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  • Next potential use of 3D printing in trucking: Lightweighting   11 weeks 3 days ago    

    Whether shipping parts or powders, trucking wins either way.

  • The most common tax filing mistake for drivers is not filing taxes   12 weeks 17 hours ago    

    Just wondering about e logs only being kept for 6 mo. or so. Is it possible for a driver to down load and print out his e logs say once a mo. and then he would have copy of all years logs for tax purposes ?

  • Ready for the robots?   12 weeks 1 day ago    

    Automated manual transmissions allow the operator to assume control of shifting if need be; he won't need to know how to double clutch, or "float 'em". He'll be able to handle dangerous road conditions IF he's been taught properly. I haven't driven a semi in a long time so I have no experience with AMTs, but creeping alongside a rig with a manual in stop'n'go rush-hour traffic, I feel sorry for the operators. All my driving, occasionally hauling heavy construction equipment when my drivers were on vacation or sick, was in south and west Texas. The drawback there was hours of driving on flat, straight highways with all most no need to shift.

  • TMC 2017 Day 1   12 weeks 1 day ago  

    Perfect ,A group of Gas Bag Fleet Managers on Holiday ,While we as Drivers sit by the roadside broken down

  • Putting RFID tags in truck tires   12 weeks 3 days ago    

    I think I'm all thunk out. It's like an invasion of the body snatchers. It looks like sooner rather than later, no one will be needed anymore. The tires talk to themselves and the robots drive the trucks, the stores just keep stacking up the goods with their telematic forklifts. Aha, but no robots will repair the roads, or buy the groceries, so soon, the roads wear out, the autono vehicles get stuck in the mud, the groceries rot and the tires start telling road jokes like: why did the chicken cross the road?..............what's a chicken?. Then the Amish can take us all in and we can just wait until all the robots stop or get stepped on by an elephant or a moose and there will be world peace and maybe the buffalo will come back.

  • Viewing the connected roadmap for commercial vehicles   12 weeks 4 days ago    

    So are you trying to say that the driver will no longer be needed at some point due to technological advances?

  • Viewing the connected roadmap for commercial vehicles   12 weeks 4 days ago    

    So your saying that eventually the driver will no longer be needed?

  • New food safety rules pose impact for refrigerated carriers   12 weeks 6 days ago    

    This has long been a concern for me especially since shippers and receiving company load & unload the same trailers used to haul other freight without checking the trailer for damage or even cleaning or worrying about the probability of cross contamination from the driver's clothing,trailer or product hauled before it arrives af their location for loading. I myself change my gloves and jacket before entering a food processor and warehouse i pay for my trailers cleaning and inspect for damage i even get a outside company to test my drivers and conduct a swab test for biological pathogens in my trailers i keep all records and testing of my employees and equipments in their files and compliance files to have on hand for my customers and my business. I started doing this after getting food poisoning from a warehouse i ate at. In 2009 a customer was involved in a major safety violation for shipping contaminated fresh produce and the integrity of my business implementation were reviewed and questioned as to why i have these safety implementation in place and I explained my illness and why i started to keep a record of my driver's testing for understanding food safety and the testing for biological contamination in my trailers for my customers and my business i never want to be involved in a lawsuit against my business or added to one from a customer trying to pass the blame on my business. I do agree with you shipping multiple products can lead to a major problem especially if the product accidentally comes in contact with each or human error and implementation should be followed by all means and all involved in the distribution and shipping should know the proper protocol everyone is accountable for Their actions shippers, carriers, distributors even drivers

  • Embark unveils self-driving truck   13 weeks 19 hours ago    

    So, the OO will sit at home, without pay of course cause he sure don't get detention now, and watch the boob tube, and when ????? calls him, he jumps into his pup and races down to..................??? A staging area, the shoulder of the interstate? The off ramp???? Wow, what a golden opportunity. So instead of enlarging and increasing parking for real potty users, the gov will spend millions of the taxpayers dollars for staging areas and leave the real drivers to find a tree and risk a ticket for parking on the shoulder. Yeesh!

  • Embark unveils self-driving truck   13 weeks 19 hours ago    

    Follow the money, eh? I hope you have a lot of insurance and a whole lot of Hallmark cards, the Sympathy cards when the first truck goes down and takes a bunch of, your relatives perhaps, with it. And don't forget to buy a whole lot of Hallmark's 'Sorry you lost your job, buddy' cards too. I am a diehard Independent, but if I can get Trump to intervene here, I may just vote Republican.

  • TruckMate for Windows training available online   13 weeks 19 hours ago    

    How can I get ythe online training on Truckmate:
    - how much it will cost
    - how long the training will be
    - any examination or test
    - any certificate given

  • TCA launches accreditation program for truckload carriers   13 weeks 20 hours ago    

    This is a good first step in professionalizing the non-driver. Perhaps it would be a good idea to ASK experienced drivers what they expect from the companies they work for, such as: detention pay, google miles, a pledge to not falsify logs from dispatchers and then asking drivers to sign off on this, a federal document, that if signed by the driver, will only put his job and reputation in jeopardy. I urge TCA to go to a truck stop and ASK the drivers, instead of once again, creating programs and supporting rulemaking that seems to always go against the guy holding the steering wheel.

