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  • DHL, Ford show off 'early build' larger electric van based on Transit   16 min 21 sec ago    

    Is there a payload penalty for an electric powertrain over a traditional IC engine? I just produced a vehicle study on suspension & wheel-ends, and (IC engine) work vans did not use lightweight options. I wonder if the EV work van will utilize the same components, or if there will be an emphasis to reduce mass elsewhere? More on market study at

  • 2014 FleetOwner 500 breakdown   44 min 17 sec ago    

    Thank you for aggregating this data!

  • Can you teach a driverless truck to use a paper log?   3 days 19 min ago    

    Thank you for the above comment. I have made a small tweak in the phrasing of the last paragraph for clarification purposes.

  • Can you teach a driverless truck to use a paper log?   3 days 1 hour ago    

    OOIDA opposes an ELD mandate, not ELDs. There are more than enough of them in the field already to gather that data (full disclosure: I blog for OOIDA's Land Line). Meanwhile, this interesting story has the best headline of the year so far.

  • Pay up!   3 days 13 hours ago    

    Nice blog. Found this while searching through

  • The Fleet Owner 500   3 days 20 hours ago    

    Where is the actual list of the top 500 trucking companies, which I would like to print? This article gives no link to an actual list.

  • Tires: Avoiding failures   4 days 15 hours ago    

    I agree there are many solutions that can help you make tire audits and inspections more friendly and fast. Check out the eTag technology solution we developed and have implemented in various fleets If you want more information you can contact me at We want Effective and Happy Tire Audits to all!

  • The toughest question facing self-driving vehicles   4 days 18 hours ago    

    Great article.

  • Trucker Path app surpasses 1.5 million installs   5 days 3 min ago    

    Trucker Path gained some cash, Convoy gained too. Doft and Uber Freight have also launched their uber for trucks apps. So the competition will be hard

  • Doing the math on the ELD mandate   5 days 1 hour ago    

    Buy a glider kit with a pre 2000 motor. Problem solved.

  • ATRI: Tool investigates potential to identify safe, younger drivers   5 days 17 hours ago    

    Thank you for running this story and for referencing Roehl Transport & Greg Koepel. Would you please link to our website in the story so your readers can easily find us? Our site is Roehl.Jobs.

    Thank you in advance!

    Lucas Heart
    Marketing & Communications Manager

  • Driver pay, trucking’s image, and the worsening driver shortage   5 days 22 hours ago    

    This is a problem that has been around since at least the eighties. Driver shortage has grown worse not only for the reasons mentioned in the article but also include the cheap labor mentality of many large carriers who seem to believe that first, anyone can drive a truck, and second, we don`t need experienced drivers, we are self insured. What we need are steering wheel holders who do not mind sitting in a truck with a camera facing them for 24 hours a day that is equipped with all the latest technology, roll over prevention, radar for following, forward and inward facing cameras etc.etc.... Ever wonder why there are so many accidents involving large trucks with most being attributed to inexperience? The answer to the first point is simply the fact that driving is not necessarily a career as much as it is a life style, something large companies have failed to realize, If it`s not in you your not going to do it day in and day out. Second the rapid loss of drivers with much experience is another miscalculation of human nature. How many drivers with twenty or thirty years of safe driving are going to put up with cameras facing them or electronic logs that limit your income, or speed limiters which are all regulations sought by large carriers to ultimately level the playing field while cutting rates to drive the smaller fleets out of business. Bottom line is, you get what you pay for. Now if only we could come up with a self driving truck, say like platooning oh wait, we have those already I believe they are called railroads, not very efficient but on the same level with the intent to remove trucks from the road and eliminate the driver shortage which will without a doubt get a lot worse than it is now.

  • The pace of technological change is accelerating in trucking   6 days 2 min ago    

    Let me put it this way: phoooooooeeeeee

  • DAT: Spot truckload freight market settles in after holiday rush   6 days 2 hours ago    

    A new load board with 100K+ unique loads is launched. Visit

  • Pennsylvania, Delaware plan test of vehicle miles traveled tax   6 days 4 hours ago    

    but amazingly the tax money confiscated from us (yes that is the correct wording) will be applied to the state employees under funded retirement plan, and never go towards roads... and the retirement funds will still be underfunded. the insatiable appetite for taking our hard earned dollars never ends. don't fall for this latest scam.

  • Green Fleet of the Month: Fueling sustainability   6 days 14 hours ago    

    Check out Power Up's Diesel FX additive for any diesel fuel related issues you might be having. Perfect for biodiesel blends. For other ways to make your fleet more green while also reducing maintenance costs and downtime while increasing equipment life check out KleenOil bypass filtration. Filters down to 3 microns and removes 99.95% of all water. No moving parts and easy to install and maintain and includes a built in oil sample port to incorporate oil analysis.

  • Driver pay, trucking’s image, and the worsening driver shortage   6 days 17 hours ago    

    I know of no other industry that demands hours of work with no pay. ELDs are not going to add anything to the income and satisfaction mix - but will exacerbate this because of curbing hours and reducing our ability to make a decent living. The US Dept of Labor needs have a seat at the table. If the rate per mile was calculated for driving for one hour, that is the rate we get paid for sitting and loading/unloading, then the per mile pay kicks in. Think this is a dream???? Nay, Nay!! Gateway Foods in La Crosse, WI paid us this way in 1990, for crying out loud. At the point when we get paid for all 14 hours of loading and driving, will this "shortage" have run its course.

