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  • Driver burnout: It's not just about being tired   5 weeks 3 days ago    

    This is not an easy Field to work in, on many levels. The Physical, and Mental demands, certainly take their toll.When you add in Management, and Communication issues....BOOM..."Stuff" happens.I read q quote, that hit me between the Eye's..."You cant outperform Your SELF-Image "...IF, being on the Road, is hard on you, and Your Family, Maybe a Local position would help.There are also many opportunities in the Logistics field, that could possibly give you a reason to stay in this type of environment..Bottom Line, ya gotta be honest with yourself.

  • Real-time load tracking: At what price?   5 weeks 6 days ago    

    John Wayne said, "life is tough. It's even tougher if you're stupid" We hear it all the time from dispatchers, the new trucker doesn't communicate. Duh, seems to me, they should be told that a check call the day before the delivery or if something like weather etc is delaying eta. But no, let's come up with some high tech bells and whistles. I say, bull toddy. Just start acting responsible. Catchy, eh? Maybe that would be the simplest. All the hoo ha about customers worrying themselves about a can of green beans or a case of toilet paper is nuts. We really do need to just GROW UP, pilgrim. .

  • How to fix common CPAP problems   6 weeks 4 hours ago    

    Most of the people today are suffering from the sleep apnea problem. The reason may vary according to the situation one face in his or her day. But according to a study it is mostly due to depression and stress. Along with the advanced technology, number of methods are being developed to treat this disorder. One of them is the hydro massage therapy. A hot water massage therapy can cure a number of disorders in the human body including sleep apnea too. When the human body gets the water massage by forcing of water through the air jets, the blood flow in the body gets regulated which helps in the rejuvenation of new blood cells, thus eliminating the toxic element from the body. Moreover, now one can enjoy the massage therapy in their own home by insulating the walk in bathtub because the tub gives the hydro massage feature which is built in it.

  • Trailer underride guards vs. aero skirts: Potential to save lives   6 weeks 1 day ago    

    Can we just stop driving under trailers? Pay attention to the road?

    Why not strap giant mattresses around tractors, so when a tired mom crosses the median she doesn't die?

    We as humans will never stop death. If it weren't accidents and cancer, it would be TB and Cholera.

    Let's educate those who get nervous behind the wheel, panic while under pressure. We need to come together and find common courtesy on the roads again!

  • Around and inside Navistar's RH regional haul tractor   6 weeks 2 days ago    

    Tare weight means everything in trucking. What is the TARE on this tractor?

  • Truck platooning requires more than technology   6 weeks 6 days ago    

    I have not seen any discussion of the impact that platooning will have on the 4-wheeler traffic. How will drivers of smaller vehicles deal with the platoon pair? Suppose an automobile pulls in between two trucks that are in platoon formation? In effect, it becomes part of the platoon, at least until the control software says otherwise. Presumably, the trailing truck must back off to "normal" trailing distance until the interloper leaves that lane. I think it will take a while for the non-professional driving public to recognize and react appropriately.

  • Make sure you are capturing every warranty dollar   7 weeks 12 hours ago    

    Good sound guidance

  • Report: Autonomous technology can cut commercial fleet costs   8 weeks 23 hours ago    

    Yup, knew that is where this big push for Q's ECM/ELD is coming from. The end result of these convoys will be more welfare, but eventually there will be a slowdown in demand because we will all join the Amish and grow and sew our own, or we will all starve to death and then the poor greedy fleet owners will have no more business, and don't forget, then you reminiscing buffalo hunter wannabe's will be able to get your wish, 'cause that is who will end up filling the wide open spaces where the highways used to be. Hey, the abandoned self driving trucks will make great little vacation cottages, eh?

  • The Big Question: Cameras on the Driver or Not?   8 weeks 1 day ago    

    Dash Cam's facing the road and at the driver with audio. Invasion of privacy or not. The cab is basically home to a driver when on a long haul. Also when a vehicle cuts a truck driver off does the camera even get a good clear image of an incident. Or is all you see is the top of the cars because the camera is up as high as the dash. It would be nice if the camera would be helpful for a driver but not likely.

