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  • IronPlanet introduces online bidding for live auctions   18 weeks 1 day ago    

    To create such a truly amazing article, I read your blog every day and give me for that announcement here this article is too great and very entertaining thanks.

  • Should drivers be worried about blood clots?   18 weeks 1 day ago    

    I no yall old school drivers aint up for change but hnedesign have the present and future solution to these epidemics us drivers face after years of sitting behind these wheels i myself got 15yrs under my belt nothing compared to yall super vets but in these 15 yrs im experiencing most of these illnesses us truckers go thru the answer to this is the SUSD (stand up sit down) truck yes you herd me right you wanna no more go to

  • Request denied: FMCSA 'stands by' 30-minute break   18 weeks 3 days ago    

    Don't you mean anti truck driver special interest groups? Not to name names, but a hint in two words 'Big Box t----ing company's'. OK... That's more'n two words.

  • Request denied: FMCSA 'stands by' 30-minute break   18 weeks 3 days ago    

    All I can say to ayn.rand is AMEN, no acronym intended.

    The CVSA and friends are bottom-liners to the core. After all, 30 minutes every 24 hours 365 days a year for 3.5 million drivers (give or take a few) is definitely draining $ from the bottom line.

    If the CVSA and friends can't remove the 30 minute requirement legally they will, of course, resort to brow-beating and guilt tripping the driver to work, work, work for those valuable 30 minutes. That's called VABAMN (Value Added by any means necessary)...and the beat(ing) goes on....

  • And then there were 10: Why self-certify ELDs now?   18 weeks 3 days ago    

    I do not need to put a ELD Unit in my 1 Truck because I am Retiring on the day they becone a law !! "NO MAN OR GOVERNMENT " will tell me when, how, or if I can work!

  • 100 trucking efficiency tips   18 weeks 4 days ago    

    Tires matter & smart way isn't good enough. There is a significant difference between the best & worst Smart way tire.

    Super singles?

  • Request denied: FMCSA 'stands by' 30-minute break   18 weeks 4 days ago    

    They have no real evidence for any of their mandates. I don't actually mind taking any breaks, but being punished for taking breaks is not right. The old hos rules allowed us to stop and take breaks for traffic jams etc. and not be punished on our work time. Today's rules punish drivers whom are trying to avoid congested cities by keeping the clock running.

  • And then there were four   18 weeks 4 days ago    

    Automotive World and the western media are clueless about the Chinese truck industry.

    Dongfeng does NOT belong to Volvo. Volvo owns a 45% minority (non-controlling) stake in Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles, one unit of Dongfeng Motor Group.

    To elaborate more, parent company Dongfeng Motor Corporation’s (DFM) Hong Kong publicly listed entity Dongfeng Motor Group (DFG) subsidiary sold a 45% non-controlling minority stake in its Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle (DFCV) subsidiary to Volvo for US$886 million (5.51 billion Yuan).

    China 2015 Overall Heavy Truck Sales:

    Dongfeng 117,400
    Sinotruk 97,000
    FAW 86,800
    Shaanxi 80,900
    Foton 73,500
    JAC 29,935
    Chengdu Dayun 15,202
    CAMC 13,167
    SAIC-Iveco-Hongyan 8,708
    North Benz 8,680
    Other 15,508

    Top 10 Total 531,292
    Overall Total 546,800 (743,991 in 2014)

    2015 Overall Heavy Truck Market Share:

    Dongfeng 21.5%
    Sinotruk 17.7%
    FAW 15.9%
    Shaanxi 14.8%
    Foton 13.4%
    JAC 5.5%
    Chengdu Dayun 2.8%
    CAMC 2.4%
    SAIC-Iveco-Hongyan 1.6%
    North Benz 1.6%
    Other companies 2.8%

  • Suggesting 60-68 mph, FMCSA, NHTSA propose truck speed limiters   18 weeks 4 days ago    

    I have been in the trucking industry for 34 years. I also was a technician at Freightliner and can confirm the absolute trash running up and down our roads.
    The speed limiter is nothing but a political timebomb. This will come back to haunt them. If it is truely for safety as they claim then ALL vehicles should be governed.
    It only takes one idiot to cause a wreck and a backup while reading the news paper, a book,texting, or snapchatting. So we blame the app developers, the gun manufactures, the vehicle manufactures for stupid people. Punish the masses for the crimes of the few.
    I remember reading in the DOT drivers manual that all drivers must speak, read, and be able to write in english. I guess that has changed.

