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  • Whitepaper to help fleets adapt to ELD final rule   1 year 37 weeks ago    

    The company I drive for has the Keller/Verizon EOBR system using their tablets. Our mechanic is constantly having to rip off the dash board on the trucks to reset the black box. Most of the time I can log into the truck with the tablet, but if it does not "discover" the truck, my e-log shows 100% on-duty-not-driving time, even though I just drove 485 miles. It shows zero driving time. The diagnostic and performance information is not available on-line. My truck somehow got disconnected, again.

    I can see how this would be very helpful to companies, however it is very undependable. Between the drivers extra time to deal with it, the office time to set it up and fix problems with the logs and system, and the mechanics time to keep resetting the black box, I am seriously wondering how beneficial this is. Not to mention, are the state mileages for each truck that is off line being recorded for IFTA?
    I have been trying to make this work since July. It is December, and it is still not working like advertised. We have done everything they recommended.

  • Blue Bloodhound tool connects carriers and drivers   1 year 37 weeks ago    

    "The company said its app"

    I don't see an app on their website or in the apple/google store, nor in the windows store. Looks like all they have is website.

    “Our technology gives drivers and motor carriers a secure platform in which they can connect faster and more reliably. When drivers spend more time pulling freight and less time pushing paperwork, everyone wins.”

    How exactly is it faster then the existing competition? I mean there are competitors that have had app support for a year or two. This company appears to be about 2 years behind its competitors.

    "Similar technology has already been adopted by other industries."

    Its actually been adopted by transportation and trucking for about 2-3 years, welcome to 2013.

    Your competitors are these within trucking:
    - Convoy
    - Trucker Path
    - Cargomatic
    - Transfix

    There are others, most probably uber will buy out the big ones probably cargomatic and trucker path and run with it. This Bloodhound things is dead on arrival, they don't even have an app yet, they are probably a few years behind.

    Without an app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, you have no technology, anyone can build a backend website that has job postings.

  • Winterization tips for trucking fleets   1 year 37 weeks ago    

    What about corrosion protection from all the crap on winter roads?

  • FMCSA discusses large truck crash fatalities, calls for police training   1 year 38 weeks ago    

    While I cannot argue over the 10 states listed, I think it is far to say that these 10 states have a LOT of truck traffic. The more traffic, the more crashes. It also does not separate how many of these crashes are attributable to the non-CMV as the root cause. While it would be nice to have more officers trained in CMV accident is costly and time consuming for the Police /Sheriff to do so.

    Commercial Vehicle Insoection Course is 3 weeks long which includes minimal accident investigation. But getting this certification is crucial to investigating these crashes. Openings are limited and departments can't always give up an officer for three weeks.

    Next you have the actual CMV crash school. Now you are talking an additional two weeks. Again, this a great burden that cannot be easily solved by printing an article. Funding and manpower are the keys. Many departments do not have any officers who are certified either in DOT Enforcement or CMV Crash Ibvestigation. These departments have to ask other departments to fill in for them. And this only happens when it is a serious injury or fatality crash.

    In PA , municipal officers can get certified but they are full time patrol officers who do DOT Enforcement as time permits. Few departments have officers who do this type of work all the time. PA Sate Police excepted.

    There is no easy answer as Police agencies are asked to do more with less.

  • The 2014 Fleet Owner 500   1 year 38 weeks ago    

    Where are UPS, FEDEX, Diehl, etc. on these lists? Am I missing something?

  • Winterization tips for trucking fleets   1 year 38 weeks ago    

    Research Laboratories, Inc in Ft. Wayne, IN recently completed an additive testing program for about 16 different commercially available (for purchase off the shelf or on line) winter diesel fuel additives. Contact them for a copy. It is very enlightening.

  • The Chinese Manufactured Tires Are Here, Maybe It’s Not So Bad   1 year 38 weeks ago    

    Competition is a good thing and sometimes having good, better or best choices is also helpful and important. When we did our study on LRR tires, we found that with fuel prices even as high as $2/g, spending more on tires to get the LRR really matters.

  • Five Things Your Drivers Don't Know About Roadside Inspections   1 year 38 weeks ago    

    Look, most enforcement (if not all) are paid by the hour while many of these drivers are on mileage. Very few get paid for the time taken for an inspection. (yes some do and some get a bonus for a clean inspection but fewer than one third do. If everyone was video'd during the whole process we'd all be better off and more informed. A "Go-PRO" on both the driver and inspector would show a whole lot of what is currently hidden.

  • Truck Driving Would be a Great Job if You Got Paid   1 year 39 weeks ago    

    I agree with diggerpaint.
    I think this job is good only till the person is able to drive vehicle. Once he become old theirs nothing.

  • VIDEO: Eaton automated manuals: So easy, even a newbie could do it   1 year 40 weeks ago    

    Automatics are junk no matter how they try to spin it. Less experienced drivers need training not technology.

  • How a group of truckers saved Scarlet's life   1 year 40 weeks ago    

    Thanks for the great article on Operation Roger! One minor clarification - the second picture of Scarlet was taken in a layover home, not her forever home. Hope she's doing even better today!

