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  • New bill would permit 91,000-lb. rigs with extra axle   20 weeks 22 hours ago    

    My god. How would various governments operate, with fewer trucks to fine for revenue? Not to mention all those ticky tacky overweight fines. I'm serious. It will never happen because it would cut into a revenue source for everything for your local justice of the peace courts here in Texas to the fines the Feds hand out. Trucking is a hidden source of revenue for the government, and a perfect one at that. They claim the industry is so dangerous that you will probably die on the way to Walmart this week, so they pass regulations for "safety" that always have fines. When Americans pick up a loaf of bread, or a six pack, they have no clue, how much of what they pay goes toward, fines, fees, and costly, do nothing regulations imposed on trucking. In Texas, texdot now brags that they take in more money than they receive from tax payers. They still get it from tax payers, they just use trucking as a middle man.

  • Efforts underway to fix truck parking problem   20 weeks 22 hours ago    

    I keep reading these articles about very real problems in the industry, and often read comments sent in by drivers, and I'm always a little perplexed. People are always calling on the fmcsa, the DOT, or some other agency to figure out a solution to that problem. DRIVERS, calling on the government, either federal or state is a little like having the fox go check out the problem in the hen house. The government is the source of the vast majority of the issues both carriers and drivers have these days. They are THE reason there is a driver shortage, having driven out older drivers, who were around when truck driving was just that, and not a job where you are valued more for your knowledge of the latest regulations, than you are for your ability to drive a truck safely, and profitably down the road. Yes I probably do have old guys syndrome, and the phrase, "back in my day" is often on the tip of my tongue, but truck drivers used to be an independent lot, and have just rolled over and accepted their home states surrendering their right to regulate the industry in their state to the feds, and when was the last time the federal government made anything better? Here in Texas, our bunch in Austin are more worried about their money coming from DC, than they are about the state loosing ability to make choices ourselves. Why does a truck that is registered to operate only in Texas required to have a US DOT number? In the paperwork I got recently after getting a new DOT number for my intrastate operation, they sent me a form for all my drivers to sign stating what the policy of my company was, with the name inserted in all the appropriate locations. It is not appropriate for the government to tell me anything about what the policy of this company is, as long as I comply with the regulations, and for a company that doesn't operate interstate at all, there should be zero federal regulations that apply. Keep calling on the Feds to improve your situation, and you'll come to find the cure is worse than the disease.

  • Trucking executives seek help to solve driver shortage   20 weeks 1 day ago    

    Because most of the UPS "model" is the result of union negotiations primarily by the Teamsters.

  • Trucking executives seek help to solve driver shortage   20 weeks 1 day ago    

    Pay, home time, equipment, customers, are all part of the equation. However, I'd refer any driver and executive to read the article, "Drivers: Ten ways to be more professional" published yesterday in Fleetowner. If you want respect, you need to start by looking into the mirror. 4-wheelers will continue to do stupid things around trucks. Shippers and receivers will continue to pull shenanigans at the dock. It's how you handle yourself that can make a difference for the better.

  • Companies seeking freight cost cuts via nearshoring   20 weeks 2 days ago    

    We agree. Companies are recognizing that with the use of the refined metrics of total cost of ownership to uncover the hidden costs and risks of offshoring and reducing costs with sustainable strategies such as robotics, improved product design, innovation, automation, and lean they can increase competitiveness and manufacture profitably in the U.S.

    We see many companies moving toward localization. U.S. companies are reshoring to be in close proximity to the U.S. market. Reshoring is a good strategic move for many companies due to rising offshore wages, counterfeit parts, IP risks, quality issues, risks along complicated supply chains, long lead times and carrying costs of large inventories.

    By reshoring and shortening supply chains, companies can greatly improve lead times, responsiveness to customers, quality, innovation and R&D.

    In order to help companies decide objectively to reshore manufacturing back to the U.S. or offshore, the not-for-profit Reshoring Initiative’s free Total Cost of Ownership Estimator (TCO) can help corporations calculate the real P&L impact of reshoring or offshoring. TCO can be found on the ReshoreNow dot org website.

  • GHG Phase II: Upfront costs versus payback for fleets   20 weeks 2 days ago    

    Interesting article. It does, however seem disingenuous to estimate the payback on 2013 diesel prices. The DOE average fuel price for diesel in that year was 3.92 / gallon. Today’s price is 2.49. It has proven to be a fool’s errand to predict the price of oil, but nothing indicates we are headed back to $4.00 / gallon diesel anytime soon. Therefore, the I’d assume the ROI would now be closer to 3 to 4 years, assuming the underlying assumption around fuel economy are accurate.