  • Suggesting 60-68 mph, FMCSA, NHTSA propose truck speed limiters   18 weeks 4 days ago    

    It won't work. Too many of todays drivers don't have the stones to do it. It didn't work 34 years ago,it damn sure won't work now.

    Obama is reaching his goal of putting all Americans on the welfare line. He is putting this country in the toilet. He has his EPA and FDA running the trucking industry into the ground under the guidance of BNSF owner Warren Buffet. He has been backing the progressive left for years and was involved in the killing of the keystone pipeline because he would lose millions if it went in the pipe.

    Elect Hillary and she will flush the handle on all of us.

  • Suggesting 60-68 mph, FMCSA, NHTSA propose truck speed limiters   18 weeks 4 days ago    

    Your correct about fleets bowing to insurance companies.
    Many of the large fleets have formed their own insurance groups because of the cost. I think what people don't realize it that the large fleets caused this problem. They worked with the American Trucking Association to force out the small companies with all of these regulations and mandates. Now these same companies are looking for exemptions because the chickens have come home to roost.

    I can recall Swift Trans being sued by the state of Arizona for runnung their trucks at 57 mph. The state claimed they were a road hazard. I knew this becaus I knew the CEO.

  • Suggesting 60-68 mph, FMCSA, NHTSA propose truck speed limiters   18 weeks 4 days ago    

    It took voting out Queen Ann aka Ann Richardson here in Texas to git rid of the stupid multiple split speed limits which killed many people because of conflicting speed limits.
    The problem is the same as it was 34 years ago when I started driving. Stupid people. The Obama administration thinks it can legislate every aspect of this country. Jeff Foxworthy said it best, you can't fix stupid.
    The real problem is that common sense is no longer common.

  • Will your next powertrain feature hybrid drive technology?   18 weeks 5 days ago    

    The writer should visit a transit bus garage and have a quiet word with the mechanics who fix the hybrids, may change his tune a bit..!!!

    The power assist for acceleration from a stop and the braking retardation are the two good features.... just not sure if a highway tractor could benefit carrying all that weight and cost. It may suit small/medium delivery trucks, but he just said that isn't working out.

    When we blow a DPIM or IGBT, my manager cringes... $$$

    Remember, in the trademarked Allison system, the engine has no starter... you can't bump start them and pushing for more than a few feet with the axle still in causes considerable damage... so, operator mindset has also got to change.

    I don't dislike them... just can't rave about the perceived cost savings vs. gains in reduced greenhouse gases.

    Perhaps 10 years from now, they will develop something that works for a good price... even then, I will lease not buy.

  • And then there were four   18 weeks 5 days ago    

    Automotive World publishes a ranking of the top truck manufacturers in the world. You can google it. Figure 13 shows Dongfeng as 4th (but it really belongs with Volvo), Tata as fifth, PACCAR as sixth and China FAW as seventh. The list that Automotive World puts together does not really show the control and who is biggest. The main point is that there is consolidation in the trucking industry as well as vertical integration to save costs, and limiting fleet options.

  • And then there were four   18 weeks 5 days ago    

    Paul, about Icahn, he invested into NAV back in 2011 at over $40 a share. I'm sure he wants to at least break even or, after all the years of his investment, make a profit. Thus, NAV needs to more than double its current share price in order for him to accomplish that.

