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  • Reducing costs: Where do I start?   15 weeks 23 hours ago    

    Very good article often overlooked key indicators when managers are turned into Jr. accountants.

  • Reducing costs: Where do I start?   15 weeks 2 days ago    

    Great Article

  • What VW’s settlement means for green trucking efforts   15 weeks 6 days ago    

    Good article. Replacing older diesel trucks with new technology clean diesel engines is the most cost effective and fastest way to NOx mitigation by a factor of 50 over EV.

  • Bendix Wingman Fusion: A Kenworth T680 In-cab Demo with Fred Andersky   15 weeks 6 days ago    

    Just attended a live demo @ The Bendix Proving Grounds I was skeptical at first,seeing the system in action,it was amazing.It will be on every Tractor we order from Volvo in the future

  • Always Be Prepared   15 weeks 6 days ago    

    Bottom line, you just never know when your driver will win the next " Roadside DOT Lottery". As a former DOT Officer , I can help with that, I go to companies and run their trucks/trailers through the SAME inspection that I always did but no longer do I put anyone OOS or write expensive fines. You get a good idea of how well your fleet is being maintained and how well they would have made out on their next roadside inspection. I perform thorough inspections and leave no stone unturned in checking over trucks. For the price of a few traffic tickets, I can help you improve your Vehicle Maintenance Basic Score.

    More blitz inspections are coming

    Andy Blair

  • Bendix Wingman Fusion: A Kenworth T680 In-cab Demo with Fred Andersky   16 weeks 18 hours ago    

    Seems like it will cause more problem than help

  • Truck speed limiter proposal clears White House review   16 weeks 20 hours ago    

    I believe that the inability of the infrastructure alone to handle all of the "one speed" trucks is basis for this to be dismissed. Have states that once had 55 mph for trucks, and 65 mph for others already dismissed these laws due to the inability to make the highway safer? Training and enforcing the safety laws that are already in place would be much more effective at improving safety on the roads. Gary

  • Foxx: Speed-limiter proposal due next month   16 weeks 1 day ago    

    this is nothing but a fu$king Joke, $$$$$$$$ that's all it = up to for these jack wagons. Wal-mart don't want us, but they want food in there stores, and on there tables. you ass hats want the same thing. well guess what you all are about to over regulate the transportation industry to the point there wont be none.... the south is flooding, folks have lost home's Job's no income. and all you can push for is this bull shit. WE need to go back to the way The Way We Were and tell you all to pack your bags we don't need you because you don't need us.

  • How to fix common CPAP problems   16 weeks 5 days ago    

    It is all about the MONEY
    follow the money trail once they have you your are paying for the rest of your life if it helps or not or till your money runs out

  • Poll: 79% of Americans want tougher fuel economy standards   16 weeks 5 days ago    

    Pollution? " and trucks are a leading source of carbon pollution" -- In high school chemistry we learned that CO2 was a product of combustion. It may also be a "greenhouse" gas. But not a pollutant until it is in a proportion high enough to make breathing difficult. And, I also recall that CO2 is part of the photosynthesis process. Surely our plants and trees don't think it is a pollutant. I think the headline and commentary are misleading and biased.

  • Love’s Travel Stops opens two locations   16 weeks 6 days ago    

    You didnt mention the new Loves on I 49 and hwy 13, just south of Kansas City

  • Love’s Travel Stops opens two locations   16 weeks 6 days ago    

    The one with an IHOP sounds good. I will pass the one with the McDees

  • Wishful thinking   16 weeks 6 days ago    

    You are out of your mind. You want me to replace my 12 year old truck, for one that gets 1 or 2 mpg better. Beside the fact that I am still satisfied with my truck, did you not think about how much energy it takes to build a new pickup?

  • New system designed to stop texting while driving   17 weeks 1 day ago    

    The technologies now days have lot improved and I am happy to read more about such technology related find outs. I was late to find this article but it doesn’t matter as the thing furnished here contains so many things to learn.

  • Poll: 79% of Americans want tougher fuel economy standards   17 weeks 2 days ago    

    The Natural Resources Defense Council, an obscure non-profit environmental advocacy group that was given the media opportunity to babble their "agenda". And that's all well and fine.....their five minutes in the limelight.

    However, the hook of the article, that 79% of Americans allegedly want tougher fuel economy standards, is a ridiculous and fictional statement.

  • Poll: 79% of Americans want tougher fuel economy standards   17 weeks 2 days ago    

    Rarely take seriously any poll, as their minimum uses are primarily engaged in infotainment or used to shape public opinion, rather than learn from it. The questions should have included the real caveat of the negative impacts these costly regulatory burdens will have on their heavily guarded pocket books as energy, vehicle and taxes all increase to pay for the higher standards proposed in this poll. My guess is that the numbers would have dramatically changed when framed in such a realistic manner.

  • Volvo Truck Market Trends Show a Shift in Age   17 weeks 6 days ago    

    "Volvo is one of the most popular heavy duty truck brands on the market, but due to their consistent quality and price stability in comparison to other top brands, we do not bring them into the spotlight as often as we should"

    Geez Jessica, how much did Volvo pay you to say that?