  • Trucking executives seek help to solve driver shortage   21 weeks 8 hours ago    

    Step number one in solving the driver shortage is getting the government out of the trucking business. Why would anyone want to pursue a career where the primary function of government is to make your life miserable? EOBR's, speed limiters, ridiculous inspection practices and subsequent fines. It's all a scam. I've been a driver for 30 years and will retire this year. I very strongly discourage young people from getting into trucking whenever I have the opportunity. This once noble profession has been destroyed by the FMCSA and ata. Not to mention the states who pillage drivers for fines. It's really sad.

  • Trucking executives seek help to solve driver shortage   21 weeks 16 hours ago    

    You talk about driver might be one of the major reasons as to why.
    I have several years cross-border experience.
    Didn't care for how I was treated and ending up losing my investment (a brand new 60 thousand dollar Sprinter Cargo van) just because I had no choice in losing my truck because they did not give me loads. I cryed almost every time they sent me across the border to help them deliver in the time frame they told me, to make them look good, but no loads back into Canada.
    This whole experience I went through, I blame the tranport company that over promised me and under delivered what they verbally told me.
    I am a hard worker, and I got the bug of long haul driving in me.
    I am so committed that after years of wishing I could do this career again...I am going for AZ training. I'm a Canadian.
    If there is any transport company out there that will give me that career I want as a straight truck long haul driver that doesn't need home time, then hire me.
    Build me that straight truck with a 144' custom sleeper so that I can run the loads you need to have delivered asap.
    Pay me for my hard work, and help help pay down on that large straight truck.
    Sincerely...get in touch so we can talk about driving loads

  • Economist on driver shortage: Higher pay alone not solving it   21 weeks 20 hours ago    

    I am a driver that works for a small company. It has only 14 trucks. The owner is a outstanding boss that knows what drivers go thru each and everyday out on the road. This said he leaves us alone and doesn't bother us like the big companies do. They micro manage your entire time while out on the road. I worked for several large trucking companies and I did make a ok living I couldn't deal with the constant micro managing of everything I did. The truck had a computer system that the office could see everything the truck did. As truckers you know that dealing with 4 wheelers and even dumbass truckers is a constant but every time your truck makes a sudden stop or turn I'd get a call from my driver manager. This seems like a good thing in some instances but needs to be left alone most times. The new regulations bring mandated on this industry is what is destroying it. Let us drivers do our jobs that is what we were hired to do and the retention rate of drivers will increase.

  • Economist on driver shortage: Higher pay alone not solving it   21 weeks 1 day ago    

    What an idiot! He says "Robots don't really care whether they're in Dayton, OH, or Shenzhen, China, and the good news is they don't take a break and don't need to stop working for lunch," Larkin said.

    AND, excuse me but "higher pay alone is not solving it"? Then truck drivers are really robots? and they don't even need to stop for lunch? AND they don't even need "higher pay"? Then the "higher pay that they are receiving" alone is NOT making it? Funny, do you think that pay might be far from adequate?

    Well if you give a McDonalds French Fry Engineer a raise from his/her $10 per hr to $15 per hr, and this "robot" believes it should be $25 per hr.... then how do you say that pay alone "is not making it"?

    The reality is that "pay alone" is NEVER going to make it until the pay equals fair pay balanced against the demand!

    PAY ALONE will always solve the demand for additional capacity when the pay reaches the excess. We are years away from the naysayers like Larkin to be proven WRONG!

    Solve the Driver pay deficiency, then solve the Driver shortage! Pay alone has always solved ANY crisis! Round and Round we go, where we stop, only corporate America knows! $ is the answer.

    There is NO Driver shortage! There are millions of experienced qualified Drivers willing and able to take the wheel immediately..... but ONLY when the PAY equals the expectations! AND Pay alone is not solving it? You better review the pay and get a grip on the kind of pay that solves the problem!

    Until then............ GOOD LUCK!!!

