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  • Truck Driving Would be a Great Job if You Got Paid   10 min 32 sec ago    

    This article is spot on but that's been the issue for how many years now? There was a day when the driver was a true professional and dressed the part. Now they're all treated like bottom feeders and companies hire anyone who can spell CDL. The issue isn't a shortage of drivers, it's an over abundance of freight companies, mainly the scabs who are government subsidized, what do they care how low the rate is, government makes up the difference. I don't see this industry improving at all.

  • Truck platooning should boost fuel economy, project finds   4 hours 32 min ago    

    From this side of the 49th, we often look with amazement at the things the US does that defy logic - and that we have dealt with for years. This is another.

    Why would anyone want to tie up two tractors, two drivers and lose the HUGE benefits of having the second trailer very close to the first? (aerodynamically, that is extremely important). On major routes in much of Canada we simply use LCVs that allow up to two 53' dry vans to be carried by one tractor on either A or B train configuration (sometimes Chicago hitches, technically C trains I guess).

    What truly puzzles me is why we don't use Australian style road trains on some routes (we DO have full size tripples for some roads here in SK). Yes, I do understand bridge laws, and agree it would limit some routes, but we seem to manage to find structural tolerances even here with the limited infrastructure of a very large country with a very small population base to support it.

  • Is music next on the driver distraction hit list?   8 hours 52 min ago    

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  • Truck Driving Would be a Great Job if You Got Paid   1 day 3 hours ago    

    I totally agree with this article 100%. Right on point. But is anyone paying attention? Pun intended...

  • The road to the self-driving truck   1 day 10 hours ago    

    wow..This can be a big change in Driving technology. However, I don't support this...just because if something goes wrong, truck will cause very serious accidents.

  • GM reveals redesigned GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverdo pickup trucks   1 day 10 hours ago    

    GM is the most promising and popular motor company of USA. It is the best performer in the automotive industry over the years. after many troubles in recent years, I still believe in using their products.

  • Truck Driving Would be a Great Job if You Got Paid   1 day 14 hours ago    

    No different "down under" nor for any driving industry. Ours is buses. It is always the guy/gal at the bottom of the pecking order that bears the brunt of the bosses decisions to cut costs. That pressure gets into other areas as well. The mechanic/technician gets pressured to get the vehicle out of the shop, work all sorts of ours, with no additional compensation per work hour (no overtime). Decisions are made for expediency not good practice.

  • Making good decisions about alternative power: a free webinar   3 days 9 hours ago    

    Having this webinar is a really positive initiative that provides a platform for all enthusiasts to obtain reliable information from. People from various industries can also exchange opinions and knowledge during this event regarding energy storage, processes and many more.

  • Congestion cost trucking $23 billion in 2010   3 days 10 hours ago    

    I think due to this wastage of fuel costs would definitely get the various companies brainstorming for new business strategies to tackle the issue. It would be rather contradicting that they are trying to save up on warehouse storage, but end up paying for fuel wastage costs due to congestion problems instead.

  • Heroes are his co-pilots   6 days 14 hours ago    


  • Gratuitous Letterman post: Dave’s trucks   6 days 22 hours ago    

    Thanks, Kevin. Funny, wonderful post.

  • House patches highway funding with summer extension   1 week 1 hour ago    

    Why do we not hear ANY of the politicians or the self-promoting president & CEO of the ATA questioning WHY the HTF is empty?

    Why is it these politicians and business cronies won’t tackle the issue of what is draining money from the HTF?

    Why is it these clowns ALWAYS go the higher taxes route?

  • House patches highway funding with summer extension   1 week 2 hours ago    

    Here’s an idea: How about those politicians that are SOOOOOO concerned over the funding of the transportation bill, get off their duffs and DO SOMETHING to stop the monies in the HTF from be STOLEN and used elsewhere? This would go a looooong way to putting the kibosh on any attempt to raise the fuel taxes we pay on every gallon.

