Dave Uberty of the Town of Leroy, NY, has seen first-hand how a new LED lighting product from Truck-Lite has helped his municipality. “The difference is like night and day,” he said of Truck-Lite’s LED Snow Plow Kit.

“Driving into blind snow banks in high wind situations with our old lights, we could barely see at all.,” he continued. “With the LED lights, vision is no effort at all, and most importantly, oncoming vehicles can clearly see us. What’s really scary about this scenario is that if you can’t see the highway as a plow operator, it is quite likely that other vehicles on the road in these extreme conditions cannot see you. The potential for a bodily injury accident is very high.”

The kit, which the Town of Leroy tested for Truck-Lite under real-world snow conditions, is now available for sale. The package improves visibility for both drivers and oncoming vehicles, Truck-Lite said.

“Battling winters harsh conditions and often poor visibility is a constant challenge for our highway departments and municipalities when plowing day and night,” said Craig Hefright, director of new product & market development. “With the advent of our headlamp, we already had the established technology under our belt to implement a more durable and safe solution in the form of our LED Snow Plow kit.”

The new lights are able to withstand the impact generated by the plow’s vibration that traditional halogen lights cannot absorb, the company said.

The lights are DOT-compliant, significantly brighter than traditional lamps, and a longer life expectancy with increased durability and lower current draw, Truck-Lite said.

The kit, Part Number 80863, is composed of righ- and left-hand lamp assemblies as well as a harness. Each right/left lamp assembly includes an LED Headlamp, bracket & pedestal turn signal lamp.