Navistar International Corp. said it has received certification from the Environmental Protection Agency for its 2011 MaxxForce DT mid-range diesel engine at 0.39 g/bHpHr NOx. The certification indicates that Navistar has reduced its emissions 22% from the original 0.50 certification.

The company, which uses Advanced EGR plus the use of engine credits to meet the EPA’s emissions levels, must still lower its emissions output to 0.20 g/bHpHR standard before its available credits expire.

The company also announced that it has submitted its MaxxForce 13 for certification at the 0.2 g NOx standard.

“As we’ve said all along, we’re continuing on our path to meeting the latest emissions requirements with the most customer-friendly solutions in the industry,” said Ramin Younessi, group vice president, product development and business strategy, Navistar. “Our product development team has been laser-focused on our 0.20g NOx in-cylinder emissions solution for the past four years.”

According to Navistar, it will continue to phase in lower emissions engines over the next several years.