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  • Brake Safety Week 2016: Tips from Bendix, CVSA   19 weeks 5 days ago    

    It should be noted that the typical pre-trip inspection does not check brake adjustment. You would need a creeper and either a second person to operate the brakes or a device to keep the brakes applied to this by yourself.

    The air reservoir should be between 90-100 psi to do a proper check. Higher or lower pressure may not give an accurate reading.

    Of high importance is identifying the brake chamber size. This can be challenging as there are many different sizes and types and they all look somewhat similar. The different sizes of chambers allow for different amounts of pushrod travel. More trucks are now coming with Long Stroke chambers which is good as they allow an extra 1/4 inch of travel over the regular " short stroke" chambers. Chamber markings can be very hard to read and if you don't know the chamber size, you can't effectively measure the pushrod travel.

    The most common thing I find doing inspections is chafing. Look for anyplace that either two lines contact each other or that a single line is up against something. If there is ANY evidence of a flat spot...that is a violation. Have some old tubing or use some " loom" material to cut and zip tie over the chafed area.

    There are two good ways to check for leaks.

    Build the air to 120 psi , than shut the engine down. Hold your foot on the brake and just listen. If possible, have another person walk around your truck while you have the brakes fully applied.

    Or, build your truck to 120 psi , and shut the engine down. Watch the pressure gauge for any drop. Keep in mind that a small leak may take a while before you can see it on the gauge.

    Also, make sure your Low Air warning works. Pump your brakes down to below 60 psi and if your alarm doesn't work, it is an OOS violation. Starting at 60 psi ( engine on) with the parking brake off but your foot fully on the pedal, you must be able to see the air pressure increase ( at idle) high enough that the Low Air warning stops sounding. The rule is 2 minutes to recover. If you cant build up air in 2 minutes to silence the warning , don't drive away.

    I have been doing DOT inspections sine the late 90"s and continue to do them for companies like yours even though I am retired from doing enforcement.

    Andy Blair

  • Suggesting 60-68 mph, FMCSA, NHTSA propose truck speed limiters   20 weeks 9 hours ago    

    TruckersWife, I think your a little late on that and your husband is a dreamer. Rolling road block, lmao... You cant get 2 of these new steering wheel holders to even agree on what fuel pump theyre gonna sleep at tonight let alone shut down. SAD PART IS that would cripple the country and we would have them by the nuts but that wont happen. You would think they would put their time into stopping these asshole 4 wheelers and STEERING WHEEL HOLDERS to stop texting and watching NETFLIX while driving down the road. That is what would save lives, causing a major convoy of 60 mile an hour trucks not being able to pass each other wont save anything. They could also investigate these damn foreigners driving junk and illegal trucks and unsake trucks. If this country only knew what was going on with all of these foreigners here driving 80,000lb. missles down our roads I think that might stir some shit up. What happened to HOMELAND SECURITY???? We have these people from all over the world here free to do whatever they want, they even go into our military bases to deliver freight. lol

  • The case for speed limiters: More political than technical?   20 weeks 2 days ago    

    The focus of this study/article seems to be on interstate driving. What happens on US routes and state highways that have lower posted limits. Can the speed limiter make an adjustment for the road on which the vehicle travels? And, when weather is a factor, how does the speed limiter determine how much to reduce the maximum speed?

  • Hitting the brakes   20 weeks 3 days ago    

    This immediate commitment regarding senior management as well as participation regarding employees in the development regarding workplace well-being policies are a vital prerequisite to your successful execution of policies that could address the exact needs on the working local community.

  • Drivers are key to maintenance success   20 weeks 4 days ago    

    We at Tiro Technologies could not agree more with this article. The most difficult part and, often miss represented, is the tire inspection and psi check. It's cumbersome and time consuming to say the least. How many "calibrated" tire thumpers are out there in the industry? Countless I am sure. With the implementation of TiroGage installed fleet wide, the tedious task of tire pressure inspection can be done in a fraction of the usual time, usually under 2 minutes, accurate to 1% of set point! There are many important components to the safe operation of trucks. If the tires are not at optimal levels, other components start to wear and fail. TiroGage is not an electronic. It is a direct drive, instrument grade pressure gage that is accurate to 1% of the desired psi ranging from 50-140 psi. Tested in every possible environment, TiroGage is the simplest to implement, simplest to use, most rugged tire pressure system on the market today. Don't have the driver waste more time using the thumper or pencil gauge and watch fuel costs and tire wear rise. Get the driver on the road faster and with the confidence that ALL tires are at the optimal psi for the safest most economical ride possible! See Your CFO will thank you.