  • Trucking executives seek help to solve driver shortage   21 weeks 1 day ago    

    Why don't trucking executives use the UPS model, $98,000 to $140,000 a year (80 cpm plus all delays paid @ $32.00 an hour.) depending on seniority and length of run. Insurance paid 100%, home every day, off on weekends, up to 6 wks paid vacation and 7 paid sick days? Oh I know, they won't get the tens of millions to take home!

  • Truck Driving Would be a Great Job if You Got Paid   21 weeks 1 day ago    

    It sure is nice to work for a company that get this and is making a difference toward both getting a driver home ever night and allowing him/her to make a decent wage. I have tried to implement hourly pay but unfortunately the work ethic isn't high with everyone and some will try to take advantage and work slowly. It will take awhile for the pendulum to swing back to the driver but we have a distribution system that demands truck and that will demand drivers. We need to take steps that draw the younger person into the industry. Start by lowering the age to 18. If you can die for you county at 18 why shouldn't you be allowed to pursue a professional driving career?

  • Trucking executives seek help to solve driver shortage   21 weeks 1 day ago    

    Seems like company's won't take the simple step[ not so simple to execute] and get their shippers and receivers to treat their drivers like humans instead of like s--t. Company's need to have their dispatchers or what ever they choose to call them to stop lying to their drivers.

  • Economist on driver shortage: Higher pay alone not solving it   21 weeks 1 day ago    

    Driver pay is low because there are many many people who are willing to "try out" truck driving as a job, and like anything else, starting salaries in any career, line of work, or profession always leave one with something to look forward to in the future. As such, many folks, mostly men, dabble in it from time to time. Trucking is a service and demand for that service is affected by seasons, business cycles, weather, etc. There are no guarantees, just many risks, usually of things that are not in anyone's control. In short, a driver has to learn to put up with a lot, in return for little.

  • Economist on driver shortage: Higher pay alone not solving it   21 weeks 1 day ago    

    While I am not hardcore money-motivated it definitely drove me insane to be away from home and willing to work (drive) but stuck someplace with the wheels not turning. Detention pay was only sightly more than minimum wage and didn't start for hours. "Planners" may well do a great job for the trucking companies but they don't do much for drivers: two days to drive 500 miles; delivering a load at 11:00 and being assigned another load that picks up at 13:00 the next day; truck in for repair for three days but only being pad after 48 hours. All that time sitting gives drivers waaay to much time to think ... about how else they could be making a living.

  • Economist on driver shortage: Higher pay alone not solving it   21 weeks 2 days ago    

    As a driver I'd just like to point out that most drivers have only got about 1/2 cent pay raise in the last 2 years. That's about $13 a week increase. Figuring in inflation I made much more in 1995. My wife makes almost as much as I do working at a unskilled position in a call center. Looking at the parking lots at trucking companies it's easy to see where all the raises went.

  • Sandberg: Trucking rules delayed but not stopped   21 weeks 2 days ago    

    PLEASE keep OSHA out of Trucking it's none of there business, they shouldn't be in existence away they are killing America industry. their not elected individuals they have no business making or enforcing anything period!!!

  • Hours vs. miles   21 weeks 2 days ago    

    This has been long overdue and still a little late in the scheme of things . simply put no creditor in this credit base society sill extend you credit base on your mileage pay that fluxiate week to week. And hos forbud you take unpaid home time.

  • Freightliner introduces autonomous vehicle driver certification   21 weeks 2 days ago    

    Can a driver like myself participate in the Certification Program?

  • Too much, not enough? Comment period to close on FMCSA insurance minimums   21 weeks 4 days ago    

    Very useful article full of information. If you want more information then you can visit this website too

  • What’s the right question?   21 weeks 4 days ago    

    Very clever the way you blamed the mainstream media for your problems.

  • Thanking truck drivers for the vital work many don't see   21 weeks 5 days ago    

    I think people don't realized the important roles that truck's play in our life. Even the cars that we drive come by truck.

  • Skinny Down   22 weeks 1 day ago    

    Paul, as always, a very thought-provoking piece. A question: how do you envision cars and other non-autonomous vehicles moving through the lane of autonomous trucks to enter or exit the highway? Would the dedicated truck lane be the outside/curb lane? Or would it be the far left lane instead? Or?

  • 10 key slides detail growing driver shortage   22 weeks 3 days ago    

    Could someone email this document to me?
    This is valuable information, and I would like to have it in PowerPoint/PDF format. Thanks

  • Trucking by the Numbers 2015: Economics   22 weeks 6 days ago    

    Great article

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