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  • Deploying new tactics for finding and keeping drivers   25 weeks 2 days ago    

    Actually as a 37 year veteran driver, I find the answer to keeping drivers a lot simpler. Give them decent equipment, decent pay, decent benefits, stop lying to them, and get them home now and then.
    It seems to me companies spend millions trying to figure out how to screw the drivers out of the hard earned pay and benefits. For example, the per diem pay. The only reason that was done by companies is to save the company money. It doesn't help the drivers as companies claim it does. The company doesn't have to pay as much into our social security accounts by doing per diem.
    I find that I made better money 20 years ago than I do now. Experience doesn't mean a thing to companies now. They want the young out of school kids now, they can pay them less, and they don't know the business yet. A prime example of that is Celadon starting there own school, as many other companies.
    It's all smoke and mirrors as usual.

  • Selfless trucker named Arrow’s Back on the Road winner   25 weeks 4 days ago    

    How do certain people are made so compassionate and find the energy to face any calamity that occurs? Not only does he deserve this award, his accomplishments should be given a wider public. Outlook tech support and troubleshoot help number People need to know there are truly selfless people out there.

  • GPS tracking added to GreenRoad solution   25 weeks 5 days ago    

    Firstline where much of the information here is gleaned, IT support should support the business, rather than the business support the IT support team.

  • Android app for MobileCast   25 weeks 5 days ago    

    We recently attended a convention and exhibition event, which features some electronic and GPS systems like MobileCast that are able to provide a tracking of movement like delivery trucks or mobile storage. But I am very much interested on how this MobileCast works, especially that it has an android application, which is a great extension. It also has the ability to change routes, which is a good feature to explore.

  • Outlook 2013: Year of the driver   25 weeks 5 days ago    

    Now that we are here to show the parts of the and now the ones to see the meaning look to show the ones of the faith and the video but she told me the parts.

  • Wesley Clark calls for new energy policy & end to austerity   25 weeks 6 days ago    

    They can look for better suggestions from experts and from someone who has knowledge in this field. I would like to personally contribute and write my essay at so that people will know the current issue about this.

  • In-vehicle wearables: help or hindrance?   27 weeks 2 days ago    

    Technology and motor vehicles both the concepts are simultaneously equivalent to each other; therefore we have found that most of the vehicle manufacturing companies were now days adding technology in different vehicles to provide customer best driving experience. Modern technology consists of driver less vehicles, accident save equipments, digital gear and interior system and many more. Here also we can get some effective features adding in our vehicles, that definitely provides multiple facilities.
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  • Diagnostic tools: All makes vs. proprietary   27 weeks 2 days ago    

    Definitely maintenance has a great role to play in every industry. There must be definitely a tracking system to measure the performance and also I feel that there must be a feedback system.
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  • UPDATED: Obama says next stage truck fuel efficiency standards will “save thousands”   27 weeks 4 days ago    

    Walmart Gross last year, $444 Billion, Total Trucking Industry $650 Billion. If fuel is 20% of Cost that is round number $117 Billion and 5% savings is $5.8 Billion. And get real, how much does that technology add to the cost of the truck, and to keep it running. There is no way that would be passed on in lower freight rates.

  • U.S. fuel prices rise even as oil imports continue falling   27 weeks 6 days ago    

    There are four main factors that influence the price we all pay for a litre of fuel in US. When one or more of these factors move, the price in US generally moves;

    The cost of refined oil products such as petrol and diesel on the international market
    Cost of international shipping
    USD exchange rate
    Tax (excise and GST)

    How much it cost
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  • The logic behind Navistar’s refuse market entry   28 weeks 6 hours ago    

    A low-cost, modest refresh of a 30 year old truck, its tacky new appearance has done nothing to impress the refuse industry (Expect a new model featuring a low-mounted Volvo global cab on the Volvo chassis in the future) APKLate.

  • Transpo chair Shuster contends there’s no political will for hiking the fuel tax this year   29 weeks 2 days ago    

    As if the HOS regulations wasn't enough to damage the trucking industry you now want to increase the fuel tax yet again how about figuring out how to pay for this with cutting all the BS programs that the Congress and Senate seem to love to throw at their corrupt lobbyists. We have already taken a massive cut in revenue due to the draconian HOS Rules put into effect July 1, 2014. You are breaking the back bone of the trucking industry the Owner -Operator.

  • Mobile revolution hits trucking   29 weeks 3 days ago    

    Social media is a big deal for truckers as it can be lonely on the road, although they have regular units where they'll meet up with other truckers it's just not the same as being at home with the family. When you have kids especially even a few days can feel like too long. Facebook and Skype are common ways nowadays to talk to the family every day making the long journeys that much more tolerable.

  • Trucking is waiting for a skilled technician workforce   30 weeks 1 day ago    

    I worked, as a Technical trainer for 15 years for a major OEM truck manufacturer. Many of my classes were not full, having only 2 or 3 people when the class should have 10 people. when I questioned the local dealership, the dealer principle said he was too busy to send any more than one person or the tech's did not want to go. My training programs were mobile and I travelled all over Canada and the US to accommodate dealers and customers alike. Sometimes I was told this was the wrong time of the year and perhaps I could return next month. All classes were announced 12 months in advance. My point is if the industry wants training to have better tech's then get involved in training. It has been my observation that the first item cut from the budget is training when times are tough. If the industry wants better tech's then they need to come up with better pay. Tools these days are very expensive and an apprentice can hardly pay for them with what he earns. To help defray this cost the government should allow a greater tax break than the lousy $ 150.00 the Canadian government allows. I had spent nearly $ 90,000.00 on my tools from the middle sixties to the early 80's. I could have bought a nice house instead and made the wife happier.

