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  • Navistar used noncompliant engines in 2010, EPA claims   15 hours 11 min ago    

    EPA doesn't receive penalty $-- it goes straight to the Treasury. In the U.S. justice system, generally, multi-faceted wrongdoing leads to multiple penalties. Probably better to teach the manufacturer a real lesson than to inconvenience all the owners with downtime to replace their trucks' engines, which will need replacement or rebuilding presently anyway.

  • The Blue Fleet: A Practical Guide to Natural Gas   2 days 4 hours ago    

    Natural gas is more environmental friendly rather than commercial gas being used in oil companies... to learn more... please do click this link....

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  • Breakdowns bother everybody   2 days 19 hours ago    

    A flat tire does not completely disable a vehicle. Motorists who get a flat should pull over but not at the expense of safety on a busy road. Continuing to drive on a " regular " flat tire will soon ruin it. However, immediately stopping when getting a flat in a lane of traffic or at the literal edge of a roadway can be very dangerous. Also remember that a service truck that you call to come assist you will need room to work. Pull as far off of the travel lanes as you safely can.

  • Analysts forecast Navistar's future   5 days 8 hours ago    

    These EPA regulations on engines are disasterous. They should be liable for the cost of their obserd rule making.

  • Safety groups oppose changes in CDL minimum age   5 days 20 hours ago    

    Perhaps a system that would allow a 19 year old who has one year of experience AND has no chargeable crashes would work better ? This would open up the driver pool yet it would screen out those who have had some at fault crashes. Handing the keys to a newly minted 18 year old CDL driver may not be the best choice.

  • Navistar used noncompliant engines in 2010, EPA claims   1 week 2 days ago    

    Navistar paid EPA 4K per engine for noncompliance. Now they're looking at 300 mil in fines for noncompliance. Looks like EPA is self funding again. None of the fines do anything to actually address the problem of the dirty engines. Are they going to RECALL these engines and replace with better or just keep collecting money from Navistar to look the other way? Typical Obamanomics, Argh!!!!!!!!!

  • Give Me More Power, Scotty   1 week 3 days ago    

    A single ammeter under the engine hood is no longer the right solution. We need to be able to monitor the input/output of all electrical energy on the vehicle including the batteries, the alternator/generator and any off board sources such as charging or block heaters.

  • Navistar used noncompliant engines in 2010, EPA claims   1 week 4 days ago    

    Poor navistar I hope they make it through this mess even though the maxforce engine was a flop. That should be punishment enough.

  • Putting techs at risk   1 week 5 days ago    

    I feel for the techs these days. Along with the tow truck drivers it is a different age where distracted drivers are the normal conditions. With the dumb idea of super singles it is A battle zone out there now.

  • Purity in DEF Delivery   1 week 5 days ago    

    Locking DEF caps are available for most brands and models of class 7-8 trucks. Controlling access to your DEF tank is an addition step you can take to keeping DEF pure.

  • Navistar used noncompliant engines in 2010, EPA claims   1 week 5 days ago    


  • Paying by the Mile Caused Fatigue, Crashes and Fatalities   1 week 5 days ago    

    I commend this company for doing the right thing. It should be a Federal Law.

  • The longer/heavier truck debate   2 weeks 17 hours ago    

    Of course the American public polled by CABT does not want longer trucks on the highway, if it were up to them THEY would be the only ones allowed on the highway. You need only take a trip on the highway in any size vehicle to witness the lack of consideration for others on the road regardless if you are in a Smart car or a LCV.

  • NTSB again calls for mandatory data recorders   2 weeks 19 hours ago    

    I had this same exact scenario happen to a driver working for us... No breaking just a slow gentle glide across the median and cut a trailer in half. Luckily no one was injured other than our driver. It was surmised he had a heart attack but couldn't be proven if the heart attack happened before or after the impact.

  • Give Me More Power, Scotty   2 weeks 1 day ago    

    The idea about going back to an ammeter is a very good idea. The industry still has to decide where to install the ammeter. If you measure at the alternator you could show 300 amps and yet you could be in trouble if your loads were 350 amps. If you placed it before the batteries it’s a very simple read if it is a positive number you are charging the batteries if it a negative number you are discharging the batteries. This would be very helpful to the driver, (+) is good and (-) is bad. Would be simpler than a voltmeter.

  • Consistently Inconsistent   2 weeks 1 day ago    

    Paul, I agree with you. Count me in if you do a webinar!

  • New tweaks for 2016 Silverado pickup truck   2 weeks 1 day ago    

    Still can't compete with the mileage of a Ram 1500 Ecodiesel. :)

  • Seeking the safety payoff from fatigue management   2 weeks 1 day ago    

    Being someone who is married to someone who snores after about the third night of little to no sleep you become a walking zombie and not real pleasant to be around. Education is the key not only how these different areas affect the person with the sleep concern but the whole family. You may feel you are well rested but what about your spouse and if they have to drive to work? Not good.

  • New bill mandates driver duty-time pay, doubles insurance minimum   2 weeks 2 days ago    

    These people have not got a clue. More regulations more technology. That's their answer to safety. Lets just go back to the old days when trucking was regulated be done with it.

  • Putting techs at risk   2 weeks 2 days ago    

    Kevin, you're dead on with the need to educate drivers, and I would have to add the tech also. You and I have seen times when the low man went out on the road-calls, when the shop was busy. Trial by fire. Technicians need the proper training and exposure through going along with a veteran tech, and learning. The need to have Police and local DOT contact information if the breakdown location is hazardous to themselves and drivers is a must. Service vehicle safety lighting, and site evaluation and preparation will provide a greater margin of safety for all.

  • Your July 13 Pre-Trip: Bill would drop truck driver age to 18   2 weeks 2 days ago    

    Putting a big rig in the hands of an inexperienced KID is crazy. All these company's need to not be such wimps and start charging more to move freight and pay older people/drivers a better wage and the shortage will go away.

  • Driving fuel savings   2 weeks 2 days ago    

    Can the type of lubricant used in transmissions and axles improve performance? Especially in terms of fuel savings? On-highway tests conducted by Roadranger, a marketing partnership between Eaton and Dana Corp., indicate that using synthetic lubricant in both components can translate into fuel economy gains of more than 1%.

  • ACT's Vieth on driver shortage: "The feds plan to make it worse"   2 weeks 4 days ago    

    The people for the 34 hour restart after a two night off have most likely never driven for a living.

  • Consistently Inconsistent   2 weeks 5 days ago    

    Sign me up for that webinar, Paul--- a fascinating topic.

  • ACT's Vieth on driver shortage: "The feds plan to make it worse"   2 weeks 6 days ago    

    This has been the case for years . And that bunch of idiots at the ATA is driving their own drivers out supporting most of the crap from Washington.

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