  • Leveraging #social media - one #hashtag at a time   1 year 40 weeks ago    

    Your right, social interaction with customers is what Google wants these days, and more and more businesses need to realizing the importance of social media. If content is King, the social media is Queen! -ClevelandSeoGuy

  • Connected devices putting truck fleets at greater risk   1 year 40 weeks ago    

    I work for Fleetmatics, we have made great strides as a company to make sure that our telematics have zero risk of cyber security breach. If you have any questions then please contact me at 704-295-2016. Thank you.

  • Report: Rapid innovation critical to auto industry sucess   1 year 40 weeks ago    

    The consolidation of the auto industry was in response to free market conditions reacting to a weakening economy accelerated by government intervention that many believe went beyond the rules of law. The impact on auto dealers and the businesses that served them in their surrounding communities was immediate as they were shuttered by the thousands. Automotive advertising agencies and technology vendors serving the retail automobile industry were similarly affected, however, the resulting changes are only now coming to light.

  • The Four P's of Marketing Your Fleet   1 year 40 weeks ago    

    Great Articles & Tips, Thank you Bruce.
    Also does your company reflect the premium price you charge?

    Do you or your staff behave in a professional manner at all times. With all member of the public,client, customer or suspected lead.

    Do you have a professional logo & uniform company branding effort.
    Whether you have one truck or a fleet of 50 trucks, your company marketing & branding it's one of those core element. That you should not be leaning to the "cheap Side".

  • What New York City and its fleets are doing to reduce crashes   1 year 40 weeks ago    

    As an individual involve in the trucking industry I'm always happy about company's taken step's like this. That both benefit the industry & promoted road safety for our drivers & the public at large.

    As a New Yorker it's good to see local company taking the lead. On innovating step to move the trucking industry forward.

  • 10 scary movie technologies making their way to trucking   1 year 41 weeks ago    

    Truth is stranger than fiction. I have seen a graph showing the comparison between Sci-fi, "expert" predictions and reality in the electronics industry.....guess which one was farthest ahead...reality!
    So, yes, if you've seen it in the movies or read it in a book, it's likely to happen for real sooner than anybody predicted. What we must do is evaluate a new technology to understand both the benefits and the negatives before we embrace it just because it's new.

  • Truck and trailer buying expected to stay strong into 2016   1 year 41 weeks ago    

    Sounds about right. I am giving trucking about 3 more years and getting out . With all these regulations it is just unbearable.

  • Safety in the public eye   1 year 41 weeks ago    

    When the snow does start to fall, you should turn your headlights on. Don’t just assume they already are – many cars’ dials light up even when the headlights are turned off these days, which can be misleading.

  • Transporting the 2015 Capitol Christmas Tree   1 year 41 weeks ago    

    This tree is going to travel by water and by truck.
    What are the freight charges for tax payers?
    This is unbelievable.
    Who makes these decisions?
    There are tons of tall, pretty pine trees that grow a lot closer to DC than Alaska.
    I would sure like to know the total freight bill.

  • ELD rule hits this month, ATA exec says   1 year 41 weeks ago    

    In ref to the ELD's amazing that just at another conference that Scott Darling stated it still will be months yet before the mandate would be published. The issue of harassment/ coercion has not been satisfied yet plus the report for safety of ELD's vs. paper is not conclusive. That is why it is held up in OMB, so not sure what Osiecki it talking about. To put even more of a hold up on this, will be the highway bill this is attached too that has yet been amended.

  • How green can transportation be?   1 year 41 weeks ago    

    Hi Sean,
    I appreciate your efforts towards green transportation. In today's date it is on our high priority that how can we reduce the pollution due to transportation. In last month I had visited to Göstas Truck. They Implemented technology which have benefits like:
    Significantly lower emissions.
    Health pain decreases significantly or disappear completely.
    The toxins, the so-called unregulated emissions are reduced by 30-90% compared to MK1 diesel fuel.
    Nitrogen oxides are reduced by 5-25%.
    NOx emissions are reduced by up to 50%.
    Not toxic to aquatic organisms.

    Reffer :

  • J.D. Power: Fuel efficiency key metric for medium-duty trucks   1 year 41 weeks ago    

    Cars, trucks, trains, ships, and planes—all these things are powered by fuels made from petroleum. Also known as "crude oil", petroleum is the thick, black, energy-rich liquid buried deep underground that became the world's most important source of energy during the 20th century.

  • J.D. Power: Fuel efficiency key metric for medium-duty trucks   1 year 41 weeks ago    

    Diesel engines are similar, but simpler. First, air is allowed into the cylinder and the piston compresses it—but much more than in a gasoline engine. In a gasoline engine, the fuel-air mixture is compressed to about a tenth of its original volume

  • Your Oct. 30 Pre-Trip: Port truckers protest labor practices   1 year 41 weeks ago    

    Port drivers employed by Gold Point Transportation went on strike to protest unfair labor practices including misclassification and wage theft.

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