Evans Cooling Systems, creator of a waterless engine coolant, has released the Evans Waterless Heavy Duty Thermal Coolant.

The advanced technology coolant was tested in a Type II Fuel Consumption Test by the Program for Advanced Vehicle Evaluation at Auburn University. The test, according to Evans, showed users of the coolant could achieve 3% fuel economy improvement.

"We've had much success in the high performance racing industry for several years, it's about time we introduce this technology to the heavy duty diesel market - where it's needed the most", said Jack Evans, CEO. "Our recent field testing, combined with proven results from the Type II Fuel test, allow us to confidently offer significant savings to fleets of any size."

The coolant works because the boiling point is 150 deg. warmer than the operating temperature of the engine, preventing overheating, corrosion, liner cavitation and multiple maintenance issues typically related to cooling system failures, the company said. Also, Evans said the coolant is a lifetime coolant.