Navistar has launched a new line of truck parts aimed at cost-conscious owners. According to the OEM, PartSmart products cost up to 20% less than genuine original-equipment parts.

The line includes fast-moving and fast-wearing parts for various truck makes, such as air valves, bearings, belts, clutch, hoses, hydraulic pads and calipers, lighting, rotating electrics, u-joints, seals and wipers, Navistar said. All parts come with a one-year parts-only replacement warranty.

“With this new value line, Navistar enters a segment of the parts business in which we previously have not been involved,” said Michael Cancelliere, senior vp & gm for Navistar Parts in North America. “It’s a necessity in today’s environment to offer cost-effective products customers can use to hold down their operating expenses without sacrificing quality.”