Allison Transmission is rolling out application-specific product “packages” to better fit the needs of particular applications. This process streamlines the transmission ordering and vehicle integration process when configuring a truck's driveline so it delivers the best combination of performance, reliability, durability, fuel efficiency, and protection for the specific vocation/duty cycle. Allison Optimized package features include:

  • Shift Energy Management (SEM)/Low Range Torque Protection (LRTP) to provide better engine/transmission integration to achieve optimum shift quality, greater powertrain durability, and improved vehicle performance.

  • Load Based Shift Schedules (LBSS) automatically select between economy and performance shift schedules based on the vehicle's actual payload and the grade on which it is operating, increasing fuel economy in some cases up to 5%.

  • “Automatic neutral” setting on the park brake, so the transmission's electronic controls know when to command neutral automatically, so there's no need for the driver to shift.

  • New “2nd reverse” in addition to the standard reverse gear to provide greater control and engine braking during operation on steep grades. When a vehicle is in 2nd reverse, it will have a slow creep capability with high engine speeds. This feature offers a mechanical ratio of 17.12:1, with an effective torque converter multiplied ratio up to 32.5:1.

  • Prognostics calibrated to the vehicle's particular operating requirements to automatically monitor various operating parameters — oil level, oil life, filter life and transmission health — to determine and alert when service is due.

  • PTO Enable commands how and when the PTO engages and monitors conditions to minimize damage and hazards.

“Auxiliary Function Range Inhibit” to help avoid unwanted shifts out of neutral and integrated with virtually any vocational vehicle component.