Declaring “the days of incandescent bulbs are over,” Grote Industries officials announced new additions to a number of its LED lamp models at the Mid-America Trucking Show. Currently 60 to 70% of all new trailers leave the plant with LED signal lights because of their superior performance and the continuing decline in LED technology costs, according to Eric Morris, Grote CEO and president.

Among the new signal lamps products announced at the truck show were 4-in. round and 6-in. oval stop, tail and turn lamps for the company's SuperNova LED line. The lamp models come with a variety of terminal options and offer a cost-effective option to fleets looking to convert from incandescent lamps to LEDs. Also new in Grote's LED signal lamp line are SuperNova single-diode LED back-up lamps utilizing the company's WhiteLight high-output LED technology.

Grote's aftermarket Hi Count LED line also gets a number of new products with a broad offering of clear lens red and amber stop, tail, turn, corner and marker lights.

Turning to work lamps, Grote announced two new products based on its WhiteLight LED technology — a Per-Lux line of work lamps and a smaller version of its Trilliant work lamp. Both come with spot, flood or trapezoid lenses and a variety of mounting options. The Per-Lux line features a heavy-gauge stainless steel housing, and the Trilliant model uses a powder-coated cast aluminum housing.