  • Another detention study   8 weeks 1 day ago    

    Better yet hold shippers and receivers accountable for the lost time , by making it mandatory to pay the entire detention time past 1 hour at a rate compel able to what the driver makes if he or she were driving the truck.

  • Will lumber tariffs offer U.S. truckers new opportunities?   8 weeks 1 day ago    

    "the U.S. National Association of Home Builders said the tariffs will boost housing prices by at least $1,000, and jeopardize thousands of jobs in the home construction industry."

    Seriously? What ridiculous hyperbole, houses cost $100k plus to build do they really think a 1k increase in material cost is going to collapse the market?

  • Report highlights medical certification problems   8 weeks 2 days ago    

    Thank you for the technical correction on the data.

  • Roadside inspections: It’s the feedback loop that matters   8 weeks 2 days ago    

    I would like to add that there is a simple way for any carrier to review their past 2 years worth of inspection violation history. It is already finished and ready for you or anyone because it is public to view. Go to and enter your DOT # or company name. DOT # is the best way to do this.

    Next, click on "SMS Results" in the upper right hand corner of the carriers home page. This takes you to the " BASIC status page. Look just below the blue block for Hours of Service and click on " Complete SMS Profile". It shows the BASIC areas that the Feds score carriers on but of course , the actual scores are no longer public. You need to log in with a PIN for your company to view these actual scores.

    Just below the BASIC blocks is the Violation Summary area. This is what you want. It shows the DOT section violated , the description of the violation, the # of violations , if it was OOS and how many, the CSA points attached to that violation and the BASIC category the points will be placed.

    Again, this is all PUBLIC. Anybody can go in and look at ANY carrier. This is a GREAT tool to use for the carriers direct benefit of their most common violations and you can usually determine that 75% of them should have been or could have been found during the Pre-Trip Inspection.

    Below the Violation Summary is the inspection history. It shows by date and license plate number every inspection over the last two years and any violations that were found. It does not show the drivers name. Carriers should check this frequently to insure that drivers are reporting all of their inspections to the company and to watch for any inspections given to your company which are not yours.

    I had an inspection on a church bus , yes some do need DOT #'s, from SC that had a DOT # one different than ours. The officer wrote the wrong number in and we got " credit " for it. I was able to Data Q it to have it removed from our record.

    Andy Blair

  • Manufacturing groups ask Trump to raise truck weights   8 weeks 2 days ago    

    Those are good questions and some details could become clear when an infrastructure proposal is issued by President Trump and/or Congress. There still appears little chance a federal fuel tax increase will be considered.

  • Speed limiters, elephant races, and professional drivers   8 weeks 3 days ago    

    A short history lesson: go back to the pre-electronic control days. The Engine, transmission and rear axle and tire size were selected for the desired "road speed" that would occur with the engine at its maximum governed speed. That meant the the truck could possibly go few mph higher than that on level or downgrade. So, it was pretty common to gear for 65 mph or so. After the first so-called energy crisis, engine manufacturers offered engines with 1800 rpm max governed speed instead of 2100 rpm, to help save fuel. So, gearing was then selected using 1800 as the max engine rpm. That helped fuel economy because the engine ran in a more efficient region of the fuel consumption map.
    With electronic controls, the gearing could be chosen so that, in top gear, at the desired road speed, say 65 or 70 mph, the engine rpm could be quite a bit below the max governed speed. Ergo, the electronic "Road Speed Limiter" was needed. Otherwise, foolish drivers might run 90 or 100 mph, that is, up to max governed RPM or until road load exceed power available. That would definitely waste fuel.
    Suffice to say, a lot of drivers hated the "Road Speed Limiter" because they knew the truck could go a lot faster without it.

  • Near-zero emission vehicles   8 weeks 3 days ago    

    Diesel Water Emulsions can accomplish significant reductions in Particulate Matter, NOx and known carcinogens. New systems created by Fierce Fuel Systems Inc provide on board capabilities to create emulsified fuel on demand.

