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  • Penske forms onboard technology consulting group   15 weeks 1 day ago    

    great news

  • Penske forms onboard technology consulting group   15 weeks 2 days ago    

    Nice news

  • New app locates truck parking spaces   15 weeks 2 days ago    

    Great to know that the amount of the apps created to help the truckers increases. The mobile loadboards, the uber of freight apps like doft, the mobile payment solutions. It would be really cool to make an app combining all these functions

  • The impending telematics takedown   15 weeks 3 days ago    

    We explored Omnitracs and Peoplenet a year ago when leaving Rand McNally, glad we went with Peoplenet! Omnitracs seems unstable and searching for the next investor. The best companies to partner with are the ones long term in the industry that really care about the customer. Rand McNally will be in the same boat soon with their drop in customer service.

  • Cellcontrol, Dohrmann unveil program to lower commercial insurance premiums   15 weeks 3 days ago    


  • The right technology plus the right driver: A winning combination   15 weeks 3 days ago    

    Fuel saving is alright - it will really help o/os increase their revenue a bit. IMO now the most effective way to reduce o/o's expenses is to use so called uber of freight apps. Think of CargoX or Doft. they can be really effective in case a driver needs to reduce deadhead miles or get a backhaul.

  • The Big Question: Cameras on the Driver or Not?   15 weeks 4 days ago    

    Driver facing cameras are stalking drivers for exploitation and only purpose is to threaten job loss and force drivers to break FMCSR. Simple blackmail devices and have nothing to do with safety. Used to intimidate, threaten, just like an abusive husband who checks to see if toilet seat is up or down and pulls back the bedding looking for stains.

  • Should drivers be worried about blood clots?   15 weeks 5 days ago    

    I would love to exercise my legs like the doc says. There's just one problem. If I do too much rotating, up and down motions, etc while driving, my feet, ankles, and lower legs swell up to a painful degree. I already have enough trouble controlling the swelling to want to aggravate it more. My doc says I have Vascular Reflux, caused by valves in my veins not fitting right so that upward pumping blood is allowed to backwash so to speak.

  • The impending telematics takedown   16 weeks 1 day ago    

    Thanks for the note about Omnitracs. I was not aware that they had publicly indicated a sale was possible, but found it in the business journal for Dallas. It is a good time for the venture capital/private equity group to "get out." Valuation for the business will be different in 2020 after all the hardware is in place.

    As to the inspiration for my warning, I prefer to see companies make good supplier decisions. If someone were to buy on price only today, they may well be unhappy 3-5 years from now. I'm a total cost of ownership kind of guy and look to minimize the risk of disruption to a business.

    Choose your partners carefully.

  • The impending telematics takedown   16 weeks 1 day ago    

    While I agree that several smaller ELD startups will be acquired by their more successful competitors, it seems odd to pretend that's not true of the "old stalwarts" - just this month Omnitracs announced that they're acquiring Shaw on the same day that they announced that they themselves are for sale. This comes only a few years after they were sold off by Qualcomm, and since they acquired XRS. The business has always worked this way at all levels. To not recognize that obvious fact makes me somewhat curious about the inspiration for your warning.

  • ELDs may help reshape refrigerated market   16 weeks 1 day ago    

    I run an ELD, haul produce, and have a governed truck. I run 600 miles a day easily, and we have never had to push loads out because of the ELD. We run 1600+ mile produce loads and deliver them within 2 days easily.

  • Report finds states lacking in accident prevention   16 weeks 2 days ago    

    While an " ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" , our liberal society wants to do things there own way with little or less regard for government intrusion. I think that as a whole, our country has done a good job in informing their citizens of various safety issues and concerns, they just choose to do things their own way. Workplace safety, home safety, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, domestic violence and driving safety are all areas that are regularly mentioned to the public. While you can inform them, you cannot make them want to participate. How many injuries and deaths will we have from fireworks incidents over the next week ? How many DUI crashes, injuries and fatalities will we have over the next week ? There are many " it won't happen to me " types in todays society and they will keep on doing what they choose to do until something DOES happen to them.

    Andy Blair

  • Up close: 2018 International LT   16 weeks 2 days ago    

    As a former owner of 2010 International ProStar with a Maxxforce engine, I certainly welcome the changes made in these new models. The 2010 I owned was a good truck in itself. Quiet, smooth and spacious. The big problem was not so much the engine but the EGR system. I lost over $100,000 in Revenue over the two-and-a-half years I owned the truck. Because of the good points of that truck I am contemplating looking into one of the LT series units. I think they have come a long way and I would like to see International on top of the market once again!

  • Webinar: ELD Do’s & Don’ts   16 weeks 3 days ago    

    This article is good but it claims that everyone MUST have an ELD by Dec of 2017. This is simply not true. There are several exemptions allowing a fleet of one or a fleet of thousands to take advantage of.

