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  • ELDs: The transition starts now   9 weeks 2 days ago    

    what about private carries? same rules aply?

  • Worst Trucker in the World: Thanks, FMCSA?   9 weeks 2 days ago    

    The problem was not the FMCSA posting a report on one driver in the news or the fact that the database is not operational until June to post a driver that failed a drug test or refused a drug test. The problem is the failure of the safety departments across this country failing to their job. Since I have not seen the name of the company that employed this driver I would guess that it has a with a poor safety record of their own along with low pay. This is the type of company that hires drivers that should not be on the road. Safety departments are failing to do their jobs at the majority of companies.

  • Truck driving no longer route to the 'American Dream'   9 weeks 3 days ago    

    Joseph - agreed, that is a blanket statement and there are a number of important variables. The book is focused on long-haul truckload and the statement refers to that segment. I didn’t look at local hauling of say, gravel or things like that. But I did talk with lots of people in LTL and private fleets. Geography certainly does play a role in truckload, but other factors, like what you haul, are far more important. I can imagine an exception to the rule, such as a driver who lives in a very remote area and can't get a company to hire them as an employee, but for nearly all drivers as they get more experience the opportunities available to them as an employee pay significantly more per hour worked than they can earn as a contractor. Of course, contractors netting 55k, 65k - even 75k a year - are earning more than the average for-hire OTR truckload employee. But the typical employee for those companies has less than 2 years experience. That experienced contractor can do far better elsewhere. Walmart's first year drivers make 82k, get vacation, contributions to benefits, and they work far fewer hours than the average contractor and are home most nights. To equal that a contractor would have to net (after what would have been the employer's portion of self-employment taxes) 90-100k consistently year after year while working 50-60 hours a week and being home most nights. There might be a truckload contractor out there doing that, but in the ten years I spent interviewing drivers I definitely didn't meet one.

  • FMCSA unveils final ELD rule   9 weeks 3 days ago    

    this is not a good ruling foe every one!

  • Physician: Trucking must get at root causes of fatigue   9 weeks 3 days ago    

    As a 46 year, 6 million mile accident free veteran, I feel like I am more of an "expert" than any of you doing this fatigue study.
    It's not about "sleep apnea" near as much as it is about shippers & receivers being totally oblivious to HOS.
    If a guy sets 8 hrs waiting to be loaded and then is expected to deliver on time in 11 hours he must drive like his hair is on fire and not take any breaks.
    Or, if he gets sleepy while doing his 11 hr shift, he can't stop because dispatch is on his qual-com raising hell because he stopped to take a nap.
    Screw all of you. I'll run how I damn well please.
    My safety record says I'm right. I don't need a fat ass, corrupt politician taking bribes from big medical to make rules about how I drive my truck.

  • Report maps road ahead for global freight transport   9 weeks 3 days ago    

    Freight transport is not an easy business and of course its always challenging. Even though it will put more pressure on global cargo connection it still a good chance to build more trade.

  • Truck driving no longer route to the 'American Dream'   9 weeks 5 days ago    

    I just want to comment about your findings on independent contractors not making any more money then company drivers. There are many different states in this country and all of them have different opportunities for truck drivers. It's like saying there isn't good money in selling swimming pools when you live in Alaska lol.. If you go to Texas though there would be quite different results in selling swimming pools being how hot it gets there. Applying such a blanket statement to such a complicated question with so many variables is less then accurate to be polite..

  • Driver retention greater among private fleets   10 weeks 1 day ago    

    Private fleets can select the best drivers because they attract a lot of applicants. They attract a lot of applicants because driving jobs for private fleets are a lot easier and typically have regular predictable home time. The job is easier due to the lack of diversity and flexibility required to service hundreds or thousands of different customers. Everything is predictable about the job. Most times when I hire a driver that came from a private fleet, they don't cut it because they have become too accustomed to having it too easy.

    Most truckload carriers do all their recruiting, screening and hiring without even setting eyes on the applicant until the driver walks in the door for orientation. And for every approved application, there are 8-10 that were declined. So the statements about screening and hiring better drivers is not coming from someone that understands the reality of this situation.

