Truck-Lite has released an LED Worklamp the company says produces 324 lumens able to generate full brightness at 8.5v for 12v models and 21v for 24v models, the company said.

“Work lights have been treated as an afterthought by the lighting industry,” said Brad Van Riper, senior vp and chief technical officer.

The lamp is designed for equipment operating in corrosive atmospheres and forklifts and features stainless steel mounting hardware and a polycarbonate lens to protect against the elements, Truck-Lite said.

The company also has released an LED Solid-State Warning Lamp operational down to 8v at temperatures from -40 to 158 deg. F with an operational peak current of 3 amps for an 18 light-emitting diode, according to the company. The product is designed for municipal work vehicles, waste collection trucks, concrete mixers and off-road vehicles.