  • Is the tide turning for small trucking companies?   13 weeks 20 hours ago    

    Try to wrap your brain around this one. Qualcomm shot down the original USB & thumbdrive proposal that would have been simple, cheap and under the driver's control. The ELD the ATA favors creates several major problems: They cost while delivering over a Billion dollars in air time fees to Qualcom and friends. They are hackable, as the University of Michigan has already demonstrated. And dispatchers can falsify them at will, adding from 4 to 11 more hours to available hours. I don't know about you, but the word SAFETY fails to rear its shaggy head anywhere in all this. Have I ever said Follow The $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Is the tide turning for small trucking companies?   13 weeks 20 hours ago    

    " with railroads and TL carriers in particular reducing system capacity in order to maintain equipment utilization and boost returns on investment – should trigger an improvement in freight rates" Say what? NO, this is not true, small trucking companies won't just be able to buy a bunch more trucks to rise to the occasion BUT the big guys will definitely buy more trucks as the market improves, why wouldn't they? Sometimes I look at what these so-called experts spout, and I just gotta shake my head.

  • FLEET OWNER 500 AMERICA'S TOP PRIVATE FLEETS   13 weeks 1 day ago    

    There must be an updated version of this blog too.
    There would have been significant changes since the blog has been published.

  • DHL: Artificial intelligence will remold logistics world   13 weeks 1 day ago    

    Nice post! I am organizing a AI hackathon (programming competition) at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, best scientific university of Ukraine.

    The topic is deep learning applied to real-world problems, and in our registration survey, participants showed a strong interest for logistics topics. So your post is very inspiring for us!

    I am looking for remote speakers to present their challenges to our talented crowd.
    Can you suggest someone?

    If your company has cash to spend, it is even more interesting.
    We hope this event will initiate new collaborations: recruitment, funding, consulting, outsourcing...

  • UPS tests delivery drone from atop package car   13 weeks 1 day ago    

    The Orion program is a joke. The fact that they are comparing the drone program to it means they are both destined for failure. The higher-ups have to much money invested to admit it.

  • DEF in the Radiator?   13 weeks 2 days ago    

    I own a farm tractor with Tier 4a emissions system and the past year have experienced problems with first an inter-cooler internal leakage and this past fall a radiator failure where-by the interior of the core was eaten out. At first, the rad shop thought it to be electrolysis, but testing for stray voltage revealed nothing unusual. Then I took a coolant sample and sent to lab to discover a pH of 11.2, very alkaline. The coolant sample has high aluminum content and an ammonia odor, which was very noticeable. An oil sample at the same time revealed high copper content and potassium, and some aluminum, sodium and tin. Later a DEF sample was taken to look for traces of coolant, none found. Dealer is stumped! And I am frustrated and unhappy with the actions taken. Any advice?

  • Estes launches human trafficking awareness campaign   13 weeks 3 days ago    

    Human trafficking is a serious crime, Estes campaign is very appreciable. It rises the awareness in society.

  • Brain-injured trucker publishes children's book   13 weeks 3 days ago    

    How about a book on the elves try trucking? We need to get the younger generation into trucking in order to help curb the on-going driver shortage.

  • Defending fleets against cyber threats   13 weeks 3 days ago    

    Cargo theft. Important, sure. Even more important is remote control of 3 million trucks via the mandated ELD device that MUST be connected to the CAN of our ECMs. This has created a back door to both hackers, who can remotely take over a truck's operating systems including brakes and steering and to dispatchers who merrily falsify drivers logs whenever they want. This Is All Searchable On Google! In addition to cargo theft, I wonder why FMCSA is so willing to add another hackable device to the telematics mix. Perhaps it is because of the Billions of dollars in airtime fees that manufacturers will accrue, while Smart Phone apps easily, safely and inexpensively replace paper logs and the poor manufacturers will miss out on this largess. One more burdonsome mandate that will cost trucking more billions of dollars and create even more hazardous driving from drivers pushing to make their runs within a nonflexible schedule. Flexibility is the name of the game and without it, you will have many shippers and receivers left sitting with their mouths open after getting a phone call saying their time sensitive freight is sitting 10 miles away at a rest area in Wyoming. This is the practical operational perspective that Keith will not, but probably should, be talking about. Ivory tower perspectives will never adequately replace the view from where the rubber meets the road.

  • ARTBA’s “bad bridge” report   14 weeks 18 hours ago    

    Isn't it strange that the number of deficient bridges in the US.,is determined by the association who's members are the companies that repair and/or replace the bridges

  • Battling to change educational perspective   14 weeks 18 hours ago    

    I agree that this is a major problem and truck driving becomes more and more widespread. Education plays very important role in everyone's life. One should possess many writing skills to complete and get an excellent career in future.

  • Trucking exec ‘stuns’ senator with safety stats   14 weeks 1 day ago    

    Senator Booker needs to stop believing everything that the anti truck media and anti truck groups tell him. I suggest he speed some time on truck video site, you tube and others and see the immense number of near accidents and accidents that are caused by the motoring public who feel the trucks are only in there way. I have been a commercial driver for 44 years and have had more scares than I want to remember from the smaller motoring public. The vast majority of accidents involving trucks are caused by the smaller vehicles (over 90 % in my experience). Yet trucks get all the blame!! Step up and check them out Senator!

  • Study: Millennial drivers exhibit dangerous behaviors   14 weeks 2 days ago    

    Like this is the 1st time young drivers have driven like this?
    This is nothing new.

    Should have seen us back in the mid seventies.

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