The G662 RSA Fuel Max tire from Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. has received EPA SmartWay verification as a Verified Technology. The tire, which is an all-position regional tire, is also CARB-compliant, said Goodyear.

“We feel the G662 RSA Fuel Max offers customers incredible, tough performance for regional use, with fuel savings of up to 4 percent over our standard regional tires,” said Donn Kramer, director of marketing for commercial tires.

The G662 features a 22/32 in tread depth, and Goodyear’s TredLock Technology with interlocking microgrooves. “When the truck is running straight, the TredLock pattern is separated, which provides enhanced traction in wet weather conditions,” said Kramer. “But on a turn, those microgrooves come together and interlock to create a block – stabilizing the tread to help prevent irregular wear. It’s the latest technology from Goodyear.”

The tire also boasts scrub-resistant compounds to maximize tire life in urban and regional driving conditions, noted Kramer. He said there is also a pressure distribution groove to help spread weight on the tread to improve uniform wear.

The G662 RSA Fuel Max is available in an 11R22.5 size, with a 295/75R22.5 size coming in June.