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  • Autonomous 101   4 weeks 2 days ago    

    I'm a 30 year old LTL driver with 8 years of experience. I must admit that seeing this technology coming makes me want to go back to school and find a new career. I enjoy what I do, but I don't want to be obsolete in my forties or fifties. I'm glad I have time to consider my options.

  • Court upholds dismissal of driver for refusing carrier-requested sleep study   4 weeks 2 days ago    

    " Parker signed the agreement after he had been working for Crete for several years."

    Like many other new regs, John or Jill are given the option to sign this new rule or yer fired. Many people are unable to sleep with a lot of garbage hooked up to them. Many people can't sleep on what amounts to an Army cot.

    As I write this I'm reading an article below....

    "Driver shortage remains bleak "

    Gee, I wonder why?

  • Q&A: Reckoning with roadside repairs   4 weeks 3 days ago    

    All of this is good AFTER the fact. What do you do BEFORE these things happen ? Of course a GOOD pre and post trip is helpful but also having a third party source come in and " pre-inspect" your fleet on an occasional basis will let you know how good of a job your drivers and mechanics are at doing their inspections / PM's.

    As a former DOT roadside inspector, this is what I do. I can do a full inspection on trucks and trailers on an occasional basis to do a " safety checkup" of your fleet as well as show drivers / mechanics what to look for from the roadside inspector's point of view.

    Andy Blair

  • Court upholds dismissal of driver for refusing carrier-requested sleep study   4 weeks 3 days ago    

    I have Sleep Apnea, and it's not due to BMI Issue. It was discovered
    when I was having out Patient surgery.I am also an X Driver, so this hit's home on many level's for me.This Industry is a Tough Life Style.Carrier's are protecting themselves, up to a Point, in treating a Possible Sleep issue, while the Scheduling, HOS, play, in my opinion, a much larger role in the lack of Productive sleep..

  • Astrata Group integrates with Paragon Software   4 weeks 4 days ago    

    Good one!

  • Court gives ELD rule the green light   5 weeks 2 days ago    

    Ooida member and elog runner, suck it up boys it's not that bad, are you afraid you will have to start playing by the rules? You probably should have been all along, I love my elogs and wouldn't go back to the book, it just takes a little pre-planning on the drivers part

  • USDOT: Volvo recall achieves 100 percent completion   5 weeks 2 days ago    

    I see no reason to applaud Volvo. Under threat of U.S. law, they had an obligation to correct this extremely dangerous situation.

    Had Volvo used quality American-made Dana steering shafts rather than cheap, imported units from Willi Elbe, this hazardous situation would not have occurred.

    The moral of the story is, if you want to profit in the United States, source in our great country as well.

  • OOIDA continues pushback against speed limiters   6 weeks 1 day ago    

    "encouraging truckers to contact their representatives in Washington."

    Lotta good that'll do. The only people that listen in Washington are the people at the NSA!

  • Self-driving Otto truck hauls beer by itself   6 weeks 1 day ago    

    Otto ain't never drove in Detroit....on a Friday afternoon. And the lawsuit trolls in Los Angeles are just salivating, waiting for these to hit the roads out there.

