Introduced by Transcraft Corp. in October 2000 as a drop-deck version of the trailer maker's aluminum/steel combo Eagle flatbed, the D-Eagle has now been redesigned for increased strength and enhanced styling.

For example, the previous wheel pan design, which required a reduced floor capacity over the tires and side rail, has been replaced by a more efficient reinforced floor section and a continuous side rail for an improved look and better structural performance, according to Transcraft.

Bolted connections in the lower deck have been eliminated to increase strength and maintain a smoother side rail shape when the trailer flexes. A new side rail drop section strengthens the lower deck's front support, while providing the flexibility needed for free movement under heavy loads, says the trailer maker.

The D-Eagle is still offered in 48- and 53-ft. lengths and widths of 96- or 102 in. Transcraft notes that although the trailer is lightweight to keep fuel costs down, strength is not comprised. Beam capacity is 60,000 lb. over a 10-ft section and 55,000 lb. over 4 ft. The D-Eagle can be made even lighter with other options that are available, such as optional axle configurations.