  • FMCSA's DeLorenzo: Upcoming "messy" period for ELD use   10 weeks 2 days ago    

    Has anyone in congress or the FMCSA ever taken in consideration the small trucking companies that do local airfreight and drayage in large metropolitan areas.

  • The Gig Economy Comes to Trucking   10 weeks 2 days ago    


    I would advise getting a tax attorney to review this whatever this is that they are trying to sell. Basically, it looks like they think in their sole discretion they believe they have the ability to determine a workers employee status. There is nothing new about this, its called a job board, what is new is a company believing they have the ability to redefine what an "employee" is contrary to US/State code. Who is going to pay the piper, probably the driver and carrier as this company probably doesn't really have any assets for the IRS to attach to anyway.

    Their comparsion to Uber is quite telling, as they didn't even address what I even said. Uber eliminates then middleman, this does not, it just adds a $55 per run fee which is going to come out of the driver's butt one way or another. They trying to run on the coat tails of Uber, but its not Uber, its just plain dumb. $55 per run for access to a job board. Whatever you do, please consult a tax attorney, if you are using their equipment, well, chances are you are an employee, and eventually the tax agencies are going to catch up.

    Even with Uber some of these people are being classified as employees of Uber, and they are using their own cars, what do you think is going to happen if you use someone else's truck? We all know how that works out in this industry.

  • The Gig Economy Comes to Trucking   10 weeks 2 days ago    


    Since you appear to be either the man in the article or represent the company in some kind of way, you really should properly identify yourself.

    " Yes, they need to pay taxes as the site directs and even includes an instructional video and free tax consulting. Yes they are self employed in this capacity and responsible for their own benefits."

    Sorry but you have no authority to determine an "employees" status, this is done under existing statutory laws of the specific State or under U.S. statutory law. For instance, for income tax purpose your company should refer to Title 26, furthermore, the IRS provides written additional guidance on employee status via their website as well. Many small carriers have been shutdown by not properly determining a so called contractors status, which were later to be deemed "employees". If the motor carrier is providing the equipment, right of the bat they are going to be determined to be an employee. The IRS will then come in and enforce the tax law in a very rude way and imposes penalties, late fees, additional taxes and in this case on the driver and motor carrier, and possibly this third party.

    " But the main reason a driver chooses to work this way is to be their own boss."

    The driver can choose to be his own boss when the specific circumstances warrant the ability to do so, in this case, if the driver is using someone else's truck, well, they better get ready to pay the piper because that is huge IRS flag, let alone a huge danger to the carrier.

    " You may enjoy working for someone as a W- 2 employee and it may meet your goals."

    How I choose to work is irrelevant, what is relevant is your company believing it has the authority to make legal determinations for the carrier and drivers, you don't.

    " This is designing a new way to operate."

    There is nothing new about it, its a job board. What is going to happen is all these guys are going to be fined and penalties imposed. No thanks.

    " As for UBER comment...UBER replaces the cab company by empowering independent contractors and allowing those drivers to utilize their app to locate customers and the customer pays the driver and a fee to UBER ...hmm sounds familiar."

    Its not Uber at all, which what the comment was about. Uber eliminated a middleman, this adds another middleman. Duhh.

    "but your facts are incorrect"

    You presented none of my facts, let alone pointed out which ones are incorrect.

    My advise to the truckers and drivers signing up for your job board, you better hire lots of legal help as when the IRS amoung others comes knocking don't be surprised. This company thinks it can redefine an employee a contractor by putting a job board... wow, why didn't anyone else think of that? The thought did occur, then they thought about going to prison for tax fraud.

  • Truck Driving Would be a Great Job if You Got Paid   10 weeks 2 days ago    

    I agree, I'm currently with an organization that allows me minimal overtime, so I work less then 50 hours a week, and I make more than I've ever made working for other organizations working 70 hours a week.

  • The Gig Economy Comes to Trucking   10 weeks 2 days ago    

    I've been signed up with Blue Bloodhound for two months now as an independent driver, and no work has ever come my way. According to the US laws there is a fine line between an independent contractor and employee.
    I do like the model, I thank that if trucking companies could adopt this model of picking loads, (instead of forced dispatch)it would help retain employment. Studies show employees don't leave their job, they leave their managers. It's time figure out whats wrong with the industry, we need an innovator.

