International Truck and Engine Corp. has rolled out a new brake system on select medium-duty truck models that it says will provide optimized braking power and reduced stopping distances. A full power hydraulic brake system with ABS is now standard on the OEM's RXT, 3200, 4200 4×4 and 4000 Series 4×2 models, with the exception of the mid-cab tractor.

The new brake standard utilizes electric pumps to generate hydraulic pressure, a departure from older systems that used pressure from the power steering system to boost the master cylinder pressure output. Stored pressure in the accumulators allows the full power system to build pressure at the brake calipers significantly faster than the previous system.

Automatic traction control (ATC) and a powered parking brake are optional. ATC works at low-speed conditions, sending brake pressure to wheels that are spinning to provide better traction. Powered parking incorporates the spring-apply air-release (SAAR) parking brake chamber. This chamber includes stoke indication, which identifies any damage or out-of-adjustment conditions with the parking brake. A service park brake indicator lamp on the dash will be lit should any such out-of-adjustment conditions be identified.