    The announcement of course caused the pop to $20, but shy of a second far deeper VW investment, only visible results will carry NAV's stock price up to the mid-40s for Icahn.

    The announcement said VW Group engines (newer MAN and/or Scania) won't show up in International trucks until 2019. So, one can't expect NAV's stock price to double until then, when the market can see what they've come up with, and customer response.

    You follow me on my big 4 comment. I'm not knocking you, always enjoy your thoughts. In my mind, the European truckmakers have been leading the global market since the late 1990s. Today, Daimler, VW and Volvo are locked in an often savage battle to become the world's number one truckmaker by volume. The US truckmarket has been sucked into the global market, and today is sadly dominated by foreign truckmakers Daimler and Volvo.

    And today, the European truckmakers live in fear of being acquired by the Chinese truckmakers. Scania allowed itself to be taken over by VW, to avoid a Chinese purchase. The mentioned Chinese truckmakers are members of the global players.

  • 100 trucking efficiency tips   18 weeks 6 days ago    

    101. Don't be afraid to experiment with fuel additives in both summer and winter.

    Really a good, QUALITY additive will show results within the first tank full.

    Beyond lowering the max allowable sulfur content, there have been NO adjustments of ASTM specifications in a decade, yet engine technology advances by leaps and bounds. Tighter tolerances and modifications need a superior fuel quality to keep running optimally.

    Not all the aerodynamic accessories on the planet will be worth a damn if the engine dies from a blown/clogged injector.

  • Navistar, Volkswagen forge global partnership   18 weeks 6 days ago    

    Good and exciting,but I am desperately in need of help to start up
    a trucking business. If I can secure a contract to buy a big truck I can
    realize my dream. Thank you

  • And then there were four   18 weeks 6 days ago    

    I come from Detroit, where reference to the Big 3 was always to the 3 largest US manufacturers. Saying Big 4 harkens back to this. I am forecasting that Carl Icahn and his protege will eventually sell their shares to VW which will give VW controlling interest. Next step will be to buy out the remaining shareholders. Wait 5-10 years and see if I am right.

  • And then there were four   18 weeks 6 days ago    

    Paul, with all due respect, VW holding a mere 16.6 minority stake in Navistar does not make it foreign-owned.

    Today, Navistar remains an independent U.S.-owned truckmaker.

    I note that, in coining the phrase "big 4", you omitted the Chinese truckmakers who, in the world's largest heavy truck market, are at the same volume level as Daimler, Volvo, VW and Paccar.

    Any mention of the world's big, leading heavy truck manufacturers in year 2016 has to include Dongfeng, FAW, CNHTC (Sinotruk) and Shaanqi.

  • Brake Safety Week 2016: Tips from Bendix, CVSA   19 weeks 10 hours ago    

    It should be noted that the typical pre-trip inspection does not check brake adjustment. You would need a creeper and either a second person to operate the brakes or a device to keep the brakes applied to this by yourself.

    The air reservoir should be between 90-100 psi to do a proper check. Higher or lower pressure may not give an accurate reading.

    Of high importance is identifying the brake chamber size. This can be challenging as there are many different sizes and types and they all look somewhat similar. The different sizes of chambers allow for different amounts of pushrod travel. More trucks are now coming with Long Stroke chambers which is good as they allow an extra 1/4 inch of travel over the regular " short stroke" chambers. Chamber markings can be very hard to read and if you don't know the chamber size, you can't effectively measure the pushrod travel.

    The most common thing I find doing inspections is chafing. Look for anyplace that either two lines contact each other or that a single line is up against something. If there is ANY evidence of a flat spot...that is a violation. Have some old tubing or use some " loom" material to cut and zip tie over the chafed area.

    There are two good ways to check for leaks.

    Build the air to 120 psi , than shut the engine down. Hold your foot on the brake and just listen. If possible, have another person walk around your truck while you have the brakes fully applied.

    Or, build your truck to 120 psi , and shut the engine down. Watch the pressure gauge for any drop. Keep in mind that a small leak may take a while before you can see it on the gauge.

