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  • Cold Weather Fuel Issues: The Safe Answer is Gelling   1 year 38 weeks ago    


    I spent 7 years as a technology consultant to the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company fleet operation in Fairbanks, Alaska. To my knowledge we never blended kerosene with diesel any time due to "gelling" of diesel fuel.

    And, in checking, I was told that in Alaska, perhaps back in the 40's that may have been done to keep diesel trucks running in the winter but certainly not in modern times.

    The solution most, if not all Alaskans, utilize is simply using #1 Diesel in their vehicles starting when conditions dictate perhaps in October or November.

    Now, that is not to say there aren't some folks that also use an additive. In Valdez at the loading terminal "Power Up" was used occasionally when we experienced problems if #2 diesel was used later than usual in the season.

    Interestingly enough, when I introduced automatic start/stop to equipment users in Prudhoe Bay this issue never came up. The estimated savings of $560K in fuel savings every ten hour shift ($490M+ in one year) due to my work is no joke and to my knowledge, all the equipment ran #1 diesel throughout the winter season.

    Richard LeFrancois

  • Waste Heat Management   1 year 38 weeks ago    

    If the government waived the federal excise tax on new tractors in 2018, would the net cost of this technology be 'a wash?' Seems like a great way to get clean technology w/o breaking the bank.

  • FMCSA simplifies ratings system, adds roadside data   1 year 38 weeks ago    

    Basically, a compliance review is required for any SFD under the current rule. Now FMCSA wants to be able to declare a carrier unfit based on poor scores in the BASICs, without a site visit. Here's the FMCSA language from the NPRM:

    "Under the existing regulations, a compliance review must be conducted to issue a Safety Fitness Determination (SFD) and, if a motor carrier receives a final unsatisfactory safety rating, FMCSA declares that motor carrier to be unfit to operate on the Nation’s highways. The current SFD process does not permit the Agency to use all of the on-road safety data in the Motor Carrier 5 Management Information System (MCMIS) in making each SFD. Based on experience and empirical data from the Safety Measurement System (SMS) and interventions, the integration of on-road safety data into the SFD process would improve the assessment of motor carriers and the identification of unfit motor carriers. Such integration is a longstanding recommendation of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Under this proposal, unfit determinations could be based on a carrier’s on-road safety data alone."

  • FMCSA simplifies ratings system, adds roadside data   1 year 38 weeks ago    

    Didn't the program already include roadside data; as far as my understanding CSA, roadside data is exactly where the information came from.

  • Safety drives Australia to end pay-by-the-mile   1 year 39 weeks ago    

    Seriously? Tony Sheldon needs to take a long hard look at who he represents, his figures range from flawed to pure bullshit. As for hourly rates being introduced across the board in Australia... don't hold your breath. If you're interested in running a story with some facts let me know,

  • Feds not liable for truck damaged during botched drug sting   1 year 39 weeks ago    

    as ex law enforcement there are three sides to every story ,their side ,my side and the truth.pretty easy to bash law enforcement these days

  • Blue Bloodhound tool connects carriers and drivers   1 year 39 weeks ago    

    Your post sounds like one that is from the company itself, I mean this comes directly from the website, "revolutionize the industry".

    The app appears to be available on the store now for google but no ios app that I can find.

    This company appears to be a temp agency, which is even noted by others on their Facebook page, its not Uber for trucking because Uber matches end clients with the driver, generally. In this model, 3rd party trucking lines sign up to be allowed to post driving runs for contracts they already have or soon will have, the driver then selects which one they want. In essence, this adds another layer of fees which come out of the pocket of the driver on top of not getting normal employee benefits such as health insurance, unemployment insurance, etc. Let alone they are assuming a huge amount more risk in the process.

    Of course, someone from the company will say the driver is not charged fees, this is a very simplistic and naïve angle, as the third party carrier company will simple have to deduct the amount in addition to the reductions already made, or why else would carrier use the service? Their only incentive is to use the service to reduce their own cost by eliminating the need for "employees". The difference between this and Uber is huge, as with Uber the driver is matched with real end customer. It is disruptive, in that the driver has yet another link in the chain between him and the true customer.

