Cummins announced the availability of a high-performance ComfortGuard Cab Air system for use with its ComfortGuard auxiliary power unit (APU). ComfortGuard Cab Air with full HVAC components is designed to provide fleets with an effective solution for heating and cooling the cab with the main engine turned off. The system features an easy-to-use in-cab thermostat that can be controlled manually or programmed to start automatically based on the thermostat settings or time of day.

For cooling, Cummins reported, the system has a 12,000-Btu-capacity, space-saving evaporator mounted under the bunk that delivers up to 350 cu. ft./min. of cool air. Alternatively, the cab can be quickly warmed when the 4,000/8,000 Btu two-stage electric heat function is selected on the wall thermostat.

The ComfortGuard Cab Air installation kit includes quick-connect pre-charged line sets that eliminate the need for evacuating or charging the system beforehand. All electrical connections, Cummins noted, are designed to be compatible with the ComfortGuard APU for true plug-and-play installation.