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  • Speed limiting remains contentious trucking issue   1 day 13 hours ago    

    It's a great idea. Could solve the problem with the glut of drivers........Oh wait, I fell of my unicorn. If it happens I hope it puts all ATA members out of business.

  • Paying by the Mile Caused Fatigue, Crashes and Fatalities   1 day 14 hours ago    

    Getting paid by the run (i.e., per mile) always forced me to push the envelope, to get as many miles as possible, especially after the big companies cut back on miles/week. Now I get paid by the hour and don't have to push it, to get one run finished quickly so I could be dispatched on another, because now, the miles don't mean ANYTHING.

  • Suicide by Truck: When Nothing Else Makes Sense   1 day 15 hours ago    

    Five years ago next month (May 1995) I had a 70 year old lady park her car on the side of the road and run out in front of me. Lucky for me she left a suicide note in her car. Still I wonder why she picked me. It really messes a guy up. I partly blame that incident on my divorce 1 year later. My attitude for the next couple of years was one that people didn't care to be around. I was driving for a local company at the time and the president called me into his office the next week. Seems the lady was a relative to a good customer of the company and he wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to pursue any actions against the family. I worked there 2 more months. Every time I saw someone on the side of the road or in a crosswalk I had flashbacks. I quit driving truck completely for 5 years. When I went back to driving it was still tough, but I think it made me a better more cautious driver.

  • Surprising things you might not know about driver retention   2 days 1 hour ago    

    drivers are treated like the lowest form of life everywhere they go. shippers, recievers, dispatchers, scalehouses, law enforcement, motoring public,courts,etc. That is a fact that will be forever unchanged. I tell all who will listen.

  • Speed limiting remains contentious trucking issue   2 days 15 hours ago    

    Future news.

    ...And with a stroke of the pen, ATA and the DOT put 100,000 truck drivers on new career paths today. They have decided "It just ain't worth it anymore"!

  • Speed limiting remains contentious trucking issue   4 days 4 hours ago    

    The ATA is full of it. Made up of huge trucking corporations which do not represent truckers. If tires are to blame make tire manufacturers produce tires capable of higher safe truck tires.

  • Surprising things you might not know about driver retention   5 days 4 hours ago    

    The job itself has started to lose its appeal. With the necessary employment demands mixed with increasing government regulations that are rediculous. The enjoyment factor is being stripped away.

  • Speed limiting remains contentious trucking issue   5 days 14 hours ago    

    I suggest that the study includes time behind the wheel on a busy highway full of truck traffic all set at 65 mph. After you get all bunched together after a truck cannot pull a hill the same as the rest, then let me know how safe it is with everybody getting impatient that all lanes are clogged up. I'm just saying that without the ability to move out of these situations, these moving roadblocks do happen. Gary

  • Speed limiting remains contentious trucking issue   5 days 16 hours ago    

    Anytime a person says it's a "common sense approach", it's really code for, "I can't justify this idea with a rational argument, so just take my word for it." I think Bill Graves is simply trying to garner political favors inside the beltway by kowtowing to the Obama administration that believes in hegemonic central government control over the private sector. Either that or Bill Graves is simply an ignorant bureaucrat-wannabe.

  • Suicide by Truck: When Nothing Else Makes Sense   1 week 1 day ago    

    And the FMCSA will consider this to be a crash and add it to your BASIC crash score.

  • Tracking summer fuel consumption trends   1 week 5 days ago    

    Last time I looked at a map, Mordor DC and Baltimore were both North of the Mason Dixon line.

  • Changes Ahead for Entry-Level Driver Training   2 weeks 11 hours ago    

    Humans who don't possess a high degree of what I call "affinity for machinery" have zero business attempting to operate a semi. Most especially those whose emotions override their judgement in a crisis. Those doing so are why we are constantly stopped for truck wrecks today. No amount of "training" can overcome ineptitude.

  • Kenworth establishes Paccar MX Engine Dealer Council   2 weeks 2 days ago    

    Really enjoy the PACCAR MX 13 in my T880 - hate the 4 after treatment sensor failures in less than 70k miles. If you want to enhance the experiance of ownership of the MX 13 then designate express repair lanes for check engine lights. Being told on all 4 check engine light / sensor failures that it would be 4-5 days before my truck would be worked on is a piss poor business model.

  • Fuel Efficiency and the Driver Shortage   2 weeks 3 days ago    

    In aspect to automatic transmissions . Currently I am driving one and hate the darn thing. Our company loses more experienced drivers due to them.

