years as a technology consultant to the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company fleet operation in Fairbanks, Alaska. To my knowledge we never blended kerosene with diesel any time due to "gelling" of diesel fuel.

    And, in checking, I was told that in Alaska, perhaps back in the 40's that may have been done to keep diesel trucks running in the winter but certainly not in modern times.

    The solution most, if not all Alaskans, utilize is simply using #1 Diesel in their vehicles starting when conditions dictate perhaps in October or November.

    Now, that is not to say there aren't some folks that also use an additive. In Valdez at the loading terminal "Power Up" was used occasionally when we experienced problems if #2 diesel was used later than usual in the season.

    Interestingly enough, when I introduced automatic start/stop to equipment users in Prudhoe Bay this issue never came up. The estimated savings of $560K in fuel savings every ten hour shift ($490M+ in one year) due to my work is no joke and to my knowledge, all the equipment ran #1 diesel throughout the winter season.

    Richard LeFrancois

  • Waste Heat Management   2 weeks 4 days ago    

    If the government waived the federal excise tax on new tractors in 2018, would the net cost of this technology be 'a wash?' Seems like a great way to get clean technology w/o breaking the bank.

  • FMCSA simplifies ratings system, adds roadside data   3 weeks 5 hours ago    

    Basically, a compliance review is required for any SFD under the current rule. Now FMCSA wants to be able to declare a carrier unfit based on poor scores in the BASICs, without a site visit. Here's the FMCSA language from the NPRM:

    "Under the existing regulations, a compliance review must be conducted to issue a Safety Fitness Determination (SFD) and, if a motor carrier receives a final unsatisfactory safety rating, FMCSA declares that motor carrier to be unfit to operate on the Nation’s highways. The current SFD process does not permit the Agency to use all of the on-road safety data in the Motor Carrier 5 Management Information System (MCMIS) in making each SFD. Based on experience and empirical data from the Safety Measurement System (SMS) and interventions, the integration of on-road safety data into the SFD process would improve the assessment of motor carriers and the identification of unfit motor carriers. Such integration is a longstanding recommendation of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Under this proposal, unfit determinations could be based on a carrier’s on-road safety data alone."

  • FMCSA simplifies ratings system, adds roadside data   3 weeks 6 hours ago    

    Didn't the program already include roadside data; as far as my understanding CSA, roadside data is exactly where the information came from.

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