Advanced electronics allow the new heavy-duty Long Haul Extreme alternator from Bosch to achieve trouble-free operation, increased battery life and fuel savings, the company said.

“By optimizing brushed alternator technology and state-of-the-art electronics and components, Bosch is able to eliminate the need for brushless technology and provide a compact, lightweight, rugged 170- or 200-amp alternator highly suited for the severe operating conditions in today’s commercial vehicles,” said Fred Padgett, group product manager, starters and alternators. “The use of advanced technology in the new Long Haul Extreme brushed alternator (AL9920LL, AL9921LL, and AL9922LL) produces extreme long life while exceeding the performance of brushless alternators. Furthermore, it weighs up to 34% less than brushless alternators,” he said.

Battery life is extended due to high charge rates at lower engine rpms, the company said. The alternators produce 170 or 200 amps at 6,000 alternator rpm operating output and 120 and 122 amps at 2,000 alternator rpm.

The Long Haul Extreme includes “intelligent” battery sense technology, meaning that if the vehicle into which it will be installed already has battery sense, connecting the vehicle’s wiring harness to the proper terminal on the voltage regulator is all that is needed for the alternator to work. It can also operate with a vehicle’s battery sense and with no wiring harness, Bosch said.

A multifunction regulator allows it to operate/energize via a built-in D+ terminal or as a “one-wire” alternator with no modifications.

The Long Haul Extreme is equipped with a “brush” compound that is unique to Bosch and which enables the brushes to last as long as or longer than brushless alternators, the company said.

Voltage regulators with thermal protection are included to allow the alternator to sense high underhood temperatures and then operate at a reduced voltage when operating temperatures drop below 257 deg. F.

Also included in the alternator are bearings that use steel that lasts 40% longer than competitors when tested at a 3,000 Newton meter belt load, Bosch said. The alternator grease has a “lifetime 30% greater than other alternators when tested at 130 amps output.”

“These features allow the Bosch alternator bearings to run 10 to 15% cooler,” Padgett said. “When run at 6,000 alternator rpm, the Bosch bearings operate at less than 120 deg. Celsius, while the closest competitor is 125 deg., with some as high as 140 deg.”

The alternators come with a 36-month, 350,000-mi. warranty.