Stemco has released a new lightweight-composite hub cap. The Defender has an ultra-durable design that features a seamless molding process which creates a leak-free body-to-window seal, the company said.

The Defender also features a molded-in sealing ring for maximized cap-to-hub sealing and contamination resistance, as well as rugged stainless steel inserts that create a corrosion-free hub cap.

“Corrosive materials, like calcium and magnesium chloride, have become a very costly problem in our industry,” said Erik Binns, segment business leader. “Our customer base has been asking for a product like the Defender hub cap to help protect their investments.”

The Defender integrates seamlessly with other Stemco solutions. It is available with several venting technologies, including Stemco’s industry-exclusive Sentinel technology. Sentinel provides contamination resistance, a tamper-proof wheel end and the ability to combine Stemco PPS+7 components for a seven-year OEM parts and labor warranty.