Following standardized TMC/SAE fuel consumption tests for trucks, a third-party researcher has shown a 3% fuel economy improvement from a fuel additive said to decrease engine carbon deposits and improve fuel combustion efficiency, according to Dipetane Fuel Technology.

The tests – know as SAE J1321 or TMC/SAE Type II – were conducted by Claude Travis & Assocs. using four identically spec’ed tractor-trailers powered by 2004 Cummins ISX diesel engines. All were loaded to 67,500 lbs. GVW and limited to a top speed of 62 MPH.

Running in a 58-mi. highway loop, three vehicles used diesel fuel with the Dipetane additive and one control vehicle burned untreated diesel fuel. In three separate test series, the trucks with the additive showed a 1.8% to 4.2% improvement in fuel economy for an average improvement of 3%. Prior to the tests, the three test tractors were run for 20,000 mi. each with Dipetane treated fuel to “condition” the engines as required by additive maker.

In addition to the SAE J1321 tests, Travis had the trucks run on a chassis dynamometer by a Cummins dealership before and after the fuel treatment. The results showed an overall average gain of 13 HP and a 32% reduction in blow-by, according to the researcher’s report.

Additional details on the Travis & Assocs. report and test data are available at the Dipetane website.

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