Remy, Inc. introduced a new family of heavy-duty, high-temperature alternators during Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW), which wrapped up yesterday in Las Vegas. The three new alternators are engineered and tested to handle under-hood operating environments up to 257 degrees Fahrenheit (125 degrees Celsius).

According to the company, that makes them the most thermally tolerant alternators available for heavy- duty applications. The three new alternators are all part of the Delco Remy family of products – the 28SI, 36SI and 40SI.

“Increased heat in the engine compartment is the dominant trend affecting alternator design,” explained Kent Jones, vp heavy-duty sales for Remy. “Our testing of 2007 engines shows that heavy-duty vehicles will consistently see under-hood temperatures well above 110 degrees, with peaks up to 125 degrees.”

All three of the new alternators can take the heat, according to the company, and are particularly suited to any application where temperatures stay above 110 degrees C. for extended periods.

The 28SI is a brush-type alternator with dual internal fans, designed to deliver up to 180 amps of power at highway speeds and 130 amps at idle. The 36SI is a brushless alternator, designed to produce 160 amps at highway speed and 110 amps at idle. The 40SI delivers the highest output, producing 300 amps at road speed and more than 200 amps at idle.

Each is available with Delco Remy’s Remote Sense technology, which automatically adjusts output based on voltage at the battery terminals to help ensure an optimal state of charge.