    In my area, the working conditions in most truck shops is not good. This to must change. All the great training programs will not address the underlying reasons for not attracting and keeping good tech's. If you build good training programs you must have the best of instructors, training aids which are up to date, late model vehicles and a good building without bells and whistles.

  • A sobering thought on trucking and the “work ethic”   31 weeks 1 hour ago    

    There are a lot of downsides to truck driving that discourage some folks from ever getting in the cab. It takes a strong man with character to be able to do that job (which is the reason truckers are older, on average). The main problem is the insistence of the politicians that everyone should have equal income (except for them, of course). Equality of income is an old populist propaganda ploy and only the ignorant and stupid buy into it. A person gets out of life what he puts into it. Period.

  • The lure of electronics, the perils of distraction   31 weeks 3 days ago    

    I have almost been hit head on by a driver texting, within town limits. This behaviour is unacceptable. I have had a transportable cell phone in my truck since the middle eighties. I allow it to go to voice messaging when it rings and answer when I'm off the roadway. I know I'm not that important and know the call is not important enough for me to answer while driving. People using cell phones while driving have an EGO ISSUE! My life is worth more than your phone call. Driving requires complete attention to what is going on around you. HANG UP AND LET OTHERS LIVE!

  • Touring a Navistar technician training trailer   33 weeks 5 days ago    

    I was very interested to see this article. For 14 years I did mobile training for Navistar. My contract was to train dealer techs. in Canada and Northern US for 40 weeks per year. I started out using my F50 ford pulling a small trailer with three 466 engines onboard plus all the other necessary items. Later I used a 450 ford with 7.3 diesel and a 30 foot trailer weighing 35,000 lbs. During the later years I used a 4700 LP International pulling a 30 foot trailer weighing 45,000 lbs. I used the College system here in Canada for a shop and classroom and Dealer shops in the US. I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven if Navistar had given me a rig like that to drive all over the Continent. I generally drove 80,000 miles per year and flew almost as many in a year. I loved the job and wish I had stayed for a few more years. I'm still not too old to do that job! I could play catch up real quick as I stay in tune with the industry by building Training Simulators for the heavy truck Educational institutions. Would like to know when this truck will be in Canada as I welcome the chance to see it up close and personal. Keep me posted with any information you publish in regards to heavy vehicle training.

    Regards, Tom MacKay

  • Fleet Genius Pro management software now supports metric system   34 weeks 1 day ago    

    Your use of the term "international" is misleading. Isn't the U.S. an "international" location from the viewpoint of countries exterior to it? The metric system of measurement is more properly called the International System of Units, and "international" means "all countries," including the U.S. It must be remembered also that in 1988 the Congress declared the International System of Units to be the preferred system of measurement for U.S. trade, so we need to be long past thinking that "international" is not "here, too."

    Paul Trusten, Registered Pharmacist
    Vice President
    U.S. Metric Association, Inc.

  • Winter storm Hercules snarls traffic from Midwest to Northeast   34 weeks 2 days ago    

    "Hercules?" What gives you the impression this snow storm had a name? Since when have snow events EVER had names? Hurricanes and typhoons have names, given to them by the appropriate government agency. Snow storms do NOT have names. The National Weather Service (NWS) hasn't named the snow, nor has the National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Neither the NWS, NOAA, nor anyone I know is referring to this storm as "Hercules."

    Oh, WAIT A MINUTE. You must be referring to The Weather Channel. Yes, in what can only be described as a shameless, pretentious publicity stunt, they have taken it upon themselves to start naming every snow event that comes along, and in the process they have become a bit of a laughingstock. Who knows? Maybe this summer, when things have started quieting down, they'll start naming HEAT WAVES!

    It was just another snow storm, not "Hercules." Please stop pandering to The Weather Channel's sense of self-importance.

  • How do you track the invisible?   34 weeks 2 days ago    

    Best article on CSA ever! However, the government always wants to use statistics (instead of boots on the ground) because it's cheaper and easier. For example, there was a civil rights case brought by the EEOC against Sears in the 1970s. EEOC claimed Sears discriminated against women in hiring and employment practices, basing the allegations purely on statistical data. After a decade of litigation, the case was dismissed by an appelate court because the EEOC could not find ANY woman who had actually been discriminated against.

  • Winter storm Hercules snarls traffic from Midwest to Northeast   34 weeks 2 days ago    

    Since when did we start NAMING on-shore storms? 6" - 10" of snow and everyone acts like it's the end of the world. What's next: naming afternoon thunderstorms? Naming tornados? Naming hot days? This country's turning into nothing but a bunch of friggin' drama queens!

  • In the Christmas spirit   41 weeks 3 days ago    

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  • Home office   41 weeks 4 days ago    

    These drivers need to have access to a home office which is safe and convenient for them. I have launched a home business and I just finished designing my new home office. I am quite fussy about looks, so I hired the best US Window company to install sliding windows in my office.

  • Volvo names safety award winners   41 weeks 4 days ago    

    Maintaining safety is a very important thing to do. The tucks have to travel long distances and in such cases it is very important to maintain the safety.
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  • Dealing with disaster   41 weeks 4 days ago    

    Other factors could play into a decision, including what some observers have claimed is a need to correct a lack of diversity on the court in terms of educational and professional backgrounds. Currently, all the justices attended either Yale Law School or Harvard Law School (although Ginsburg transferred to Columbia Law School), and Kagan is the only one who didn't previously serve as a judge before being appointed to the court, best single serve coffee maker, venus factor reviews

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