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  • The road to the self-driving truck   6 weeks 4 days ago    

    The attention of the driver is critical for observation and control hand-back.

    " "How does the system detect that the driver is there and conscious?” Almqvist says. "

    This is now solved following Seeing Machines Fleet launch in April. Cameras view and analyse the wakefulness of drivers for fatigue management purposes.

  • Five Things Your Drivers Don't Know About Roadside Inspections   6 weeks 4 days ago    

    This is great advice for a driver wanting to avoid problems during an inspection. A clean vehicle and a clear head will go a long way toward having a positve experience with an enforcement officer. I've been an CMV enforcement officer for 33 years and we try to help those driver that demonstrate they attempting to comply. Keep your attitude in check. We will treat you with courtesy and respect but we expect the same from you.

  • Caterpillar unveils new CT680 model   6 weeks 6 days ago    

    Nice trucks in both design and appearance. Too bad they're made in Mexico instead of the U.S.A.

  • New Samsung tablet comes preloaded with compliance applications   7 weeks 1 day ago    

    We are using EverTrack app from to manage our fleet with mobile phones. The system works fine, we can solve many problems with tracking the mobiles.

  • Data-driven decisions   7 weeks 3 days ago    

    Great article on how a growing fleet is using technology to create an added differentiated advantage, in addition to helping facilitate growth.

  • Why one state thinks fuel taxes are outdated   7 weeks 3 days ago    

    Maybe if they quit misappropriating money on Capitol Hill, I.e., private jets, huge salary increases etc., there would be some more money available for things like this... But to squeeze a truck driver for even more than they already do while they continue to stuff their pockets is ridiculous...

  • Sleeper-berth occupants at risk   7 weeks 4 days ago    

    Sleeper-berth occupants at risk

  • American Trucking Trends: 7 slides of interest   7 weeks 4 days ago    

    What exactly is Slide 2 Stating?..."Distribution of
    U.S. For Hire Carriers"....

  • Why one state thinks fuel taxes are outdated   7 weeks 5 days ago    

    I was told by a taxation and finance compliance officer that this is why we need to keep track of mileage traveled and fuel purchased in their state and pay a quarterly fee to cover for the taxes not collected for buying fuel in the state. He said " that is how you pay for the use of our roads", thus we needed to apply for IFTA permits. Have I been misinformed, or are state governments trying to collect more taxes under a different name?

  • Why one state thinks fuel taxes are outdated   7 weeks 6 days ago    

    Not only evasion, but also a chilling affect on travel generally. All governments have the same major problem: how to pay for all the government services that the public wants. Maybe if the public would demand fewer services, our beloved city/state/federal governments wouldn't want so much of our money in taxes/fees. (Yeah, that's sarcasm)

  • Paying by the Mile Caused Fatigue, Crashes and Fatalities   8 weeks 1 day ago    

    I commend this company for doing the right thing. It should be a Federal Law.
    I spent 15 Years Driving for a major oil company that paid by the Hour. I spent the last 8 years driving for the largest carrier in the U.S. Today that pays by the load.
    Being paid by the hour for 15 years working for a major oil company allowed me mentally to take my time, always being courteous and safe. During that time every day I was constantly passed by the carriers,speeding by me in the left lane in a big hurry, tailgating 4 wheelers any way possible breaking laws and company policy to get ahead. I witnessed Very aggressive careless Tanker Drivers pushing the envelope. There were curves in the highway posted 25mph that tankers were known to rollover on that I would be passed in the left lane by a carrier charging up to the curve then relying on major breaking at the last second before hitting the curve.
    Then here comes the result.
    We couldn't compete with the cost of distribution. We were told that what it cost just to pay us not even the cost of the truck and trailer involved the company could replace us with carriers. Well That's what happened. All the Major oil companies did this one after another and followed suit.
    Then I went to work for the largest carrier in the U.S. Today.
    I made half of what I made prior.
    I'm ashamed to say I became that pushing the Envelope rude driver for 8 years.
    Knowing that I couldn't control that mindset I wanted out from behind that wheel Bad! I was not a good driver then and knew it.
    I felt is was going to cost me my life. I was offered a new job in fuel sales sept. 2014.
    The company I work for now pays their drivers by the hour.
    I also commend them for that.
    Now being in sales I realize even more. We cannot compete with load pay! It should be outlawed if you want safe drivers. Load pay is careless and it Kills. I'm saying that for the whole cut throat trucking industry that pays that way.
    There is no safety in load pay only more profit and more death.

