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  • A tipping point for disc brakes in North American trucking?   15 weeks 2 days ago    

    There needs to be some progress made on lowering the cost of maintaining disc brake systems. The initial cost is one thing, but when there is a failure in a disc brake system, the cost of repair is extremely high.

  • FMCSA extends comment period on sleep apnea proposal   15 weeks 2 days ago    

    Its good that drivers can get engaged in the process and understand this isn't just a regulatory activity to put new burdens and responsibilities on them.Great news. Thanks for sharing.

  • Safer today, autonomous tomorrow   15 weeks 3 days ago    

    Noble experiment lets fix our Counties highway and bridge system first !

  • OEM Perspective: Getting there   15 weeks 3 days ago    

    It'll be a combination of technology + driver behind the wheel conscientious driving. Tech is trying to take the driving style factor out of the equation. It's not as simple as that - the new tech sometimes requires the driver to change their shifting and braking habits to take full advantage. Overall - we can do this together! All starts with measuring performance - Geotab telematics is collecting one of the world's largest data sets in trucking useful for predictive maintenance and driver safety and driving style coaching. #Geotab @Geotab

  • Driver pay: Know your target   15 weeks 5 days ago    

    Excellent article. I am currently a student driver and I will use articles like this one to further gauge companies I express interest in working for. If I notice that companies are implementing incentive programs for retention purposes, I will know they have used the metrics displayed above.

  • Driver pay: Know your target   15 weeks 5 days ago    

    There are many things that can be done to improve driver recruiting and retention. The short story is think of them like customers. How do you recruit and retain customers? If a good customer leaves don't you ask why?

  • Uber for Trucks: A mobile freight revolution?   15 weeks 6 days ago    

    Dear Editor,

    Pls check if there is a contridiction or wrong typing in this article,

    Paragraph 3 - By 2025, the mobile freight market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 74.65% and generate ((($26.40 billion))) in revenue for the entire market,

    And down below:

    Here’s a look at what that means for key industry segments by 2025:

    1.For-hire fleets – The market is expected to reach approximately 16% of the entire freight brokerage market (((about $220 billion))) and primarily comprise for-hire fleets.

    Pls advise if it is talking about two issues($26.40 and $220 billion), or just a simply wrong typing.

    Thanks & regards,
    James Chen

  • Terror and trucking: Where the threats hide   15 weeks 6 days ago    

    I'd be more concerned with nuclear waste haulers

  • Figuring out how to find and keep workers in trucking   16 weeks 4 days ago    

    People moved to the fracking fields by the thousands when there was work and the pay was good. Trucking appears to have the work.......

  • Mercedes-Benz rolls out new Sprinter van   17 weeks 47 min ago    

    Mercedes sprinter is a vehicle which earns a lot of popularity in the industry before the actual sales. And this 2014 sprinter is already a hit in the market due to its looks, built, performance, and safety quality whatever you say. Nothing is compromised in this vehicle for the trade-off. This will be specially appreciated by the people who love to go for a long journey with a healthy number of friends or family members. The price of the vehicle is also reasonable. Anybody who wishes for this luxury vehicle with optimum comfort will not hesitate to pay this much of amount. For more information about Sprinter Van Service, you can go to

  • FMCSA takes 'first step' to sleep apnea rule   17 weeks 2 days ago    

    The the truck drivers sacrifice our life to bring goodies for the rest of this country and we never been awarded any merit for what we are doing.
    Every moment behind the wheel of a truck could be our last in our life and nobody cares about us.
    In top of that I what to see a real truck stop with real natural and healthy food so we can buy a healthier meal and to became nice and healthy like our politicians that are bombarding this trucking industries with all kinds of new laws including this Sleep apnea that benefits mostly medical industry that problaby give HEALTY donation to our legislator to force us to became healtier.
    How can I became healty when we don't have not even a single option for a healty life .
    I do invite any legislator to visit a truck stop here in Northeast(maybe he will find a parking spot) and see first hand how miserable is a life of a over the road truck driver.
    I been a truck driver in this country for 20+years and in Europe for another 10 with zero accident of my fault or zero speeding tickets and most of my 2.000.000 plus miles was spent here into one of the most congested area of this North American continent and I will love to see at least one legislator in my cab to see how real trucker life is here in Northeast.
    I have the honor not to long ago to meet some of the old truckers with 50+ years behind wheel and I was told that in their career they never seen so much stupidity like in the past 10 years and they very happy to retire they wish me Good luck .....because We all need one.