    - Pick individual runs which mean time/date

    - No health insurance
    - No dental insurance
    - No unemployment insurance
    - No paid vacation
    - No workman's comp
    - No short/long term disability
    - Indirectly paying a $55 fee per run
    - Increased risks
    - More middlemen, not less

    " Better runs, better pay"

    More like, less pay but more hours. As far as the regulators and class action litigators, they are going to have a field day with this in time, I hope they set aside 10s of millions for the eventual litigation, as Uber is experiencing first hand, but they have billions of dollars to litigate with. My take, this is a scheme to get out company carriers from having to pay employee benefits which are required under law. The problem with this system, which makes it far worse compared to say Uber is that this system appears to not be matching up drivers with end customers, it is really just adding another layer which will strips the driver of income (directly or indirectly).

    I would probably compare this to a trucking temp agency masquerading as a technology firm, at the end of the day, they are providing employees to third party trucking firms.

  • Worst Trucker in the World: Lump of Coal edition   1 year 40 weeks ago    

    Yup. There are WTITWs as you deem to call them. There are just as guilty, or more so, Worlds Worst Big Box Trucking Companies (WWBBTC) who should, but do not, shoulder 99.9% of the blame for putting 3 month truck driving "graduates" on the road. It's a joke. But they get away with it. Go figure...Bottom Line first, right?

    Good, professional drivers are hard to find. It's even more difficult to retain us because the WWBBTC only pay lip service to their so-called mission statement regarding professional driver retention. Bottom Line wins again.

    Don't be so quick to point a finger at 23 year old clueless, uninformed kids who are pushed behind the wheel of an 80,000+ pound 18-wheeler by WWBBTC who cannot and should not train the truck driver wanna-be. The truck driving "schools" and in-house WWBBTC truck driving "schools" should be outlawed. They are ineffective, dangerous, jokes. Proper instruction by qualified, experienced teachers at a community college with a 2 year degree for the graduating truck driver would save lives - hands down.

    Not gonna happen. Once again a big Allah to the Bottom Line. A driver with a 2 year degree would force WWBBTC to make a genuine effort to keep advertised recruiting promises and maybe even pay us what we are worth.


  • Truck drivers and math: a weighty problem   1 year 40 weeks ago    

    This shows more than a poor entry-level school issue. Yes, a school graduated her, a CDL testing site passed her, a driver trainer trained her, a trucking company hiring committee hired her, and a safety manager road tested her and passed her. Every person in this chain failed at their job, not just the school. The industry wants cheap labor and they are getting what they pay for, cheap labor.

  • How truckers protect themselves on the road   1 year 40 weeks ago    

    I can see both sides. I definitely agree with Brian in the article, better to be fired for having a firearm than to need one and not have it. Even the nicest of places have their darker sides and it sounds to me like Debra is savvy enough to tilt the odds in her favor. But things can happen, and the worst ones happen at exactly the wrong moment.

  • CRST seeks passenger-seat exemption for trainees headed home   1 year 41 weeks ago    

    All of these exemptions is what causes so many drivers confusion when moving from company to company. They believe they know the regulations but oh wait, the regulation only applies to some but not all. Let's work on making the regulations more universal and less confusing.

  • CRST seeks passenger-seat exemption for trainees headed home   1 year 41 weeks ago    

    Another exemption request, why have a law at all? If we have to have all of these exemptions perhaps the law needs to be reworked.

  • Worst Trucker in the World: Lump of Coal edition   1 year 41 weeks ago    

    Yes, this young driver qualifies for "WtitWtw," but what about her Trainer(s) qualifying for "worst Trainer in the world this year"? It seems like some of the situations listed here should have been covered during the training - to the point that they would have been in some of the driving (and thinking) scenarios she should have experienced.