  • The Gig Economy Comes to Trucking   10 weeks 2 days ago    

    Well Truckerman as this is the second post I have seen of yours regarding Blue Bloodhound, I am not sure of your motivation but your facts are incorrect. This is a free market place for drivers to become self employed independent contractors there is no deception here. Yes, they need to pay taxes as the site directs and even includes an instructional video and free tax consulting. Yes they are self employed in this capacity and responsible for their own benefits. They also can utilize expenses and write offs to lower their tax exposure. But the main reason a driver chooses to work this way is to be their own boss. Freedom to choose when, where and how they work. It may not be for everyone. You may enjoy working for someone as a W- 2 employee and it may meet your goals. Great! But dont comment negatively and incorrectly about others who may want to operate in a legal and different manner. This site is not about turning small carriers' employees into 1099s. Its about empowering drivers to leverage their much needed skills into more freedoms if that is their goal. I realize there are alot of negative situations out there in the industry and skepticism is well earned. This certainly is not skirting legal or even FMSCA regulations. Drivers work within their HOS, maintain a driver qualification file, keep themselves compliant and up to date. This is designing a new way to operate. Everyone would love high pay, job security, consistency, appreciation, great equipment, variety of work etc. Well thats rare to find we created BBH to at least allow you to create some of those things for yourself. As for UBER comment...UBER replaces the cab company by empowering independent contractors and allowing those drivers to utilize their app to locate customers and the customer pays the driver and a fee to UBER ...hmm sounds familiar.

  • Sprinter expands portfolio with Worker Model   11 weeks 2 hours ago    

    Once upon a time I purchased a Sprinter Cargo Van to drive all over North Amercia. I had to wait for my van to come from the east coast, after I agreed to purchase it. I have to say I was pleased for a number of reasons but what I felt Mercedes could have done, was to give more thought in the design of this vehicle and what it should have been able to deliver for the men and women using it as a work unit, as transport businesses using it in their fleet.
    The tires that are part of the purchase deal are the worst one could have. Just because of the road conditions. The lights are full-time on, when a driver needs to sleep and run the diesel engine, the head lights in my opinion should be easy to shut off. The bulkhead that is in it does not allow the driver to go into the back easily. The driver has to physically get out of the truck and use another door to get into the cargo area. Seriously folks You engineers truly need to hear from drivers of these vehicles whats important to them, not to Mercedes. They will be still selling a good work horse, however they will be listening to their customers and build an even better truck that suits the drivers of this class.
    I loved almost everything about my Sprinter but I still had to spend tons more money in order to be better for my career.
    Sincerely: HB

  • Legal battle ahead if Rhode Island passes truck-only toll plan   11 weeks 2 hours ago    


  • FMCSA's DeLorenzo: Upcoming "messy" period for ELD use   11 weeks 23 hours ago    

    The "somewhat messy, mis-mashy" ELD transition period started when trucking companys randomly installed various ELDs onboard trucks a couple of years ago. In my experience driver "training" is nil because most trucking companys do not know how to use ELDs either. Driver to driver training is commonplace and absolutely useless. Then there is the 'step by step' documentation a trucking company will throw in the truck or it is located in the ELD these are hit and miss at best. All cheap training methods for company Bottom-Liners.

    I am somewhat technology literate and what I see is until one ELD is used by all trucking companys across the board it's going to be a big mess.

    The 30 minute break:
    In company driver safety meetings the safety director will pay adamant lip service to compliance. "Use the DOT 1/2 hour break for resting, taking lunch etc." The reality is you work during the 1/2 hour break. You are verbally instructed/intimidated to work. Don't move the truck because the ELD tells all, BUT load, unload, stack pallets, break down racks for that 1/2 hour. I am not afraid of hard work but bullying just chaps my hide. This type of intimidation adds up to this, solo drivers will work 14 hours out of every 24 hours until they run out of hours and team drivers face the same or worse fate. If you refuse the punitive response is you sit, your hours or loads are reduced. A great work around the law for Bottom-Liners dontcha think?

    FMCSA will never overcome this culture with unenforceable laws and ELDs. Drivers will never come together to end this treatment because they have families to support and remember we have been placed at the bottom of the trucking industry dog pile.