    The sales numbers clearly show that Freightliner, Navistar, Kenworth and Peterbilt are all more "popular" than Volvo.

    Volvo.....consistent quality? Ask Volvo and Mack customers about their "consistent" injector cup woes.

    Consistently sky-high Volvo spare parts pricing.......that we could agree on.

    Obviously Volvo is NOT "so popular". The only brand selling worse than the Volvo brand is Volvo's Mack brand (go figure).

    Class 8 Jan-May 2014 Jan-May 2016

    Freightliner 35.3% 41.18%
    Navistar 15.31% 11.76%
    Kenworth 13.56% 13.92%
    Peterbilt 13.22% 13.17%
    Volvo 12.74% 9.37%
    Mack 8.08% 8.07%

  • Ford ups its towing power   18 weeks 6 min ago    

    In Pennsylvania ( and I suspect other states) , if you pull a trailer over 10,000 lbs , your tow vehicle must have a combination weight rating that covers the weight of the truck and trailer combined. The purpose is to prevent people from pulling a large trailer with a small truck. DO you really want someone pulling a 14,000 lb trailer with a non-turbo F-150 6 cylinder ? The manufacturer sets the vehicles combination weight rating which ultimately regulates how big of a trailer you can legally pull.

    In the case of this F-450 pulling a 30,0000 lb trailer. This truck would require a Class A CDL. The trailer is over 10,000 lbs AND the grand total of the combination exceeds 26,000 lbs. This pushes a truck/trailer combination like this into needing a CDL to drive it. You may want to check and see what licensing issues you may have when you buy a truck and intend to pull an over 10,000 lb trailer with it.

    Andy Blair

  • Q&A: Sleep apnea can heighten risks for fleets   18 weeks 2 days ago    

    Smh as long as were sedentary in that truck for 11 hours driving and 10 hours sleeping those problems are going to continue and we have a whole new generation coming what can really be done whats out there that will really help have impact on the present n future
    THIS is the solution

  • Controlling CSA Maintenance Violations   18 weeks 2 days ago    

    Another option is to have a former / retired DOT Enforcement Officer do Level 1 inspections on your fleet. Nothing against any mechanic but they are not trained to look for the specific 49 CFR / OOS violations that officers are. These former officers have a wealth of information and can do inspections to find violations that will likely be found in your next roadside check. They aren't going to write citations or issue OOS orders anymore, they can help you !

    This is one of the things that I do as a retired officer. I also have contacts with former officers in different parts of the US. I am located in PA but can travel as I needed.

    Andy Blair. Dotinspector@

  • Report proposes state exemptions to facilitate platooning, autonomous tech   18 weeks 2 days ago    

    How do the "platooning" vehicles deal with stop lights? I can guarantee you that a safe following distance does not affect delivery time. Drivers do not follow this rule anyway. It is a rarity to see a driver adhere to the following distance rule. It is the battle with a drivers impatience and over-expectation of other drivers that make it seem like they are being held back. I love technology, but let's say that it is our only hope. Drivers need to take more responsibility, NOW!

  • J.D. Power: Fuel efficiency key metric for medium-duty trucks   18 weeks 3 days ago    


  • The magic and mystery of the Zipper Merge   18 weeks 5 days ago    

    It doesn't work. They now tell you at constructions zones the lane ends in 4 miles. People have to stay in merging lane until end, then make everyone in open lane stop to let them in. Even if you give them a space they will pass 2 more cars and then squeeze in making everyone slow down and trucks shift back up thru the gears. They may already be in the open lane then pass (speeding no less) in the merging lane and squeeze in again. I call it illegal passing in a construction zone and wish they were given tickets. It works a lot better the way we have been zipping together before this. Of course back then people were better drivers and would drive in the right lane except to pass.

    Traffic experts that thinks this is good are probably the same idiots that have designed some interchanges so poorly. They would work in a perfect world when the traffic is going where they think they will when congested and busy. The other 98 percent of the time they make the traffic flow dangerous.

    I have been driving over thirty years and presently with UPS. Before that in college I studied Occupation Safety and took a lot of traffic safety courses.

  • Driver rest: Topping off the tank   18 weeks 6 days ago    

    I just went on a vacation, drove 8000 miles from Texas, thru Sask the rest of Canada to Fairbanks & return . I was lucky enough to spend every night in a campground. Truckers cannot do that. There are very few "truck stops" in Canada & Alaska. The many rest areas and pull offs that are there are marked with "no camping or overnight parking". That is pretty much ignored out in the middle of no where but do ya get my point? It's the same down here. When you have no parking for truckers to rest, you're gonna have tired drivers, and as in the 70s...they're gonna drive tired.

    I've seen this addressed on these pages before but there has been no movement to correct it so we're gonna have tired drivers.

    By the way, how come everyone in the North runs around with one headlight out? The Alaska Highway trucks don't even bother changing 'em...they just add more lights. Puzzling.

  • Volvo Trucks announces engine, powertrain enhancements   19 weeks 1 day ago    

    Volvo is not planning to commercialize a Natural Gas engine for North American market. Currently we will install the CWI IXS12G.

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