  • Maintenance Horror Stories: All You Need Is A Flashlight   1 week 21 hours ago    

    Preventative maintenance is always a good idea. Part of such a plan could ( and should) include a checkup by someone who is well versed in the 49 CFR Regulations and the Out of Service Criteria.

    Mechanics are great at fixing things but many are not current with the specific regulations , especially the OOS criteria that DOT trained officers are looking for. Every shop should have a copy of 49 CFR but more importantly a copy of the newest North American Standard Out of Service Criteria.

    This OOS book is THE guide that the officers use when they are looking to determine if a driver or a vehicle meets the requirements to be shut down. By mechanics becoming at least somewhat familiar with the standards, they can better do preventative maintenance and also possibly DataQ violations that they feel are not OOS.

    The OOS book comes out every April and can be purchased through JJ Keller or

    A good resource to have is to connect with a former roadside DOT Enforcement Officer who has done MANY inspections in his career and continues to do them as a post-retirement job.

    This is what I do. I travel mainly along the East Coast but have traveled farther with my coveralls and a creeper doing the exact same Level One inspections I used to do as an Officer but no longer do I place trucks or drivers OOS. I find the violations and give them to the companies to take care of so they can improve their CSA scores.

  • Maintenance Horror Stories: All You Need Is A Flashlight   1 week 1 day ago    

    This was also a failure on the part of the drivers as a proper daily vehicle inspection would have caught these problems. This gives us a check and balance system so fewer items are missed. Besides, it is the law!

  • Natural gas and climate change: problems in alternative power paradise?   1 week 1 day ago    

    So CO2 has been de-throned by methane as the most evil of all greenhouse gases? Actually, water vapor ("clouds", for those in Rio Linda) is the number one all-time champion greenhouse gas, but we can't regulate clouds, now, can we? And if the increase in global temperature is scheduled to be 1.8 degrees F., in the next 100 years, why are we even having this discussion?

  • Alternative fuels: Finding the sweet spot   1 week 2 days ago    

    Here is an infographic we recently created here at Total Motion - I hope you like it

  • The road to the self-driving truck   1 week 2 days ago    

    The attention of the driver is critical for observation and control hand-back.

    " "How does the system detect that the driver is there and conscious?” Almqvist says. "

    This is now solved following Seeing Machines Fleet launch in April. Cameras view and analyse the wakefulness of drivers for fatigue management purposes.

  • Five Things Your Drivers Don't Know About Roadside Inspections   1 week 2 days ago    

    This is great advice for a driver wanting to avoid problems during an inspection. A clean vehicle and a clear head will go a long way toward having a positve experience with an enforcement officer. I've been an CMV enforcement officer for 33 years and we try to help those driver that demonstrate they attempting to comply. Keep your attitude in check. We will treat you with courtesy and respect but we expect the same from you.

  • Caterpillar unveils new CT680 model   1 week 4 days ago    

    Nice trucks in both design and appearance. Too bad they're made in Mexico instead of the U.S.A.

  • New Samsung tablet comes preloaded with compliance applications   1 week 6 days ago    

    We are using EverTrack app from to manage our fleet with mobile phones. The system works fine, we can solve many problems with tracking the mobiles.

  • Data-driven decisions   2 weeks 21 hours ago    

    Great article on how a growing fleet is using technology to create an added differentiated advantage, in addition to helping facilitate growth.

  • Why one state thinks fuel taxes are outdated   2 weeks 1 day ago    

    Maybe if they quit misappropriating money on Capitol Hill, I.e., private jets, huge salary increases etc., there would be some more money available for things like this... But to squeeze a truck driver for even more than they already do while they continue to stuff their pockets is ridiculous...

  • Sleeper-berth occupants at risk   2 weeks 2 days ago    

    Sleeper-berth occupants at risk

  • American Trucking Trends: 7 slides of interest   2 weeks 2 days ago    

    What exactly is Slide 2 Stating?..."Distribution of
    U.S. For Hire Carriers"....

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