TAMPA, FL. Hendrickson revealed its new “virtually maintenance-free” Quaantum FX integrated air-ride trailer suspension systems here yesterday ahead of the Technology & Maintenance Council’s winter meeting.

The Quaantum FX5 features Hendrickson’s new HNP wheel-end system, its HXS extended-service brakes, and long-life shocks and air springs. It comes with a 5-yr “hubcap-to-hubcap” limited warranty covering parts and labor.

Hendrickson said the HNP hub uses ADI (Dura-Light) material for “one of the most durable and lightweight wheel ends on the market.” It incorporates twin “N” bearings, an “R” seal, Hendrickson’s proprietary Precision320 nut system and a self-centering hubcap for a completely rebuildable system.

The Quaantum FX7 features Hendrickson’s HUS wheel ends, HXS extended-service brakes, long-life shocks and air springs. It incorporates Hendrickson’s Precision320 nut system and a self-centering hubcap. It comes with a 5-yr. “hubcap-to-hubcap” limited warranty and an additional 2-yr. warranty on the HUS wheel ends, resulting in 7 yrs. of parts and labor coverage.

The FX7 also includes the WEM (wheel end monitor), which Hendrickson said constantly monitors wheel-bearing condition and signals bearing spalling by flashing a red light when activated with a magnet.

Both the HNP wheel-end system and the HUS wheel ends are tailored to work with Hendrickson’s proprietary P90 spindle. The P90 promotes even bearing lubrication and can accommodate both dual and wide-base tire configurations.

The Precision320 nut system used on the Quaantum FX5 and FX7 boasts 320 indices of adjustment to dial in bearing settings with greater accuracy for enhanced bearing and seal life, Hendrickson stated.

Both suspension systems will become available this summer.

For more information, go to www.hendrickson-intl.com or call 866-RIDEAIR (743-3247).