    Enjoy your ride!
    Mike Levenson

  • The case for speed limiters: More political than technical?   20 weeks 5 days ago    

    60 miles an hour is to slow and will cause traffic Jams just like now that many of bigger companies have gone to Electronic logs has and is putting Large trucks in rush hour Traffic Jams which endangers the Public's Safety !! Do not believe me , just look to see how many trucks are now included in the traffic jams that are happening ! The Obama administration and Sec. Fox are most likely being paid off and you don't believe that well watch how RICH they become as soon as they leave Public Office!! All these regulations they are passing are only to en-rich themselves by special interest after they leave office and has nothing to do with Public Safety!!

  • Speed limiter proposal: 6 slides on the basics   20 weeks 5 days ago    

    What is the big deal? This electronic control feature has been available on Class 6-8 trucks with electronic fuel/engine control since 1991. Many fleets already use the feature and, as I understand it, most Owner-operators do not. I think we need speed limiters on passenger cars and trucks. I hardly ever get passed by a semi, but I see cars running well above the posted limit most of the time.

  • Speed limiter proposal: 6 slides on the basics   20 weeks 5 days ago    

    Speed limited are junk science, I currently drive a limiter in it and it's operational ability sucks

  • Suggesting 60-68 mph, FMCSA, NHTSA propose truck speed limiters   20 weeks 6 days ago    

    My husband says he has heard other drivers talking about striking for a week. He also suggested every driver come together and run rolling roadblocks, 2, 3, or 4 wide whatever it takes, to show people just how ignorant this law really is and just how bad it would get.
    He just bought himself a new dash cam last night to set my mind at ease a bit because he has almost been forced off the road twice this week by four wheelers that think they own the road.
    I think the strike idea sounds like a fantastic idea!!!

  • Speed limiter proposal: 6 slides on the basics   20 weeks 6 days ago    

    Figures lie and liars figure

  • Suggesting 60-68 mph, FMCSA, NHTSA propose truck speed limiters   20 weeks 6 days ago    

    Well said Tiny! Those who sit in glass lined offices With zero practice expirience always try to tell YOU how to do your job. Clueless!!

  • Suggesting 60-68 mph, FMCSA, NHTSA propose truck speed limiters   20 weeks 6 days ago    

    This legislation is the biggest turd to come down the pike in years! They spent MILLIONS on a study to find out WHY congestion starts on the highway. Bottom line... Just ONE vehicle traveling under the speed limit in passing lanes!!! Now, they want all trucks to go the same speed? Incredibly horrid Idea! Safety issue beyond compare! Not to mention the law is discriminatory and, un-constitutional! This law will create gridlock! I knew 30 years ago what causes congestion. I didn't even spend $30million to find out! These are the people who did! They know better! It is their intention to so heavily congest highways that NO ONE will be able to travel at the speed limit. Remember, every time government sets out to do something the exact opposite is the outcome! This administration wants America to fail! Lastly, This is clearly the work of the ATA and, insurance company lobbyists. Insurance companies have been imposing THEIR will on weak fleet owners for over 30 years! Already a large percentage of trucks are governed at various speeds. Some 62 some 68 some 72. It would be more wise to set trucks at carrying speeds so we don't end up in gridlock. Better yet.... Leave this law on the floor of Congress! I do vote and, I'm watching! KILL THIS BILL Before it kills YOU!

  • Request denied: FMCSA 'stands by' 30-minute break   21 weeks 24 min ago    

    the CVSA says “This provision gives problem drivers, and motor carriers, an opportunity to falsify their record of duty status (RODS) in an attempt to disguise, or conceal, on-duty hours,” Isn't the EOBR s'posed to record the RODS so the CVSA can PBAD (prove beyond any doubt) that TTMB (the thirty minutebreak) is FTTL (followed to the letter) except what does this mean, SOYHIAYP (standing on your head in a yoga pose) perhaps? Heaven forbid that a driver was using this 'break time' to "eat", or some other such frivolous thing. Looking at how pushed drivers are now, eating an actual meal while sitting in a real chair in a real building conversing with real other people, might just ATDS (add to driver safety) because a driver just may end up HARB (having a refreshing break) and isn't that what the EOBRTRYL's (electronic on board recorders that run your life) want? So, CVSA, CYJ (cool your jets) lol lol lol

