International Truck and Engine Corp. has announced details of its MaxxForce line of diesel engines for model-year 2008 medium- and heavy-duty trucks and buses, which will be introduced later this year. MaxxForce will be the signature powerplant for the OEM's commercial vehicles, starting in January 2007.

  • MaxxForce 5: A 4.5-liter 200-hp. V-6 producing 440 lb.-ft. of torque for Cl. 4-5 trucks, featuring upgraded intake throttle, larger EGR cooler and enhanced electronics.

  • MaxxForce 7: All-new V-8 turbo, this 6.4-liter engine offers 200- to 230-hp. and 560-620 lb.-ft. of torque for Cl. 5-7 trucks and school buses; a 300-plus-hp. rating will be available in the fall.

  • MaxxForce DT: Built on the DT 466 platform, the inline 6-cyl. offers 210- to 300-hp. and 520-860 lb.-ft. of torque for Cl. 6-8 trucks.

  • MaxxForce 9: Based on I-6 design, it produces 300-330 hp. and 800-950 lb.-ft. of torque for Class 7-8 trucks; features include larger EGR system, foam-molded wiring harnesses and closed-crankcase ventilation.

  • MaxxForce 10: Built on I-6 architecture, it offers 310-350 hp. and 1,050-1,150 lb.-ft. of torque for Cl. 8 trucks.

Details of the MaxxForce 11- and 13-liter big bore engines, built in partnership with German truck maker MAN, will be available later in the year, in anticipation of their fall ‘07 launch.