Iowa Mold Tooling Co. (IMT) has enhanced its Dominator IV mechanics truck to give operators more comfort and mobility around the vehicle. A new telescopic crane— the 8025— is available to accompany the redesigned truck body.

The new Dominator IV mechanics truck is the first service body on the market that can accommodate an 80,000 ft.-lb. crane, such as the 8025. The 8025 offers more lifting capacity than any other IMT telescopic crane.

Some of the enhancements to the new Dominator IV include:

  • Improved tools and parts access
  • Patented inverted A-frame floor structure that reduces the weight of the body and allows the truck to haul more payload
  • New three-point door latches that require less force to open and close the door
  • Single-hand operation on the tailgate
  • The addition of rain eaves over the compartment doors
  • A patent-pending shelf hanger bracket system for quicker adjustment of the shelf layout
  • A new workbench bumper that offers 24 in. of work surface with increased storage capacity, and an overhang at the rear for clamping
  • Improved visibility of rear LED taillights
  • Sidepacks designed for greater storage

The IMT telescopic cranes that will fit on the Dominator IV body are the 5525 (55,000 ft.-lb.), 6025 (60,000 ft.-lb.), 6625 (66,000 ft.-lb.), 7025 (70,000 ft.-lb.) and the new 8025 (80,000 ft.-lb.). Customers may also choose between the 19-ft. body, which is designed for a tandem rear axle chassis, or the 14-ft. body, which is designed for a single rear axle chassis.