CombineNet, Inc., a provider of sourcing solutions for global supply chains, and Transplace, a provider of transportation-management services and logistics technology, have extended their partnership agreement for a minimum of three more years “to jointly help supply chain customers be more effective in their procurement of transportation and logistics services.”

The companies said the partnership, which was launched nearly three years, enables  Transplace to leverage CombineNet’s  ASAP advanced e-sourcing technology as part of its solutions to help customers optimize their “carrier strategy for procurement events,” involving truckload, less-than-truckload  and intermodal moves.

“The partnership with CombineNet allows us to more easily navigate the complexities of carrier selection, negotiations, and final procurement decisions for the clients we serve, given the large size and ever-evolving requirements of their supply chains,” said Ben Cubitt, senior vp-- Consulting & Engineering for Transplace. “We look forward to the benefits of continuing this partnership, which gives us a strategic advantage in addressing the variety of new future challenges our clients will need to address.”

Cubitt pointed out that “several new areas of opportunity have recently been emerging where the CombineNet advanced sourcing solution is creating value”:

·         Enhanced discussion of carrier strategy prior to opening the bid process, “to improve scenario analysis”

·         Classification of lane types (replenishment, transfers, customer, dedicated fleet or private fleet, etc.) to further refine the procurement requirements, such as by service levels, channel or customer requirements, and equipment or mode options

·          Improved classification of carriers to help promote or evaluate strategic carriers, growth opportunities or other carrier mix decisions.

·          Ability to leverage a variety of carrier feedback options (targets, competitive ranges, carrier ranking) for both first and second bid rounds.

·         Sourcing of indirect materials that support the transportation network, including the collection of detailed “cost drivers” from suppliers to support scenario analysis

What’s more, Cubitt told FleetOwner, motor carriers that engage in business with shippers that are Transplace customers benefit from the CombineNet sourcing solution-- yet carriers pay no fees to do so.

“For starters,” relates Cubitt, “we hear back [from our customers] that the sourcing tool is considered easy to use by carriers. Since carriers complete the bids, ease of use is crucial.

“And because of the bid tool’s analytical capabilities,” he continued, “it enables shippers to fully evaluate each bid and from a strategic standpoint. What that means for carriers is that shippers are shown different scenarios with more carrier options” than were previously available.

Cubitt pointed out that the CombineNet-based bid tool “also allows carriers to present [service] ‘packages’ to shippers that are made possible by their ability to see all the lanes that may line up with their capabilities. That takes the bid discussion to a very strategic level.”

 “We are very proud of our successful partnership with Transplace and the work that they do using CombineNet for tackling client’s complex needs in transportation procurement,” said Jeremy Becker, vp of channel partnerships for CombineNet.  “The breadth of their offering and strategic approach to the transportation marketplace gives them a unique perspective and sets them apart as a solution provider.”

According to Transplace, it delivered more than 50 customer solutions in 2012 using the CombineNet sourcing technology, in industries that included consumer goods, chemicals, manufacturing and retail

CombineNet, Inc. delivers its  e-sourcing software solutions through its products CombineNet ASAP for advanced e-sourcing, CombineNet Spend Analysis, and CombineNet Contract Management. Using these Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based sourcing products, CombineNet said its customers can “rapidly adopt proven solutions for increasing spend under management and improving enterprise spend insights. “

Transplace is a non-asset third party logistics (3PL) provider offering manufacturers, retailers, chemical and packaged goods companies logistics technology and transportation management services. The firm said it offers  “complete logistics management outsourcing to SaaS transportation management system and supply chain network planning and design to high-quality brokerage services… to deliver both rapid return on investment and consistent value to customers.”

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