  • UPDATED: CARB may relax compliance for certain fleet types   8 weeks 4 days ago    

    Allen Schaeffer has no concept of his statement. Regarding his data on the registration of newer, or compliant option vehicles, the owners do not have a choice in complying or not. The rise in compliance registrations are directly connected to this fact!

  • Breaking down Project Portal   9 weeks 18 hours ago    

    So, what is the source of the H2 and O2 to fuel my vehicle? And what emissions are generated in the production thereof? True, the vehicle is "0" emissions, but your production probably is not - at least at this point.

  • Report highlights medical certification problems   9 weeks 1 day ago    

    Please note that the article said: "Of drivers surveyed, 26.6% of drivers reported spending 20 minutes or less with their CME, with 6.5% of those drivers spending 10 minutes or less..."
    My understanding is that 6.5% of those that reported spending 20 minutes or less (or 6.5% of the 26.6%) spent less than 10 minutes with the CME. In other words, of the 900 truck drivers surveyed in this study 26.6% or 243 spent 20 minutes or less with the examiner, and out of the 243 6.5% or about 16 spent 10 minutes or less. Its not 6.5% of 900 drivers or about 58 that spent 10 minutes or less. Either way it's not good but still the total number that spent 10 minutes or less is 16 and not 58 if my math is correct.

  • Manufacturing groups ask Trump to raise truck weights   9 weeks 1 day ago    

    I wonder if there been any indications on what impact the higher limits would have for tax and other government mandated fees? That includes fuel tax - seems there could easily be pressure to push up the cents per gallon to help with infrastructure repair and upgrade initiatives.

  • Atlanta I-85 update: Costs and countdown to reopening   9 weeks 2 days ago    

    Well, if government would get out of the way they should have it done in a coupla months. That won't happen, though. It'll probably be three or four months before they start clearing it out. We had a bridge burn up on IH40 here and they're saying it'll be 40-50 days to replace it. Lotta difference though. This one is 4lane divided, where IH85 is 8lane? The heavy traffic will slow the progress. Quite a challenge for the contractors

  • Chicken and egg, Tesla and trucks   9 weeks 3 days ago    

    While I agree with the author that an "electric" truck is not realistic in the near future, hybrid trucks are more likely.
    Diesel/electric technology has been in use for decades(trains), the hurdle is to tweak, tune and design the concept to work with a class 8 truck.
    I doubt Musk seriously believes he can bring an all electric class 8 to the market so he must be thinking hybrid.

  • Volvo Trucks tests on-highway three-truck platooning   9 weeks 5 days ago    

    Absolutely insane. You can tell that the people that engineered/ marketed this have not driven a CMV. The lives of drivers are not even in this equation. There are so many variables...trailing a TT this close is almost a death sentence..I would not allow myself to be part of this just so the company can save .20 cents a mile....not worth your life. I have been in transportation for almost 20 years, I have seen drunk, crazy drivers / animals do things that you would not think possible. Always a bad combination when you let theoretical engineers market a system that he has no real experience in. It sounds great on a chalkboard....until people start dying. And for what? The almighty dollar. Wow...humanity is so far from smart.

  • Another detention study   9 weeks 6 days ago    

    Cargo is always more important than let em wait for 3-4 hours a day at various shipper & receivers warehouses. And if the driver has an accident from being behind schedule? Blame them - then fire them. Simple.

  • And just like that, platooning is here   9 weeks 6 days ago    

    Sounds an awful lot like a Convoy, good buddy! And they are illegal for a reason. With all the stupid drivers we have to dodge each and every day, this is a wet dream of Omnitracs. Safety has nothing to do with this. And drafting doesn't help the front truck at all. Put your florist on speed dial. So you can order flowers quickly for all the 'accidental' victims of this "safety" system. Qualcomm/Omnitracs ELDs are already hackable by remote parties who can control brakes, steering and acceleration. Just think what they will do with TWO trucks. Ya gotta love it. Oh, and Qualcomm/Omnitracs is looking on raking in a couple more billion dollar contracts. I hope they don't do automatic system upgrades with these like they did my friends ELD in OH. This remote upgrade shut his truck down in 70mph traffic. But, oh pooh, that is a REMOTE possibility ain't it?

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