Turn the page and join us in applauding this year’s three winners of the Fleet Owner Fleet of the Year Awards—one each from the for-hire, private and vocational segments of the trucking industry.

Each honored fleet operation has been selected by the editors in recognition of the innovative management techniques its executives have implemented to advance the given fleet’s overall mission and to guarantee continued success even in the face of any particular challenges they face.

Fleet Owner recognizes each of these winning fleets for achievements that fully reveal excellence in operational management.

That’s why nominations are not sought for these awards nor are they linked to any industry association or influenced by any outside group. Rather, candidates are identified and researched over the course of the year just passed by Fleet Owner’s editors, who then determine the winners and runners-up.

The challenges facing for-hire, private and vocational fleets may vary as much as their operations do, but all of our honorees exemplify the mark of leadership we are proud to salute with Fleet Owner’s Eleventh Annual Fleet of the Year Awards.