    Also, make sure your Low Air warning works. Pump your brakes down to below 60 psi and if your alarm doesn't work, it is an OOS violation. Starting at 60 psi ( engine on) with the parking brake off but your foot fully on the pedal, you must be able to see the air pressure increase ( at idle) high enough that the Low Air warning stops sounding. The rule is 2 minutes to recover. If you cant build up air in 2 minutes to silence the warning , don't drive away.

    I have been doing DOT inspections sine the late 90"s and continue to do them for companies like yours even though I am retired from doing enforcement.

    Andy Blair

  • Suggesting 60-68 mph, FMCSA, NHTSA propose truck speed limiters   19 weeks 2 days ago    

    TruckersWife, I think your a little late on that and your husband is a dreamer. Rolling road block, lmao... You cant get 2 of these new steering wheel holders to even agree on what fuel pump theyre gonna sleep at tonight let alone shut down. SAD PART IS that would cripple the country and we would have them by the nuts but that wont happen. You would think they would put their time into stopping these asshole 4 wheelers and STEERING WHEEL HOLDERS to stop texting and watching NETFLIX while driving down the road. That is what would save lives, causing a major convoy of 60 mile an hour trucks not being able to pass each other wont save anything. They could also investigate these damn foreigners driving junk and illegal trucks and unsake trucks. If this country only knew what was going on with all of these foreigners here driving 80,000lb. missles down our roads I think that might stir some shit up. What happened to HOMELAND SECURITY???? We have these people from all over the world here free to do whatever they want, they even go into our military bases to deliver freight. lol

  • The case for speed limiters: More political than technical?   19 weeks 4 days ago    

    The focus of this study/article seems to be on interstate driving. What happens on US routes and state highways that have lower posted limits. Can the speed limiter make an adjustment for the road on which the vehicle travels? And, when weather is a factor, how does the speed limiter determine how much to reduce the maximum speed?

  • Hitting the brakes   19 weeks 5 days ago    

    This immediate commitment regarding senior management as well as participation regarding employees in the development regarding workplace well-being policies are a vital prerequisite to your successful execution of policies that could address the exact needs on the working local community.

  • Drivers are key to maintenance success   19 weeks 6 days ago    

    We at Tiro Technologies could not agree more with this article. The most difficult part and, often miss represented, is the tire inspection and psi check. It's cumbersome and time consuming to say the least. How many "calibrated" tire thumpers are out there in the industry? Countless I am sure. With the implementation of TiroGage installed fleet wide, the tedious task of tire pressure inspection can be done in a fraction of the usual time, usually under 2 minutes, accurate to 1% of set point! There are many important components to the safe operation of trucks. If the tires are not at optimal levels, other components start to wear and fail. TiroGage is not an electronic. It is a direct drive, instrument grade pressure gage that is accurate to 1% of the desired psi ranging from 50-140 psi. Tested in every possible environment, TiroGage is the simplest to implement, simplest to use, most rugged tire pressure system on the market today. Don't have the driver waste more time using the thumper or pencil gauge and watch fuel costs and tire wear rise. Get the driver on the road faster and with the confidence that ALL tires are at the optimal psi for the safest most economical ride possible! See Your CFO will thank you.

    Enjoy your ride!
    Mike Levenson

  • The case for speed limiters: More political than technical?   20 weeks 2 hours ago    

    60 miles an hour is to slow and will cause traffic Jams just like now that many of bigger companies have gone to Electronic logs has and is putting Large trucks in rush hour Traffic Jams which endangers the Public's Safety !! Do not believe me , just look to see how many trucks are now included in the traffic jams that are happening ! The Obama administration and Sec. Fox are most likely being paid off and you don't believe that well watch how RICH they become as soon as they leave Public Office!! All these regulations they are passing are only to en-rich themselves by special interest after they leave office and has nothing to do with Public Safety!!

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