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  • Figuring out how to find and keep workers in trucking   18 weeks 2 days ago    

    Changing the name of a job does not make the job any better. It is like calling truck drivers pilots because they pick it up over there and pile it over here. Drivers need to be paid for everything they do no sitting around waiting for free. This includes waiting for dispatch , loads , repairs and any time they are not moving when they have hours to work. And very important treat drivers with respect.

  • Cascadia natural gas day cab ready for test drives   18 weeks 6 days ago    

    I think every good thing or work need a great work hard and by this you get success in your life. If you don't work hard the task you assign so you will hit very badly with failure. I like you work here. thanks

  • Long term vs. short term thinking in trucking   19 weeks 10 hours ago    

    Well stated Mr. Kirkland

  • Limit your speed, save a life   19 weeks 11 hours ago    

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  • Limit your speed, save a life   19 weeks 15 hours ago    

    Once again I see that Fleet Owner doesn't want any comments that aren't favorable to them. You are just like our crooked politicians; you don't care about anyone's opinion but your own. THIS IS NOT THE AMERICAN WAY. WAKE UP YOU MORONS. Go ahead and put me on your banned list. I'm cancelling all subscriptions that I have for you and unsubscribing to your emails. You clearly are not for improving and helping the trucking industry through shared views, opinions and experience. Just another organization owned by the big trucking companies that have ruined a once great industry. Maybe one day you will wake up and see the light.

  • Limit your speed, save a life   19 weeks 17 hours ago    

    I guess they didn't study how many crashes are caused by 4 wheelers compared to trucks or how unsafe split speeds are. What about the road rage caused by cars being stuck behind slow trucks side by side for miles at a time. LET THE CARNAGE BEGIN. There are a lot of people who think they are experts that have never even seen the inside of a truck. They need to spend six months on the road getting a look at the real world from the cab of a truck. It would be an eye opening experience.

  • Botched drug sting: Trucker looks to Supreme Court   19 weeks 17 hours ago    

    There would seem to be more to the story, a truck doesn't cost 6.4 million.

  • Truck parking: How big a problem is it?   19 weeks 1 day ago    

    Is the problem available truck parking, or that those drivers wanting to find a parking space are only looking for them in truck stops? Rest areas, industrial areas, and weigh scales are just a few of the alternative places that offer truck parking. And successfully finding parking is a direct result of good route planning. Experienced drivers know that looking for a parking space at 9 or 10pm is difficult at best!

  • Botched drug sting: Trucker looks to Supreme Court   19 weeks 2 days ago    

    If we have to pay restitution and rebuild foreign countries, then business owners in our country should have the same right.

  • Fleet Owner Dozen: Outstanding Women in Trucking   19 weeks 3 days ago    

    Really enjoyed this article and want to congratulate these outstanding women for their contributions to the trucking industry - thanks Fleet Owner for recognizing how important the role of women is in the trucking industry. Great advice from each woman honored and owning a towing business, I could relate to a lot of their stories. Bringing some of their quotes/advice to the national women's organizaing I belong to.

  • Botched drug sting: Trucker looks to Supreme Court   19 weeks 3 days ago    

    "Lower courts have so far sided with the government arguing that federal agents acted within their rights to use discretionary action during their operations and this includes placing a confidential informant in the driver's seat of truck without the owner's permission or knowledge and not having to pay for damages to the truck."

    I am ok with the government having to do some clandestine things to get the job done BUT...

    The trucking company owner was NOT aware of what was going on. Didn't know his employee was a CI and was working for/ with the Feds using the company truck to do government undercover work. The truck gets damaged and the trucking company owner is told " tto bad, so sad"? This is crazy. The government cleans the clock of many drug dealers and gets CASH. Whether they just pay for the damage themselves or take some of the money from other something and take care of this trucking company whose equipment you used to aid you in catching some big time bad guys !

    It's common sense, it's logical, it's morally and ethically the RIGHT thing to do.

  • Long term vs. short term thinking in trucking   19 weeks 5 days ago    

    This article is well said. I predict that their will be 15% less owner operator and small fleets by the beginning of 2017. With the rates as low as it is , your better off finding a 9-5 job and live a better life. I for one had 8 trucks, and is now down to 3 that is also up for sale. I have already started a new line of business and will be exiting the (for hire) part of the trucking business by the end of this year. This industry is over regulated on the trucking side and under regulated on the brokerage side. Shippers need to purchase their own equipment and see all the expense, regulation, and sleepless nights it takes to run a safe and productive transportation business . Then and only then the will have some respect and appreciation for what we do to get freight to their customer safely

  • Logging court hours   20 weeks 2 hours ago    

    writer MUST Work for and/or support mega fleet OWNERS!

  • One of nation's greenest fleets eyeing safety, too   20 weeks 14 hours ago    

    Do you use a phone is your car? What about the many peace officers that I have seen daily using a hand held. But that doesn't apply? Do these transportation equipment have radio's to contact support, can one use those? This is getting crazy!! You can't use a phone or even a hands-free device, but you better call us with your next location that's BS!!

  • Study: Biggest trucking firms outsource over 42% of their freight   20 weeks 18 hours ago    

    I agree with uesr-452462. I know HUB uses a majority of O.O.'s and so does a lot of the other carriers. The O.O.'s are listed and assigned as contract carriers. These numbers are skewed and do not really dictate the amount they actually sub out (unless you consider the O.O's. as subed out,which you cannot if they are actually leased to the company). like to see the numbers with O.O.'s taken out, that would be a whole different picture.