  • Are carriers and drivers being hurt by CSA scores?   8 weeks 2 days ago    

    The FMCSA relies on the Police Accident Report for the data which ultimately ends up in your CSA score.

    Officers are relied upon to indicate whether or not your vehicle meets the legal definition of a CMV. AND also whether or not it is considered " reportable". To be a reportable crash, their are three separate criteria and one of them must be met.

    1. Any injury to any person who receives medical treatment away from the scene of the crash.

    2. A fatality.

    3. Any of the vehicles is disabled requiring towing.

    If you are involved in a crash and medical treatment is only given at the scene or the vehicle is repaired on scene.....than it isn't reportable and should not be considered a reportable crash. DataQ if this were to occur.

    If you are running non-CDL trucks , make sure the officer knows if you are intrastate ( when at or under 17,000 pounds. A lot of officers are not truck inspectors and if they see something with duals or even just a DOT number on it, they assume it is a CMV. Its up to you and your drivers to let them know.

    Beyond that , the company accident information which is public on shows a lot of information. Obviously . This comes directly from the police accident report. The report is usually around seven or eight pages and includes things like the GVWR and GCWR of a truck.

    The officer lists the vehicle that committed a violation ( which caused or contributed to the crash) as Unit 1. They would then list the other vehicle as Unit 2. So, you always want to be Unit 2 in a crash. It is possible to be Unit 2 and have committed a lesser violation.

    Of the many, many blocks the officer has to check off, an additional block could be added to indicate whether the CMV driver / truck had any violations that caused or contributed to the crash.

    With this added block, the FMCSA could quickly and easily determine if they will charge the carrier as responsible. Otherwise, they would have to read the entire report which is their current reason they say they can't do doesn't make every crash chargeable.

    Most crashes are easy to determine who is at fault , trucks are just big cars. There are times there are equipment issues ( or HOS ) that the average officer can't enforce as they aren't trained in that area.

    Ultimately, this would go a long way to alleviate carriers from being held responsible for most crashes that are NOT their fault.

    I was a Municipal Police Officer fro 26 years and was DOT/ HM and weigh aster certified.

  • Sygic offers fleet, workforce management in the cloud   8 weeks 2 days ago    

    Managing the workforce in right direction is very much important for an organization to meet its targets. I appreciate the synergy and bringing new workforce diversity in North America.


  • Saving via “virtual” driver training   8 weeks 3 days ago    

    Great Article! I love!

  • FMCSA study: Crash accountability analysis expensive, would not improve CSA   9 weeks 4 days ago    

    This is truly a case of presumed guilt. Motor Carriers / Drivers are presumed guilty of every reportable crash they are in no matter the circumstances.

    Even a mass murderer is presumed innocent until proven guilty. But the FMCSA simply says " it is too expensive to use the Police Accident Report to determine fault" So Carriers/ Drivers now pay the price by way of an artificially increased CSA scores.

    The simple way to make this more affordable for the FMCSA is to have one extra block on the PAR in which the officer either indicates the Carrier/ Driver was at fault or was partially responsible OR is in the CLEAR.

    All reportable crashes are submitted to each states DMV and than forwarded on from there. It is OBVIOUS that plenty of information reaches the FMCSA based on ALL of the information that can be read off of any crash found on the CSA portion of any Carriers profile on

    Available information from a crash on Safer includes things like the Officers badge number, the road conditions,, whether or not the CMV driver was cited, the type of truck etc. There certainly would be room to include a simple check off box where the officer can indicate whether or not the Carrier/ Driver committed any violations ( or is considered to be at fault).

    Thats it. While violations indicated on a crash dont necessarily determine who actually CAUSED the crash , it would go a LONG way to alleviate the unnecessary blame dumped on a Carrier/ Driver who clearly did nothing wrong.