    ELDs are pretty in graphs, pie charts, and as law but lack of viable ELD training will slow down the hard working drivers and offer up new back-handed punitive ways for a company of Bottom-Liners to harass us.

    Thanks a lot.

    It appears to me there has been a great deal of consideration and loop holes made for trucking companys and very little thought given to the drivers. If we had the big $$$ and lobbyists on the Hill...

  • Trucker mocked for warning on CB radio about pile-up   11 weeks 1 day ago    

    Hey Joe. I agree with the comment that this CB situation isn't new. Have been out here since 1977. The only difference between then and now is there's MORE of 'em. You keep up your good work. I know a lot of us would rather the CB challenged keep their thoughts on the bathroom walls where they belong. It's just more bad trucker PR to the motoring public with CBs. We sure don't need that.

  • Your Feb. 10 Pre-Trip: Rhode Island truck toll plan up for vote   11 weeks 1 day ago    

    This is what happens when a state pours all the state and federal tax money that was collected over the years into the "General Fund", aka(The Black Hole) and never uses ,all that money for the purpose for which it was intended. The money is instead used for all those little pet projects the voters never approved of. They know they can always get more money for the roads and bridges. This is a double tax for the truckers, because they pay a hefty federal tax when they buy that truck, every part they buy for it, and every gallon of fuel they put in it. That is where the bulk of all that Federal money comes from. Not a mention of this on any news media I have heard of. I believe the only way to really fix RI is to vote out every single incumbent come the next election. There is a storm coming.

  • The Gig Economy Comes to Trucking   11 weeks 2 days ago    

    This article is so alarming it borders on insanity.

    1.) a company can't voluntarily choose to pay an "employee" as a 1099 contractor
    2.) you can't just get out of regulation by starting a web board, which is really what this is
    3.) this is nothing like uber, uber basically eliminates the cab company, this does not do anything but attempt to profit from the driver
    4.) appears to be an attempt to circumvent employment laws, regulation, taxes, and insurance

    Many small time motor carriers have attempted to pay their "employees" via 1099, eventually they were caught and the taxman cometh and take their share and more. This company appears to believe they can redefine "employee" by putting up a board. Very dangerous as the carriers and drivers will be on the hook.

  • ELDs: The transition starts now   11 weeks 2 days ago    

    I am interested in learning more about the 2-year grandfathering period.
    The ELD Mandate says that this is applicable on a tractor-basis and not on a Fleet-basis.
    What does it really mean?

  • Feds not liable for truck damaged during botched drug sting   11 weeks 5 days ago    

    I do believe this law MUST be changed! According to this article this "STING" operation was nothing more or less than an operation of the keystone cops. It was so poorly executed that it not only ruined this man's livelihood, but also put his life as well as many other's lives in danger beginning with allowing a dangerous, convicted felon to be hired by anow unknowing trucking company, all the time knowing it's ILLEGAL for a convicted felon to be a truck driver and then basically STEAL the company truck for a drug bust. Allow their felon informant to be murdered AND a School Bus "that THANK GOD was empty of children" to get caught up in the mess and wrecked! Then they allow the news to film AND televise the truck owners plates to the world, so the drug cartel can search for him?!?? This is more than a travesty of justice. This man has lost his livelihood, his ability to perform his business, his health and his entire family now has to live in fear of the drug cartel that the DEA failed so terribly to apprehend. The government needs to pay for a lot more than just his truck. Before the pro police person goes off, I have police officers in my immediate family and I could NEVER see any of them being caught up in such a haphazard operation and 1 IS on the gang task force.

  • Photos: Shell North American Technology Seminar   11 weeks 5 days ago    

    Woo nice article, best review .

  • Coalition pushes Congress to block FMCSA rating proposal   11 weeks 6 days ago    

    The numbskulls in Congress don't have the slightest clue about anything and depend on whomever will grease their palms to try and sink the competition. Get the Government out of our faces.

  • FMCSA simplifies ratings system, adds roadside data   12 weeks 55 min ago    

    I see, what they want to do is be able to shut down a motor carrier based on the proven flawed data. Seems like the FMCSA does pretty much whatever pleases the FMCSA.

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