  • How mobile technology is making waves in trucking   6 days 17 hours ago    

    The mobile evolution adapted quickly by trucker insdustry. Mobile technology has played a huge role in the driver's experience. Driver utility apps makes road easy for drivers with clear delivery instructions like, documentation, receive payments, communication, point of interest , on-site fuel delivey services like and most importantly to find loads with a press of a button to eliminate empty return miles. How Drivers Use Their Smartphones?
    Eighty-seven percent of drivers say they used their smartphones every single day for work and, on average, they spend 37 percent of their workday using a smartphone. Here are drivers’ top three uses for smartphones: Making calls — 70 percent, Navigation — 55 percent, Texting or chatting and 51 percent,.Half of drivers surveyed say they always communicate with dispatch using their smartphones, indicating just how important a tool smartphones are for mobile fleet management.

  • Driver pay, trucking’s image, and the worsening driver shortage   6 days 20 hours ago    

    The key to recruiting and retaining drivers is becoming the kind of company people WANT to work for.
    Treating drivers as employees not some commodity that can be easily replaced.
    As the article states, listening to drivers and their wants and needs.
    Certainly pay and benefits are important, but respect and support are just as important.
    Having a career path that recognizes seniority and performance and gives the driver the opportunity to grow within the profession.
    Speaking of which, treating drivers like the professionals that they are.

    We always hear that drivers are our most important asset - treat them like you believe it.

  • Green Fleet of the Month: Fueling sustainability   6 days 21 hours ago    

    If they can use #B20 near International Falls, MN, they can probably use it anywhere in the U.S. Kudos to VOYA for their success!!

    #biodiesel #altfuels #community

  • Driver pay, trucking’s image, and the worsening driver shortage   6 days 22 hours ago    

    There is no driver shortage.There is an over abundance of trucks, and a shortage of freight.
    The companies that cry driver hortage are the same companies who promise new drivers the moon in orientation then as soon as the driver hits the road he discovers the " emperor has no clothes:"Some drivers jump from job to job looking for greener pastures. Some will find a good fit ,others will leave the industry altogether.
    The average age of truckers is 52.These are the last of a breed that wanted to be truckers and remember when trucking was a well respected career with good pay,benefits and home time.
    Most people entering the workforce today are looking for a " position"that should be handed to them. They do not want a job where you work 70 hrs a week ,live in the truck for 7 days or longer at a stretch.They want to leave home on Monday morning,be back home early Friday and bring home in excess of $1000 wk + benefits.
    Too many companies believe drivers are a dime a dozen.If you can correctly identify a comany truck 2 out of 3 times..Congratulations you are hired. Then when the trucks are wrecked,failed inspections, and CSA scores cause the company insurance rates to rise,the company starts to tighten up their hiring to entice more experienced drivers.Sign on bonuses, performance bonuses, longevity bonuses
    safety bonuses.are the order of the day..
    Do you wish to keep drivers? Dont talk to them and go on about business as usual

  • Trucking still projected to benefit from wider Panama Canal   1 week 1 day ago    

    Yeah all that sounds fine and dandy but what about the rates to the owner operators? We're the ones catching all the hell pulling these damn things! Everybody's making money but us! We need total transparency with the numbers. Yeah i know its 3rd party freight but with nobody to keep these companies and agents honest, were gonna keep getting the short end of the stick! They say, "We pay 70%". Yeah but 70% of what? I made a driver mad when i showed him my 72% rate to the truck to his 74%. He was mad as hell! And dont get me started on all this chassis split crap! Recapped inner tubed tires and swinging boxes of of chassis (CSX) for free. The intermodal industry is gonna need to be regulated in a way that lets us (drivers) see all the original numbers from the shippers and all the deductions so we can get the money we're supposed to get, bottom line! Because if it keeps up like it is, itermodal is gonna need a whole lotta drivers to move all these cans albeit rail, ports or Cy's. I'm getting my truck set up for flatbed because i cant afford to keep beating my truck up for this chump change!

  • Tires: Avoiding failures   1 week 1 day ago    

    Great article but it missed out offering a readily available solution, 2nd generation TPMS. this technology provides 24/7 visibility to management of a fleet's tire assets regardless of location. TPMS 2.0 is a proactive management tool which supplies daily actionable work orders to maintenance staff resulting in the virtual elimination of roadside tire failure. the system also catalogues tires which enables better inventory management, tracking of tire wear and maximizing tire life by addressing all of the excellent advice noted above. for example, how can one match tires across an axle if one does't know how many are in inventory or at which terminal? the solution is out there, operators need to be informed to make informed choices.

  • Preventing irregular treadwear   1 week 1 day ago    

    As proper tire inflation is the agreed foundation of tire management, I am wondering why 2nd generation TPMS is not mentioned as an available and effective technology to address the issue? TPMS 2.0 provides 24/7 visibility to management of a fleet's tire assets. as such it is a proactive maintenance tool which provides daily actionable work orders to prevent problems. it is far more effective that automatic tire inflation systems which simply mask an issue like a leaking tire by taxing another system as a band aid to a fixable problem.

  • Real-time routing   1 week 3 days ago    

    The just navigation app even with the ability to calculate HOS is not the type of app trucking needs. Imo we need the app, that combines navigation, HOS calculating, broker functions like doft or uber freight

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