  • FedEx to buy TNT Express for $4.8 billion   2 weeks 3 days ago    

    Was not aware of this acquisition. Excellent awareness by Fleet Owner in bringing this info to their subscribers at this time.

  • Breaking the 10 MPG barrier   2 weeks 3 days ago    

    The writers didn't speak of fuel and or lubrication types. Synthetic lubricants? Premium diesel fuel? Proper filtration? Clean, dry fuel and a well lubricated, properly maintained engine can make significant strides to reaching the big 10. The unseen factors that most operators seem to forget about. Much needs to be taught and learned about the uses of quality fuels and lubes. It does make a difference.

  • Breaking the 10 MPG barrier   2 weeks 4 days ago    

    I'm sure if Mr Albert trucked the Mountain West, or sat for hours in Seattle or LA traffic his 9.9 would turn into jelly. Or how about sticking a bull wagon behind his power. Was his load late before he pulled away from the loading dock? So many variables before you turn the key on. Anybody can get good mileage IF they have a driver that wants to, is able to, take the time to get it. Not 10 though, we ain't there yet.

    As many beeps, boops and other boondogles they've stuck into these engines we should all be getting a steady fifteen mpg in any conditions. Instead we're pretty much stuck in 1980.

  • Mobile barcode scanning software unveiled   2 weeks 5 days ago    

    There are a lot of mobile barcode scanner at this time and mostly use to mobile payment as well. As you know, Apple, Samsung and many other companies have joined to this market and try to make their own mobile payment system.

  • No end in sight for worsening driver shortage   3 weeks 3 days ago    

    Yeh, they'll probably have to build dist centers in Az,Nv and OR as well. Nobody wants to go to Ca anymore. The laws, regulations and those that enforce them have become too onerous.

    Monday I made the decision not to get my med certificate renewed, which effectively ends my CDL. I have had it for 40yrs but I see no scenerio where I would get in a truck and drive x-country again. There is nothing wrong with my health...I could pass all the sleep and ergonomic testing ok. I just don't want to put up with the growing regs and costs associated with driving.

    I have a good friend in his 50s. They told him he would have to undergo a sleep study, at his own expense ($600), to keep his license. He told them to go pound sand. Today he's welding for a living...home every night. "why didn't I do this years ago?" he asks.

    How many times is that going to play out over the coming years? Until the freight stops moving altogether? Are they going to invent new regs to disqualify even more drivers in the near future? Of course they will. Like engineers, politicians and bureaucrats have to change something, anything just to justify their existence

    Driver pay is an important part of retention and new blood, but these corporate heads better make no is not THE MOST important.

  • Darling to stay on as FMCSA boss: What difference does it make? (Part 2)   3 weeks 3 days ago    

    The difference between a Reagan administration and an Obama administration is simply one of control. Obama sets the tone (federal hegemony) and his Secretaries dictate (literally) what the regulators will require of the regulatees (yes, I know that's not a word, I just made it up). Alternatively, one could (as Reagan did) appoint the best possible people to his cabinet and things went very smoothly. No utopian government has or will ever exist, but you need excellent people to provide excellent government (not petty dictators as the Obama regime believes).

  • Tackling near-term regulations, taxes, and tolling efforts   3 weeks 4 days ago    

    The Feds are already redirecting the HTF. Bike paths, travel museums. I'm sure that Moonbeam, out in Soviet California is getting his Federal money for the "Bullet Boondoggle" from the HTF.

  • The next step in smaller diesels   4 weeks 16 hours ago    

    I was thinking that this was a great idea, until I started experiencing downtime due to exhaust sensor failure in my trucks. My intentions of buying a pickup with a diesel is all but gone. I cannot afford to have my truck O/S because of a sensor.

  • The road to the self-driving truck   4 weeks 1 day ago    

    I would be afraid to drive along one of these trucks. I don't think they should be allowed on highways or very busy roads. There is no way they will ever be completely safe or reliable. miky

  • February 26, 2015: Homicide at trucking firm investigated; GM slashing car production to favor trucks; fears grow about self-driving trucks.   4 weeks 1 day ago    

    Truck and car both are using for transportation but different purpose. Truck is one of the best good career as car is for personal communication. Beside this we use car for human transportation. Truck is not suitable for human being. They designed as per their requirement and uses. Self-driving is the latest technology in our automobile sector and appreciable by customers for its benefits. It gives a relax and luxurious driving. We can use this in case of truck. Transmission control module is essential in case of both for safety.

  • The road to the self-driving truck   4 weeks 2 days ago    

    great post

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