    1. 1999 and older trucks are exempt.
    2. Short Haul Provision drivers are exempt.
    3. Driveaway Towaway operations in which the truck driven is the commodity are exempt.
    4. Those who do run an occasional log can keep the exemption as long as they don't log more than 8 out of a rolling 30 days.
    5. Currently HOS exempt drivers ( Utility Service Vehicles) will remain exempt.

    ELD's have benefits but not everyone wants or needs them. If a company has the choice , they should know about it.

  • ELDs: What is there to fear?   16 weeks 3 days ago    

    50 mi. a day, or potentially $10,000 over a year. (If they pay the driver 76 cents a mile for a 5 day work week)

    Well run (efficient use of drivers time) companies will survive. I think some companies won't. At least the wasted time at shippers and receivers should improve. Maybe more teams to make delivery on time. Some shippers might have to haul/deliver themselves..

  • PeopleNet adds Continental TPMS to platform   16 weeks 4 days ago    

    I believe auto clubs would be happy to also add this (tire monitoring) service to their customers for security and safety.

  • Report: Driverless trucks will eliminate millions of jobs   16 weeks 4 days ago    

    I do not think that autonomous trucks will replace human drivers. They can just lower the shortage of the truck drivers. And btw the legal questions are not all answered. So seems to me that now the industry can be disrupted by on demand service apps like Doft or Uber.

  • DAT and Ascend offer free TMS software   16 weeks 5 days ago    

    We like Ascend TMS software. We have been using it with our DAT account to manage our trucking company and it works great for us. We started with the free version but then went to the $49 version to do our accounting, IFTA and driver pay. Its cool. Try it out. Ascend TMS is the easiest to use I have seen.

  • Report: Driverless trucks will eliminate millions of jobs   16 weeks 6 days ago    

    Who's going to fix my driverless fleet? There is already a shortage or diesel mechanics...

  • Safety lessons learned following truck driver's tragic death   17 weeks 1 day ago    

    Tragic yet preventable death in the workplace. Very sad, and I feel sorry for the crane operator who will live with this guilt the rest of his life. This is an example we all need to learn from. Take safety very seriously! If you're doing something that has high risk and life & death consequences, proceed cautiously and take extra precautions!

  • Report: Logistics industry headed for cognitive dissonance   17 weeks 2 days ago    

    The trucking industry is a really slow mechanism. It adopts new technologies much slower, than it should have. Nowadays we face the era of sharing economy. So the services like Uber or Doft have all chances to invade the market shortly. Sure the logistics is a relationship based industry, but imagine, that the process of booking the load becomes faster, the payments become faster for the driver - it will surely increase the effectiveness. A.T. Kearney is right - the ELDs will make the shortage of capacity a bit higher. But on the other hand it can lead to the transportation rates growth. The truckers are underpayed now, so it can help them to earn a bit more

  • Trucking: A ‘poster child’ or ‘problem child’ for automation?   17 weeks 2 days ago    

    autonomous trucking is a bit far prospect for now. Nowadays we have some Mobile solutions, which can reduce deadhead mileage, and make the load booking process much quicker and easier. Doft, Uber Freight and many more.

  • EFS launches new mobile technology for drivers   17 weeks 2 days ago    

    really interesting stuff. Will the money appear on the account right after the transfer is made? It will be great for truckers especially joining these functions with the searching of the fuel stations. And if this app could have the functions Doft has it would be great.

  • Crete Carrier raises maximum speed to 65 mph   17 weeks 4 days ago    

    You left out the fact that no drivers will go to work for a company with 62 mph trucks, especially when they are paid by the mile.

  • Breaking the 10 MPG barrier   17 weeks 5 days ago    

    "Barrier" is an unfortunate choice for the headline to this article. There may be a milestone and/or plateau, but there isn't really a technical barrier to reach 10 MPG or even higher. In the 1980's, Cummins demonstrated 10 to 11 MPG in a Class 8 truck with what was then their new L10 product, plus a modified, streamlined cab and some aerodynamic aids on the trailer. That outfit ran at, I believe, 65,000 lbs GCW. I'm not sure what average speed it ran. Since then, truck and trailer OEMs have adopted some of these ideas.
    We really ought to be talking about "Ton-miles per gallon." That will take into account the differences in gross weights that different operators experience. Sadly, we can't discount the route and driver variations that also impact MPG or TMPG. For sake of enlightenment, a truck that demonstrates 7 MPG on a given route would yield 280 TMPG (assuming the truck is at 80,000 lbs GCW. So, if the new/modified trucks can achieve 10 MPG, that is 400 TMPG. Railroad companies claim they achieve TMPG values in that range. By the way, there is no passenger car that has demonstrated that level of TMPG. A two-ton passenger vehicle must achieve....200 MPG.... to match what a Super Truck can do.

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