  • EPA, NHTSA publish Phase 2 fuel efficiency rule   6 weeks 2 days ago    

    I must say that this rule as its states, stands to put many of the smaller tech companies that supply products to the trucking industry out of business. I also find it substantially untrue saying that if a technology works and saves the customer money, benefits the environment, the industry will buy it. I can speak first hand that that statement is not even remotely true. If it was, the industry would not have dragged there feet for so long that the politicians had to ram a program down the throats of the industry, and subsequently, the consumers. I have seen first hand, a product that directly involves the drivers and the maintenance personal in controlling tire wear, fuel costs, and tire servicing be turned away at the meeting table, refuting the hard numerical evidence that the expected ROI and cost of a full company wide implementation of our product would be less then 1 year, much less in this case. TiroGage is hands down the best tire pressure system available...period. The proof is squarely in the pudding and we back it up 100% with the best warranty in the industry...and still we have to claw and scrape to get any notable market share. Electronics are not the answer here. Active direct tire pressure inspection and tire wear inspection is the key to lowering three of the major costs with any stage or size trucking company. TiroGage can prove it! The thought of overlooking the myriad of companies out there that exist to HELP the trucking industry be the best industry it can be, is completely shortsighted. This rule is nothing short of an industry shakedown of the smaller sized companies that are able to exist by keeping their older fleet vehicles running, and not having to invest in the capital expense of a new truck and or trailer. If these companies are not able to exist because of some heavy handed rule, with a short compliance window, the driver and haulage numbers will continue to be adversely affected. The majority of those in the trucking industry are refuting the need for adjustments in environmental conditions. I think a better way to start, would have been enforcing the current and existing rules and being made aware of accountability to the industry. ELDs and low sulfur and exhaust scrubbers will not have a large enough effect on the environment. Start where the rubber meets the road.

  • Are truck driver-facing cameras a necessity?   6 weeks 3 days ago    

    The industry has no one but itself to blame for the shortage. Low pay, poor home time and mis treatment by big fleets lead to many competent people quiting the industry before the even really get started. The industry created this problem themselves.

  • Tweet confirms Mercedes-Benz mid-sized Vito van coming to US   6 weeks 5 days ago    

    Mercedes-Benz is a self driving car. It is environment friendly, timeless and efficient. It includes highly efficient petrol engines, reversing camera, attractive model range and LED intelligent light system. By reading your blog i have some idea about this car . I got impressed by its features and purchased Mercedes Benz. For more information visit this site

  • FMCSA: Utah trucker an ‘imminent hazard’ to public safety   6 weeks 6 days ago    

    So many drivers have this attitude and think they can get away with it. I think the drug & alcohol clearinghouse will go a long way in preventing this sort of thought & behavior.

    My question walking away from this is: What about the penalty to the motor carrier for allowing the driver behind the wheel of the truck after the results came back positive? It's probably safe to assume that the company might have allowed him to drive before they even received the results? Maybe this was something the company did often. If so, how many other violations of the D&A regulations are they facing?

  • A 'new jeep' gets ready to roll   6 weeks 6 days ago    

    Sean, superb article as always.

    As important as the Jeep (MB,M38, M38A1) and Humvee were for the U.S. Army, I think any Vietnam veteran would agree that Ford’s M151 “Mutt” was truly of equal importance and worthy of mention here as well.

  • Capacity adds MaxxForce 7 to terminal tractors   7 weeks 28 min ago    

    I know that this is a VERY old article now but, it's funny to read "breaking news" about these garbage engines being described as "...the most powerful, durable and environmentally friendly engines available in the market."
    Maxxforce engines, in general, are a bottomless money pit for for fleet owners as well as owner operators but, as problematic as the MF-DT is, the worst of the worst is the MF-7 ( with the MF-11/13 running a close second ). As a highly trained and experienced International dealer service technician, I can attest that these engines LIVE in the service bays and log more miles on the back of a tow truck than operating under their own power.
    I'd like to hear what Capacity of Texas' opinion of these trucks are today.

  • Navistar SuperTruck, the CatalIST, hits 13 mpg   7 weeks 2 days ago    

    As a seasoned International dealership technician, I get ill every time that Navistar comes out with a "new and improved" anything because, as history illustrates, the International Maxxforce engines -- ALL of them -- are a miserable failure and maintenance nightmares for trained service technicians, much less fleet technicians or Owner Operators. At the very top of the steaming heap is the infamous Maxxforce-7 and 11/13 liter where everything installed on the engine seems to have been conceived as an afterthought.
    The return of Cummins engines ( ISB6.7 MD and ISX15 HD ) in new International trucks, in MY opinion, is Navistar's Saving Grace because, no company or owner that I am aware of -- after being plagued with poorly engineered, poor quality components, incessant break downs, towing charges, lost revenue, etc. -- says: "I can't wait to buy another one of these Maxxforce engines !"
    Granted, ALL engine manufacturers have issues with their products -- Paccar, Mercedes, Volvo/Mack, Cummins and they all break down but, what I see on the dealership service level is appalling ! Now, with this completely redesigned "Wonder Truck", I again feel ill foreseeing the multitude of failures of unproven technologies and more cheap, plastic, poor fitting parts that look like garbage after having to be removed and reinstalled hundreds of times to troubleshoot and repair the multitude of new problems that are no doubt looming.
    Want a reliable International truck ? No matter what the sales person tells you about the "new and improved" Maxxforce engines -- BUY CUMMINS AND THANK ME LATER !

