Carrier Transicold has introduced a hybrid diesel electric system for its line of refrigeration units. Known as Deltek, the technology represents a “radical” departure from standard refrigeration through its expanded use of electronics and maintenance-free electrical components, according to the company.

At the heart of the system is an “ultra-high-performance aircraft-quality generator,” which provides the electrical power. The generator is driven by a diesel engine, creating the hybrid diesel electric powertrain.

Additional features include a sealed electric compressor with inside motor; a maintenance-free electric evaporator and condenser fans to control airflow; and electric-resistance heat for on-demand heating, independent of the cooling system and outdoor temperature.

Carrier estimates that because the hybrid technology eliminates serviceable mechanical parts and reduces the refrigerant charge, fleets can cut costs by up to 30%. The company will begin introducing Deltek-equipped products during the first half of 2006.