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  • Does the autonomy debate further devalue the truck driver?   2 weeks 6 days ago    

    The job losses is not the biggest problem of autonomous vehicles in freight transportation. When these autonomous trucks appear they will be expensive in maintenance. And they can just lower the truck drivers shortage. OK, there are some obvious advantages like the HOS. The driver less truck can drive 24 hours in a row and that's really good for all the cross-country trips. But still the industry has some more problems to solve. The effectiveness of the transportation should increase. 1st of all by reducing the dead-head miles. It can lead to saving of about 25% of expenses. And here come the automation solutions like Uber freight or Doft. These apps can reduce deadhead miles offering the backhauls as close to the truck location as possible. They can reduce the time of getting the load and doing all the paperwork. And the autonomous trucks look like the logical addition to such kind of apps.

  • Navistar: Legacy EGR issues coming to an end   3 weeks 11 hours ago    

    So many missing words. These cannot be accurate quotes. You need a copy editor.

  • Northeast Great Dane names new president   3 weeks 13 hours ago    

    beautiful article... congrats John and wish you the best in your new position.

  • Industry slow to adopt Uber-for-freight model   3 weeks 14 hours ago    

    Well the Uber can do 1 great thing for all it's competitors. The recognition and acceptance of "uber for trucks" model will grow among the shippers and carriers too. It will be like in taxi business - everybody hate uber, but everybody drive for it. So the competitors like Doft or Coyote will get their piece of pie too.

  • Tire safety matters every day   3 weeks 14 hours ago    

    Any tire which has less than 50% of its normal inflation rate is considered a flat tire and will place a truck / trailer OOS at a roadside inspection. Commercial tires look fully inflated if all you do is LOOK at them. Make sure you kick or thump them during your vehicle inspections.

    Andy Blair

  • Industry slow to adopt Uber-for-freight model   3 weeks 1 day ago    

    Without a doubt that the make up of owners, managers and drivers are outdated when it come to technology. it will be a very hard change to go electronic when they have being do their jobs like its still 1970. The course to take is get to the middle managers of a company who are inspired by technology.

  • KeepTruckin to host webinar on ELD mandate   3 weeks 1 day ago    

    This isn't news - other companies have been running webinars on the mandate every month for the past year. Way to go.

  • Driverless trucks to automate ‘millions’ of jobs?   3 weeks 2 days ago    

    45mph 24 hours a day minus fuel stops. You can't legally drive 1000miles a day.
    Melted ice cream? ever hear of reefer's?
    Not sure what your rant it's about but it's not well informed or thought out.

  • Report: Driverless trucks will eliminate millions of jobs   3 weeks 3 days ago    

    I'm probably wrong but this seems like a highly inflated estimate.
    I don't see this tech progressing at that kind of pace.
    Is the tech here now? Yep
    Is the cost attractive? Maybe if the next two questions are answered.
    Are the safety issues 100% resolved? Nope.
    Is the system 100% reliable? Nope
    What are insurance companies going to say?
    When a driverless truck crashes who is going to be at fault? the carrier or the manufacturer?

  • ELD mandate: A business burden or technology upgrade?   3 weeks 5 days ago    

    Any article advising of the upcoming mandate that does not also include the ELD exceptions is incomplete.

    1999 and older trucks. Driveaway towaway when the article driven is the commodity , those currently exempt under the 100/150 air mile radius, those who are HOS exempt ( utility service providers) and those who do run a log but don't so more than 8 out of a rolling 30 day time period. If a company falls into any one of these exemptions, they are NOT obligated to buy ELD's.

    Andy Blair

  • Walmart using associates to make home deliveries   3 weeks 5 days ago    

    Please tell me this is a HOAX! I do delivery for a living, and now WalMart intends to open the door for EVERY company to compete with ME, by using their OWN employees for FREE delivery - "on the way home"? Why should MY company have employees in the first place? Why not "outsource" to companies we intend to deliver to? "Hey, you got anybody who can come by on the way home to pickup a delivery? THANKS!!