  • Can wearables make hours-of-service rules obsolete?   20 weeks 18 hours ago    

    Resistance if futile. All must join the Borg.

  • Survey: Poor health contributing to driver shortage   20 weeks 19 hours ago    

    Companies are running drivers into the ground with dispatching that fails to take into consideration natural sleep habits or expect drivers to log off-duty while attending to their vehicles at shipping and receiving docks. Drivers are sick of companies taking 10 percent from their total hub miles. They are sick of making less than a McDonald's worker per hour. Drivers are sick of the lack of respect from dispatchers to the CEO. Drivers are sick of the lack of parking. And all of this is contributed to the over all health of drivers. Fix the real problems of drivers instead of some bandaid fix for a heart attack. So sad that CEOs are afraid to face the real problems of this industry.

  • Survey: Poor health contributing to driver shortage   20 weeks 1 day ago    

    In my opinion and not to discredit the data for retaining drivers above.
    We as businessmen all know? What it really takes to be a loyal company driver
    to a carrier. I have heard that there is six million C.D.L holders in the USA and the
    data above is on 3500 C.D.L holders.

    Were talking about how to retain drivers right? Not just any C.D.L holder a
    millennial C.D.L holder. To retain a millennial C.D.L holder is going to take a lot
    more than what is mentioned above. To boot we need millennial C.D.L holders
    now more than anything with the new rules coming into play that require some
    computer knowledge.

    I am at the last part of the baby boomers. This next generation of commercial
    drivers, with the built in so to speak knowledge of computers. Eliminates the
    education curve. That we will soon be dealing with as the senior baby boomers
    will have to adhere too in 2017. Or they maybe have to be grand fathered in.
    One way or another this industry is not in its infantry with technology and it is
    only going to advance as technology grows. All industries have to grow with
    I have seen driver shortages claims from 40,000 to 400,000 by 2020 that is
    3 plus years away change has to happen now!

    It is time to give the credit where credit is due. Change the title of the future driver and pay accordingly.
    We can edify the skilled driver everyday of the week and in a closed setting it
    will give any driver a good feeling. It is time to change the title of a skilled driver.
    We all know that every driver out is a professional driver. Why is is it still listed
    as a skilled driver. The future is going to require this, not just saying it in a safety
    meeting but actually changing it.
    Then pay the drivers accordingly, step back for a minute. Before technology
    saved us more time and money we were still doing well financially.

    Now the heavy thinkers are making even more financially from the time saved.
    It is time to pay the salary the right way, less hours, more home time. there is
    more to this I just noticed I was writing a novel. We need to make that change and things will start looking a lot different.


  • 2015 FleetOwner 500 breakdown   20 weeks 4 days ago    

    It would be nice to search by state

  • Study: Biggest trucking firms outsource over 42% of their freight   20 weeks 5 days ago    

    I agree, it would appear LaneAxis is making some BIG assumptions about freight visibility. Mr Burnett, please substantiate your claims

  • Can wearables make hours-of-service rules obsolete?   21 weeks 15 hours ago    

    WOW talk about big brother monitoring your every movement including when you sleep..

  • Study: Biggest trucking firms outsource over 42% of their freight   21 weeks 1 day ago    

    Landstar'S business model relies on 100% outsourcing, such as to its independent owner-operator business capacity owners ("BCO's"). These BCO'S usually have only one truck, and as such, would meet the study's definition of purchased transportation. Landstar's other 28% might still be purchased, but went to BCO's with more than six trucks, or to other large carriers.

    This raises a question whether the study's purchased transportation includes independent OO'S who are leased to that carrier. If so, the data is rather misleading, or at best, skews the true picture.

  • Many truck drivers don't want to pay to reserve parking   21 weeks 2 days ago    

    I laugh when I hear some "supertrucker" screaming bloody murder over paying for parking, especially when one takes into account that paid parking is tax-deductible.

    Typically, I pay for about half the parking I use, these days, because I can't stand not knowing if I can find a place, or have to park illegally; and my company takes a dim view of truck damage caused by another truck because I parked illegally.

    Knowing I'll get those fees back every year helps immensely. To me, it's part of the job, and I'd rather park safe and sleep soundly.

  • Case study: Michigan pilot assesses truck parking availability   21 weeks 2 days ago    

    "We feel there are plenty of places to park..." :wtf:

    Who is he kidding?? The parking shortage is epidemic and nationwide. Communities are doing everything they can to close themselves out to big trucks, and pushing out or preventing truckstops from opening in their towns. Existing stops that need to expand are prevented from doing so, and those existing ones are being squeezed until they close.

    Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face.

    What is really needed is twofold: 1) a tweak to the HOS regulations that give a driver more flexibility to find adequate and safe parking (including forcing state weigh stations to allow overnight parking); and, 2) a federal mandate/subsidy to build more truck-friendly rest stops and full-service truck stops.

    This is a national problem, that must be solved with a national approach. The empty land is there, along every freeway, highway, and tollway nationwide; it's up to us to demand something be done.

  • The case for the $100,000 a year trucker   21 weeks 2 days ago    

    Welcome to the impoverishment of America... and it's happening everywhere, not just trucking.

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