    A Police CMV crash report has multiple pages and there certainly would be a way to easily add a check off box for the officer to indicate fault/ violations that would be transmitted upstream.

    Officers already assign violation by placing drivers as either Unit 1 or Unit 2. Unit 1 fully or mostly committed a violation which caused the crash while Unit 2 either committed no violations or committed a lesser violation and may be partially responsible. I understand the complexity of having to sift through these reports to mine out who did what.

    So a simple check box. Is the Motor Carrier / CMV driver considered to have committed any violations which caused or contributed to this crash ? _______ YES _________ NO

    While this would be the judgment of the is the best and FAIREST way to determine accountability in CSA.

    Andy Blair
    York Area Regional Police Dept. ( ret)
    York , PA

  • Exercise and older drivers   9 weeks 4 days ago    

    I am 70 years old and could not agree more with the at exercise aspect that is entirely overlooked by the trucking industryI have been driving over the road in the North East for one year and carry my bicycle with me in the sleeper berth for quick rides whenever the opportunity arises I am amazed as the other drivers in the truck stops look at me in total confusion as they sit in their trucks for hours on end consuming god knows what from the local truck stop

  • Dipping into the older worker pool   9 weeks 4 days ago    

    As one of those "older workers", I've noticed that the physical requirements of the job are more painful, and less easy, than 20 or 30 years ago. Sure, I have a lot of knowledge and mental ability, but I can't jump up onto a flatbed trailer like I used to. The legs go first . . .

  • Speed limiting remains contentious trucking issue   10 weeks 1 day ago    

    It's a great idea. Could solve the problem with the glut of drivers........Oh wait, I fell of my unicorn. If it happens I hope it puts all ATA members out of business.

  • Paying by the Mile Caused Fatigue, Crashes and Fatalities   10 weeks 1 day ago    

    Getting paid by the run (i.e., per mile) always forced me to push the envelope, to get as many miles as possible, especially after the big companies cut back on miles/week. Now I get paid by the hour and don't have to push it, to get one run finished quickly so I could be dispatched on another, because now, the miles don't mean ANYTHING.

  • Suicide by Truck: When Nothing Else Makes Sense   10 weeks 2 days ago    

    Five years ago next month (May 1995) I had a 70 year old lady park her car on the side of the road and run out in front of me. Lucky for me she left a suicide note in her car. Still I wonder why she picked me. It really messes a guy up. I partly blame that incident on my divorce 1 year later. My attitude for the next couple of years was one that people didn't care to be around. I was driving for a local company at the time and the president called me into his office the next week. Seems the lady was a relative to a good customer of the company and he wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to pursue any actions against the family. I worked there 2 more months. Every time I saw someone on the side of the road or in a crosswalk I had flashbacks. I quit driving truck completely for 5 years. When I went back to driving it was still tough, but I think it made me a better more cautious driver.

  • Surprising things you might not know about driver retention   10 weeks 2 days ago    

    drivers are treated like the lowest form of life everywhere they go. shippers, recievers, dispatchers, scalehouses, law enforcement, motoring public,courts,etc. That is a fact that will be forever unchanged. I tell all who will listen.

  • Speed limiting remains contentious trucking issue   10 weeks 3 days ago    

    Future news.

    ...And with a stroke of the pen, ATA and the DOT put 100,000 truck drivers on new career paths today. They have decided "It just ain't worth it anymore"!

  • Speed limiting remains contentious trucking issue   10 weeks 4 days ago    

    The ATA is full of it. Made up of huge trucking corporations which do not represent truckers. If tires are to blame make tire manufacturers produce tires capable of higher safe truck tires.

  • Surprising things you might not know about driver retention   10 weeks 5 days ago    

    The job itself has started to lose its appeal. With the necessary employment demands mixed with increasing government regulations that are rediculous. The enjoyment factor is being stripped away.

  • Speed limiting remains contentious trucking issue   10 weeks 5 days ago    

    I suggest that the study includes time behind the wheel on a busy highway full of truck traffic all set at 65 mph. After you get all bunched together after a truck cannot pull a hill the same as the rest, then let me know how safe it is with everybody getting impatient that all lanes are clogged up. I'm just saying that without the ability to move out of these situations, these moving roadblocks do happen. Gary

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