  • Report: Driverless trucks will eliminate millions of jobs   4 weeks 12 hours ago    

    Driverless trucks is what technology can produce. We can more readily have railroad locomotives without engineers and conductors and airplanes carrying hundreds of people, without pilots. I do not see driverless trucks becoming a norm or even adopted for safety reasons and the job loss issues. I and others will campaign with our legislators to prohibit them from being on our roads.

  • Report: Driverless trucks will eliminate millions of jobs   4 weeks 13 hours ago    

    This report was half-way intriguing, right up to the time the groups made their four recommendations. Bureaucrats are recommending to have more government involvement! This industry, as well as this country, needs less government involvement, not more!

  • Report: Driverless trucks will eliminate millions of jobs   4 weeks 13 hours ago    

    Great news!!!! Now we can take 4 million bad drivers off the road!!!!!

  • Wabco to introduce collision mitigation system with long-range radar   4 weeks 13 hours ago    

    Nice Try! Bendix had it first and will always be the best

  • New system designed to stop texting while driving   4 weeks 15 hours ago    

    It is really much exciting to find a viewpoint on correspondence from the manager. They are providing best article to the real life with best content evaluation content and content. That all made for having great opinions and ideas for customers.

  • UPS to appeal $247 million verdict in NY cigarette case   4 weeks 1 day ago    

    I would think it would be the shippers responsibility to have the taxes paid and the tax stamp applied to the cigarettes not the carrier.

  • Uber Freight launches load-matching platform   4 weeks 5 days ago    

    Uber came to freight transportation. But Will it disrupt the industry? Seems to me that no way it will. Uber can make the freight transportation much more effective going away from "paper and pencil" to the IT solution, but we can not speak about disruption. The freight transportation market is now very fragmented. Talking about the brokers - there are some major companies, but even them do not take even 5% of a market.

    So in the IT solutions for transportation market the situation is the same. The start-ups like doft, convoy, trucker path have already launched their uber-like apps. So it seems that the uber-for-trucks market will be as fragmented as the broker market is.

  • State trooper confidential: What to know about roadside inspections   4 weeks 6 days ago    

    Great article but Logbooks/ ELD's are not required for every driver. 1999 and older trucks, Short Haul drivers staying within 100/150 Air miles and Driveaway Towaways are all examples of exemptions from having to go to ELD's. These drivers can still run paper logs if they choose.

    Medical Cards, as of Jan 2015, CDL drivers are no longer required to carry their paper medical cards. It is part of your license that the officer can see if he runs your information and CDL drivers simply are not required to carry it. Non-CDL but Commercial drivers DO need to carry them though.

    Andy Blair
    Police /DOT Officer 1986-2011.

  • Truck-tech pioneer joins startup Doft   4 weeks 6 days ago    

    Great news, guys! With David's experience the road is narrow for you! I tried doft app - it is really well done. Still I hope you will be able to compete with Uber, who launched the Freight App

  • Leveraging #social media - one #hashtag at a time   5 weeks 2 hours ago    

    Blog gave us useful information to work. You have done an amazing job!

  • California truckers continue legal fight against CARB and EPA   5 weeks 5 days ago    

    California is full of eco-fascists. California needs to be split. Let the north state be its own state. the liberal SOCAL is destroying the entire state

  • Your move: The third step to propane autogas   5 weeks 6 days ago    

    Great information!

  • Truck parking and traffic congestion intertwined   5 weeks 6 days ago    

    It is a big problem but who is going to pay for truck parking? Not the local governments, or county or even State governments without a major complaint from the general public. Large truck stops will need to be created and they will have to charge truckers for parking in order to pay for the space.

  • Passing Inspections   5 weeks 6 days ago    

    Well written article , thanks Kevin !

    Andy Blair

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