  • UPS to power fleets with renewable natural gas   1 year 42 weeks ago    

    Often overlooked the use of sustainable and renewable lubricants would be an additional way companies like UPS and others could help achieve their GHG reduction goals.

  • Digging into the ELD mandate details   1 year 42 weeks ago    

    Fleet Owner are you going to stop my comment because you do not want the public to see the truth about trucking and being harassed by the government for all your trucking career! I do not expect to see my comment because the truth is never shown!!

  • Digging into the ELD mandate details   1 year 42 weeks ago    

    I am glad they mandated ELD's now I can finally get a job that pays me for EVERY hour that I work and will no longer have to be gone for long periods of time away from home. I am also glad that I will no longer have to take 10 hours off in a truck when I am 1/2 hour from home!

  • How truckers protect themselves on the road   1 year 42 weeks ago    

    Dimmercraps. Choosing to be defenseless is stupid. Forcing others to be defenseless is criminal. Sensible folk should just refuse to go into blue areas.

  • Blue Bloodhound tool connects carriers and drivers   1 year 42 weeks ago    

    In reality someone needs to do some research on Blue Bloodhound before bashing them. As for the app... they do have the google/android available, I currently have it loaded and it works great for me.

    As far as competition... there is no other company out there I have found that offers such support to drivers.
    -Driver Qualification File completely free.
    -Great customer service

    The competition mentioned above is not actually in the same field as Blue Bloodhound.
    -Convoy - A Smart Logistics Service For Regional Trucking Businesses
    -Trucker Path- essentially a GPS service
    -Cargomatic - Logistics
    - Transfix Freight Broker

    So after doing some research myself I think this Blue Bloodhound is going to revolutionize the industry and I for one am excited to see this thing really jump.

  • FMCSA to provide grace period on new medical certification procedures   1 year 43 weeks ago    

    It is time to SHUT DOWN the FMCSA because it is being operated by a bunch of Morons that their only goal is to kill the trucking industry! There can be an agency that is not being bought and paid for by special interest which REALLY CARES about safety bot their pockets!!

  • NACFE: Preventative maintenance improves fuel economy   1 year 43 weeks ago    

    DPF and fuel filters can benefit from the use of a good quality fuel additive. One that helps fuel burn cleaner/more completely (less need for regens) and with good lubricity and detergency chemistry to save wear and tear on injectors.

    Yes I am a additive proponent. Yes there is a lot of suspect products out there. My recommendation is to do your research and suspect the marketing fluff until you can verify it yourself. Set up a test program to monitor a control group and test group of similar vehicles over a 30-60 day time period at a minimum. Educate and evaluate your drivers and maintenance techs on what to watch out for.

  • NTSB: Driver fatigue caused 2014 Walmart truck crash   1 year 43 weeks ago    

    Had this not been A Walmart truck and A celebrity it would've never got attention. It was unfortunate. Everyone loves to bash Walmart anyway for some reason. Now we have politicians pretending to know best for trucking due to A driver to stupid rest when he was tired.

  • Mainstay delivers new CNG fuel systems to car hauler   1 year 43 weeks ago    

    I own a car shipping company called Car Shipping Carriers and seeing that there are companies out there creating new ways to help the environment is great. This push for the CNG on haulers is a great start. I hope it starts a movement in the industry.

  • 2014 FleetOwner 500 breakdown   1 year 43 weeks ago    

    I am interested in fleet information as follows: which truck fleet companies use Cummins products

  • Volvo bringing I-Shift to U.S.   1 year 43 weeks ago    

    Good to see Volvo building plants in the USA !

  • OOIDA sues over ELD final rule   1 year 43 weeks ago    

    Our company has already transitioned to ELD and it is having a devastating effect on not only the ability of drivers to make miles but it is affecting the on time delivery of commodities. I see that in the future when all companies are on these e-logs that companies will need to pay drivers for detention time for having to sit. That cost can only be passed on in higher rates which in turn will be passed to the consumer. E-Logs will be disastrous.

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