  • Suggesting 60-68 mph, FMCSA, NHTSA propose truck speed limiters   21 weeks 24 min ago    

    They are stupider than a box of rocks. Slowing down already slow vehicles CREATES MORE HAZARDOUS CONDITIONS!!! Not less cause cars are going to know this and pass on both sides not give enough space or allow big trucks into the lane they NEED to be in to make their turn or exit. More idiots that have NEVER driven trying to pass laws about something they know absolutely nothing about, but THINK they know everything about everything

  • Taking a road trip via electric vehicle   21 weeks 11 hours ago    

    From a UK innovator, there will be a Grand tour in 18 months or so (I hope) where the electric vehicle will be powered by HyPulJet.2.0 H2 Ro Engine-generator. This will have the capability to power its own Hydrogen and Oxygen fuel production on board the EV.

    This is penned in to be a European Ford S Max four wheel drive.

    I would say that if we are to cut Transport CO2 emissions then there will need to be a HyPulJet.2.0 powered truck as soon as possible.

    Waiting for a UK University to validate the Ro Engine-generator in order to commence a bid for Crowd Funding to cover the costs of development of the prototype engine by the University and the costs of adapting the 4 wd to EV . I have already penciled in the company I would like to contract to perform this development as they are already in the same field.

    Watch the space.
    Al Scott

  • Request denied: FMCSA 'stands by' 30-minute break   21 weeks 2 days ago    

    Right, show where any of these 'rules' save anything. Please let the acedemics do studies on themselves and regulate themselves; let men and women do work if they so choose.

  • CVSA to hold 2016 Brake Safety Week Sept. 11-17   21 weeks 2 days ago    

    Carriers should get a copy of the North American Standard OOS Criteria for themselves. This is the SAME book the officers use to determine if a violation is an OOS one. The regular 49 CFR DOT regs book does NOT include the OOS info. To do proper enforcement or for carriers to learn about and even consider a DataQ challenge, you NEED to have this book. A new one comes out every April 1st and they can be gotten through

    Andy Blair

  • Are truck driver-facing cameras a necessity?   21 weeks 2 days ago    

    I am always amazed at comments from CEO's like Mr. Kretsinger. From my seat it celidfies the loss of reality as to the environment today's drivers face.
    The driver facing camera will not stop a collision. It's like the "black box" in an aircraft, to late but we know what the driver was doing. I get the whole coaching angle that should be done upfront, however, it is a great sales pitch. No matter what may be recorded it still means the company will have to bring the check book to mediation and some form of monitory loss to the employee.
    Perhaps if more attention was placed on collision avoidance systems and forward facing cameras, the industry would get a positive attitude toward new technology.

  • Request denied: FMCSA 'stands by' 30-minute break   21 weeks 3 days ago    

    The failure of the FMCSA to strike the rule after a legitimate case stated by the CVSA clearly shows that the anti-truck special interest groups are running the show.

  • Request denied: FMCSA 'stands by' 30-minute break   21 weeks 3 days ago    

    FMCSA...Please show us where is your evidence that the 30 minute break rule has saved one single life? There is no safety benefit evidence because no one can actually state that they are alive today because of a 30 minute break. There is no evidence that any lives have been saved or lost due to a 30 minute brake rule that nobody can use effectively. Particularly because there's no way to extract any accurate safety data from it. Most of the 30 minute break data is inaccurate because most drivers forge the break in while they are working outside the truck getting loaded or pumping fuel so if the data is mostly lies the result will always be inconclusive. So,how is it a safety benefit?

  • Scania unveils new truck line   21 weeks 3 days ago    

    The world's most advanced heavy truck from the world's leading truckmaker.

  • Reducing costs: Where do I start?   21 weeks 4 days ago    

    Very good article often overlooked key indicators when managers are turned into Jr. accountants.

  • Reducing costs: Where do I start?   21 weeks 5 days ago    

    Great Article

  • What VW’s settlement means for green trucking efforts   22 weeks 3 days ago    

    Good article. Replacing older diesel trucks with new technology clean diesel engines is the most cost effective and fastest way to NOx mitigation by a factor of 50 over EV.

  • Bendix Wingman Fusion: A Kenworth T680 In-cab Demo with Fred Andersky   22 weeks 3 days ago    

    Just attended a live demo @ The Bendix Proving Grounds I was skeptical at first,seeing the system in action,it was amazing.It will be on every Tractor we order from Volvo in the future

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