Recaptured Energy Technologies has revamped its web site to provide more in-depth information about the company's retrofitted hydraulic braking and propulsion system for fleets. Detailed charts and diagrams accompany the information and offer ways to save energy. It also includes information on consulting services.

Retread America has announced the opening of an Oliver Rubber retread plant near its North American headquarters in Florence, KY. The plant uses Oliver Rubber retreading equipment and supplies Oliver retreads to its intermodal and commercial customers. Retread America is the primary retread supplier to InterStar North America Inc., and the Oliver Rubber retreads supplied by Retread America will go towards Interstar's intermodal and emergency response system for its commercial fleet customers.

The HDL Eco Plus premium drive tire from Continental Commercial Vehicle Tire offers a 2.4% fuel economy edge against major suppliers' competitive tires, the company says. Tested by an independent firm in Quebec, the Eco Plus 28/32nd closed-shoulder drive tire was put through a Society of Automotive Engineers J1321 TMC/SAE fuel consumption type II test using controlled vehicles, Continental says.

Snap-on says its new PWZ3 pliers wrench is designed for work in hard-to-reach areas that still require a powerful tool. Features include inwardly angled teeth, special hardened jaws, quick grip width adjustments and built-in protection against pinching on the inner handle. The wrench can easily be locked into the desired position with the adjusting screw and the jaw grip increases when pressure is put on the handle.

A low maintenance air pretreatment condenser/separator can remove up to 90% of the oils, liquids and other contaminants in a vehicle's air brake system, Haldex says. The Haldex Consep reduces corrosion and possible failure of air brake system components caused by contamination and significantly increases the air dryer desiccant life, the company says. The integrated automatic drain valve does not require monthly maintenance and either purges contaminants with each brake service application or can be controlled independently by timer relay. The heated drain valve in the Consep can be installed in various configurations to meet a wide range of vehicle applications.

Petro-Canada has added the Duron-E 10W-30 heavy-duty engine oil to its lineup. The API CJ-4 oil is formulated for on- and off-road fleets providing soot dispersancy, extended drain capabilities, low engine wear and good top-up and cold start-up performance, the company says. The 10W-30 is suitable for four-stroke diesel, gas or natural gas applications where SAE 10W-30 is recommended. Applications include engines equipped with exhaust aftertreatment devices such as diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and catalytic reactors. It is also completely back-serviceable.