  • ATRI: Cost of sleep apnea treatment high for drivers   17 weeks 2 days ago    

    Home Sleep Testing will cost less than $250

  • FMCSA, CVSA and tread depth   17 weeks 2 days ago    

    I would not agree with all of this article. As a former roadside enforcement officer , I took many things into consideration. Drivers attitude, overall condition of the truck, the company's CSA scores and the seriousness of the violation all were considered.

    No citation is an absolute. It is and has been the officers discretion.

    Even OOS violations do not guarantee a ticket. While it is certainly more likely, I used the previously mentioned statement in my decision to cite.

    " Drivers will be ticketed for every condition under FMCSA inspection guidelines ". Mr. Rolling seems to paint every DOT officer as wanting to do nothing but cite, cite and cite some more.

    This is simply not true. While their are officers who cite for a lot of things, that is not a majority. When is the last time you had a level 1 inspection with multiple violations and were cited for everything ? Officers can not only cite the driver but also the carrier.

    Companies that had BAD equipment , had BAD CSA scores or drivers had BAD attitudes were much more likely to get a cite. Do a good pre-trip , do your best to get stuff fixed and keep the attitude in check until after the officer is gone. It will be better and cheaper for you in the long run.

    I just spent the morning doing Level 1's for a company so they will be ready for the Operation Roadcheck next week. What have you done to prepare ?

    Andy Blair

  • Drivers: Opportunity knocks   17 weeks 3 days ago    

    What opportunities in trucking? Once a driver, always a driver.

  • Women In Trucking CEO and founder Ellen Voie honored by White House   17 weeks 4 days ago    

    An amazing leader and human!

  • Fleet Owner Dozen: Ellen Voie   17 weeks 4 days ago    


  • Figuring out how to find and keep workers in trucking   17 weeks 4 days ago    

    Changing the name of a job does not make the job any better. It is like calling truck drivers pilots because they pick it up over there and pile it over here. Drivers need to be paid for everything they do no sitting around waiting for free. This includes waiting for dispatch , loads , repairs and any time they are not moving when they have hours to work. And very important treat drivers with respect.

  • Cascadia natural gas day cab ready for test drives   18 weeks 1 day ago    

    I think every good thing or work need a great work hard and by this you get success in your life. If you don't work hard the task you assign so you will hit very badly with failure. I like you work here. thanks

  • Long term vs. short term thinking in trucking   18 weeks 2 days ago    

    Well stated Mr. Kirkland

  • Limit your speed, save a life   18 weeks 2 days ago    

    It takes a while for comments to appear as all have to be approved to avoid filling the comments sections with spam. A little patience goes a long way.

  • Limit your speed, save a life   18 weeks 2 days ago    

    Once again I see that Fleet Owner doesn't want any comments that aren't favorable to them. You are just like our crooked politicians; you don't care about anyone's opinion but your own. THIS IS NOT THE AMERICAN WAY. WAKE UP YOU MORONS. Go ahead and put me on your banned list. I'm cancelling all subscriptions that I have for you and unsubscribing to your emails. You clearly are not for improving and helping the trucking industry through shared views, opinions and experience. Just another organization owned by the big trucking companies that have ruined a once great industry. Maybe one day you will wake up and see the light.

  • Limit your speed, save a life   18 weeks 2 days ago    

    I guess they didn't study how many crashes are caused by 4 wheelers compared to trucks or how unsafe split speeds are. What about the road rage caused by cars being stuck behind slow trucks side by side for miles at a time. LET THE CARNAGE BEGIN. There are a lot of people who think they are experts that have never even seen the inside of a truck. They need to spend six months on the road getting a look at the real world from the cab of a truck. It would be an eye opening experience.

  • Botched drug sting: Trucker looks to Supreme Court   18 weeks 2 days ago    

    There would seem to be more to the story, a truck doesn't cost 6.4 million.

  • Truck parking: How big a problem is it?   18 weeks 3 days ago    

    Is the problem available truck parking, or that those drivers wanting to find a parking space are only looking for them in truck stops? Rest areas, industrial areas, and weigh scales are just a few of the alternative places that offer truck parking. And successfully finding parking is a direct result of good route planning. Experienced drivers know that looking for a parking space at 9 or 10pm is difficult at best!

  • Botched drug sting: Trucker looks to Supreme Court   18 weeks 4 days ago    

    If we have to pay restitution and rebuild foreign countries, then business owners in our country should have the same right.

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