International Truck and Engine is adding more luster to special edition models of its MXT oversized pickup, with a new front mesh grill design and completely redesigned interior that includes three TVs.

“This is an extremely high end version of the MXT – we’re only going to produce low volumes of it and it already has a waiting list,” Mike Cerilli, director of marketing and communications for International, told FleetOwner at the Chicago Auto Show. “We’re giving this edition a very automotive-like feel inside to appeal to yet another customer niche for the MXT.”

Cerilli added that the MXT Limited Edition is equipped with a 300 hp International V-8 diesel that produces 530 lb. ft. of torque and has a chassis capable of towing 7 ¾ tons, with a payload of two tons. The MXT also features all-leather seats, 20-inch alloy wheels, chrome front bumper with tow hooks and high-sheen aluminum steps, and built-in Sony Playstation 3 game console.