  • CBS report goes after older truckers   7 weeks 2 days ago    

    So why did the school sign up 2 ladies in there 80', money, money.

  • Diesel technicians: Is the shortage real?   7 weeks 3 days ago    

    a decent tech has to invest 40-70k in tools on top of paying off his student loans, a mortgage and all the other normal bills that go with raising a family(and in my case a vet with 10 years in the military). if you think that paying them 12-16 bucks flat rate with awful benefits and no opportunity to move up into management(because every management position is filled from outside the company by a vacuum cleaner salesman or the like) and constantly ride them about productivity based on warranty times is treating them well, then you are delusional. everything is about the money not some monthly pizza. yes we appreciate the gesture but if you really want to retain your techs then start with the money and some opportunity to grow not the pizza.

  • Small business is confident; will that benefit trucking?   7 weeks 5 days ago    

    Transport companies also use trucking methods for shipping the vehicles like bikes or care if the conditions are suitable. Firms like provides many shipping options like open or enclosed transport and services suitable to the client.

  • The Big Dipper: A drop in transportation operating costs that will last a decade   7 weeks 6 days ago    

    Another burdensome mandate by the federal government: "Don't argue; this really will be good for you. Trust us." Sounds an awful lot like 'If you like your doctor, you can keep him' and 'This is going to reduce your premiums by $2500 per year.'"

  • Carriers educating shippers on CSA safety reg   7 weeks 6 days ago    

    Great article. Drivers need to be given protection in this area from the " hurry up and wait " shippers.

  • Prestolite introduces starter for MX-11, MX-13 engines   8 weeks 22 hours ago    

    FYI: All should be aware that Pretolite Electric was acquired by the Chinese in 2015, to be specific Zhongshan Broad-Ocean Motor Co., Ltd (Zhongshan Dayang Dianji Gufen Youxian Gongsi / 中山大洋电机股份有限公司).

  • Diesel technicians: Is the shortage real?   8 weeks 1 day ago    

    I'm guessing that the shortage is not real if you have six techs in a six bay shop. I'm betting that if you only have three techs in that six bay shop and two more give their two weeks notice it's for darn sure real.

    “Most technicians leave for reasons other than pay; they just tell you that so you won’t bother them anymore.”

    That is a for doggone real fact. No longer being a part of management the techs talk to me, drivers too, they say things they wouldn't say to a manager. It's a quality of life thing. They are not going to work 10/12 hours on 2nd shift and go home and sleep all day, while their family goes on without them.

    Nobody gives a tool allowance anymore. Do these high mucky-mucks in the upstairs office realize what kind of investment these kids are going to have to put out to be a tech? Tell them to ask that baby-boomer with $40k in his rollaway toolbox. His toolbox, empty, probably costs as much as their car. I remember the days...years of bologna and cheese sandwiches and beans for supper cuz I had to have this tool or that.

    You say you pay yer techs good? $40-$50k? It ain't enough by half!

  • Diesel technicians: Is the shortage real?   8 weeks 1 day ago    

    This does not only apply to the diesel techs. You will find that the needs are the same across most fields with this new generation.

  • Underreported: Drivers not seeking help for mental health issues   8 weeks 1 day ago    

    I was reading this news features/lets-talk-mental-health/ related to this matter, not only drivers and but also their family members are suffering due to this issues.

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